Who received an email or letter from Perez Alonso Abogados y Asesoria?

This is now becoming a Saga.

It all started with the letter from Solutions Group in August, explaining to consumers who dealt with them in the past, that their court case was finally due in court.

Everybody seemed to be part of the same claim, as everybody was included in the court hearing of the 25th of September and they all were going to receive 32.000 Euros.

Independently if consumers replied to the letter, more notifications regarding this matter were received.

A very confusing explanation about awarded money and the taxes due, and the supposed appointed collection agent which was CUC Abogados.

Now we have a new chapter in this Saga.

Consumers who didn’t fall for the letter from CUC Abogados, are now approached again and this time the name is Perez Alonso Abogados y Asesoria.

Yet again there is an explanation about taxes, money awarded anyway, and fees due.

The letter is signed by Mr. David Fernandez Perez.

Mr. Perez asks the consumers for a payment of 1920 Euros which is needed for the lawyers to instigate the enforcement of the judgment for the amount of 32.000 Euros.

As soon as the money is received, the lawyer from Perez Alonso Abogados will file a “motion of conservatoire” so the debtors cannot “obscure” their assets in order to avoid or reduce the chance of having to pay.

It sounds all very official, but it really makes no sense at all!

The consumers have never given their consent for this lawyer to be acting on their behalf, and still, they seem to have been included in a court claim, and what is even more surprising, they got money awarded.

This is a complete lie!

Details from the company Perez Alonso Abogados y Asesoria are:

The website has not been developed and they disguise this by a message on the screen stating you probably have no access code.

If the lawyer’s company Perez Alonso Abogados has approached you already, please do let us know.

Don’t pay the 1920 Euros as we are afraid you won’t see them back!


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Ridgeway Advisory Consultants, from account holders to cold callers


The name Ridgeway Advisory Consultants has been mentioned over the past years in different inquiries.

In most inquiries, they showed up as the account holders for money that was requested by different companies.

The latest ones being International Clearance and Oficina Judicial Andalucía

But they must have thought this was all too long-winded and too many people in between, so now we have Ridgeway Advisory Consultants cold calling consumers directly.

Different agents contact consumers. One of the agents is Victoria Phillips who on the first call inquires if the consumer has had dealings with a certain company. If the consumer says yes, Victoria explains that Ridgeway is reclaiming lost monies for a group of affected consumers. The consumer can join this group by paying £800.00 to cover Paralegal fees.

After some time a Mathew Carrington rings to tell the consumer they are in a group of 40 other consumers and they should be awarded £20.000, which should be paid to them in several week’s time.

Now they have the final amount the consumer is going to receive, he is expected to pay their 11% fee of £2200 including VAT, minus the £800,00 paid already.

But as always things are not that straight forward as expected. Mathew Carrington calls again after a week and explains to the consumer they can expect a call from the accounts/legal department from  John Wallace to organise finalisation.

But John Wallace has another request for money; this time it is for Spanish Gift Tax £2,500 including VAT.

Please note this is all a fraud. There is no such thing as group claims against holiday companies you can just join by agreeing over the telephone and sending a copy of the utility bill and passport.

Contact details for Ridgway Advisory consultants are:

Email: info@ridgewayadvisoryconsultants.com & rwilliamsridgewayac@mail.uk Telephone 0203 150 2261

Website: http://www.ridgewayadvisoryconsultants.com On the website there is nothing that indicates they are lawyers or anything near to that.

One of the supposed claims is against ILG/DWVC; this company went into liquidation in January 2011. It makes no sense at all to tell people there are claims against this company. There is nothing left! And certainly not payments to consumers of around 20k.

If Ridgeway Advisory Consultants has contacted you with a similar story, please do let us know.



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Cold callers Timeshare Expert Assistance, with an extensive experience in claims.

Newby on the cold caller list is Timeshare Expert Assistance. For the moment they seem to be targeting mainly owners from Azure resorts / Golden Sands.

The agent calling from Timeshare Expert Assistance puts a lot of pressure on the owners by stating their resort will soon go into administration and all those who have a timeshare with them will lose their investments.

That sounds stressful!

But, the member is still on time to take action and they can do so with the help of Timeshare Expert Assistance.

The timeshare owner is offered a home visit by one of their “experts” to assess the situation with a view to taking legal action to recover the investments.

Timeshare Expert Assistance is supposedly based in Manchester as they use the telephone number 0161 738 1789.

But their website https://timeshareexpertassistance.com/ does not contain much more information, and as a matter of fact, it does not even mention an address or telephone numbers.

All you get is a Contact form and an email address: info@timeshareexpertassistance.com

The website was registered last month September, so that is not even 1 month they have been around.

No Companies House number, no names of legal companies that would be handling the supposed claims, nothing.

Please be careful whom you invite into your home and to whom you submit personal and private details.

As far as we know, lawyers do not really come to your house to assess a claim.

When receiving cold calls as mentioned above, always do your research, ask questions and get real facts.

If Timeshare Expert Assistance has been on the phone already, please give us your feedback.


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Don’t transfer any money to the fake procurator Antonio Delagado Raimo!

The fake lawyers from SG Abogados are continuing their scam. Cold calls, promises of claims against resorts or other holiday companies and substantial payouts.

It all starts with a no win no fee claim, something that appeals to most consumers.

Everybody always seems to think, ‘there is nothing to lose’

But there is though a lot to lose when talking to the fake lawyers of Tenerife.

Once the consumer is taken in by the story of the claim and even receives copies of a supposed court ruling with their own name on it, they don’t seem to question any longer why there are requests for money.

SG Abogados has been waiting for this moment and not only receives the consumer the supposed (fake) court documents they also receive a document from the procurator office: Antonio Delagado Raimo Procuradores for the payment of the fees.

Fees that with enabling the procurator Mr. Delagado Raimo to transfer the awarded amount to the consumer.

Please note that there is no procurator in Spain by the name of Antonio Delagado Raimo!

The address mentioned is also false: Calle Pilar, Edificio Mareta, CGPE, 443, 28001 Santa Cruz, Tenerife.

If you are at the stage where you received the payment details for Antonio Delagado Raimo Procuradores, please DO NOT PAY!

This is a scam and it will be difficult to ever see your money back once you paid this.

If you have been talking to SG Abogados or Antonio Delagado Raimo, please let us know.


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LATEST NEWS! Offices closed from Claim your Claim / Refund my Funds & Island Break set up!

The news has reached us that the offices based in Adeje, Tenerife have been closed!

These offices were the sales deck for a range of company names such as:

Market my Timeshare, Slonce Marketing & Merchandising, Slonce Travel, Orange Sun Travel, Island breaks, Claim your Claim, Refund my Funds and supposed “independent” claims advisors.

At these decks consumers were sold so-called accommodation packages from the companies:

‘Rumors’ are that the offices have been closed after several responsible from the company took a runner with the money.

We have received several inquiries today from consumers trying to contact the offices as they recently “purchased” the dubious accommodation package and are waiting for their claim to be submitted. Only to find out that nobody is answering the phone or emails.

If you are a victim of one of the above-mentioned companies PLEASE CONTACT US if you haven’t done this in the past.

If you have a booking for a future date, to “enjoy” a free week while you attend their meeting, we would suggest you contact us as well and start looking for alternative accommodation.

In any case, you should also read what the meetings were about, in order to see what you are missing out on. The link to this article with the testimonial from consumers who attended this meeting is: https://wp.me/p1kmoi-3kQ

People who paid one of the mentioned companies or any other one connected to the mentioned “appointment makers”, please contact us so we can explain to you if there is a possibility to claim a refund or what action to take.


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Attention! La fausse société de revente Bonobo Invest demande des frais dès le départ!

Une société de revente douteuse du nom de Bonobo Invest a été portée à notre attention.

Bonobo Invest contacte les propriétaires de multipropriété et leur propose de vendre leurs semaines.

Cette société est enregistrée à Santa Cruz de Tenerife, dans les îles Canaries.

Le propriétaire de multipropriété se voit proposer un prix substantiel pour son semaine, supérieur à 20 000 euros.

Après la signature du contrat de vente, la vente ne se déroule pas vraiment.

Tout d’abord, le consommateur est invité à payer à Du Diligence des dépenses d’environ 1000€ et un autre montant de 750 € pour le certificat de transfert.

Après avoir payé ces frais, le propriétaire de multipropriété en temps partagé est informé qu’il recevra l’argent en temps voulu et une copie de l’ordre de transfert lui est présentée. L’argent sera envoyé par courrier et il faudra environ 2 à 3 jours pour que le virement aboutisse au compte.

Mais encore une fois, l’argent n’arrive pas. Cette fois, car une autre taxe en suspens doit être payée en premier. Le propriétaire de multipropriété doit payer une taxe Plus Valia sur la vente de 2500€

Après ce second paiement, la communication est interrompue.

La personne appelant de Bonobo Invest, n’est plus joignable par téléphone et il ne répond pas à ses courriels.

Les lettres recommandées à l’adresse de Bonobo Invest sont renvoyées avec l’indication “Adresse erronée”.

Les coordonnées de Bonobo Invest sont:

Email: bonoboinvestsl@gmail.com

Veuillez noter qu’il est illégal de demander des frais initiaux pour une revente en multipropriété.

Les propriétaires de multipropriété en temps partagé ne devraient jamais faire confiance à une entreprise qui appelle à l’improviste et propose une revente, prétendant que ses clients attendent d’acheter.

Si Bonobo Invest ou vous ont également contactés au sujet d’une revente de votre abonnement en multipropriété, veuillez nous en informer!



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Warning! Fake resale company Bonobo Invest asking for fees upfront!

A dubious resale company by the name of Bonobo Invest has been brought to our attention.

Bonobo Invest contacts Timeshare owners and offers to sell their membership.

This company is registered in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

The timeshare owner is offered a substantial price for their membership, over 20.000 Euros.

After signing the sales agreement, the sale does not really go through.

First, the consumer is asked to pay Due Diligence expenses of around 1000€ and another amount of 750€ for the transfer certificate.

After paying these fees, the timeshare owner is told he will receive the money in due course and he is presented with a copy of the transfer order. The money will be sent by courier and it will take around 2 to 3 days for the transfer to enter the account

But again the money does not arrive. This time because another outstanding fee needs to be paid first. The timeshare owner has to pay a Plus Valia fee on the sale of 2500€

After this second payment, the communication stops.

The person calling from Bonobo Invest, is no longer reachable by phone and he does not reply to his emails.

Registered letters to the address of  Bonobo Invest are returned with the indication “Wrong address”.

Contact details for Bonobo Invest are:

Email: bonoboinvestsl@gmail.com

Please note that it is ILLEGAL to request fees upfront for a timeshare resale.

Timeshare owners should never trust a company that calls out of the blue and offers a resale, pretending they have clients waiting to buy.

If Bonobo Invest contacted you as well about a resale of your timeshare membership, please let us know!



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