Beware of FAKE lawyers Amador Ganeca from Tenerife!

The lawyer’s office from Amador Ganeca is the latest fake and fraudulent set up, presumable based in Tenerife and offering claims through the courts in Santa Cruz.

They quote as company name Abogados Amador Ganeca SL, run by the (fake) lawyer Mr. Amador Juandoz Ganeca.

Nothing of what they say is true though and consumers should be extremely cautious when receiving telephone calls from this office and their employees.

The cold call is all about a supposed court claim, which is going through imminently in one of the courthouses in Tenerife.

The claim is against the company that defrauded the consumer in the past, and the lawyers from Amador Ganeca offer the consumer to join the claim.

A substantial compensation pay out is expected on a short notice, so the consumer has to decide quickly.

Initially all is done on a no win no fee basis, but as soon as the consumer shows their interest the bills for all kinds of fees, taxes and other payments start to appear.

All sounding very familiar to all the other companies that have been cold calling for the past months with the same story!

Contact details for Abogados Amador Ganeca SL are:

Freephone: 0800 802 1891 Tenerife: 0034 822 680 036

Email address: and website

PLEASE do not pay these people any money. There is no such thing as cold calling lawyers who can include you in a claim that takes place next week and where you will be paid out a substantial amount of money.

If you already received the call from this FAKE set up Abogados Amador Ganeca based in Tenerife, please let us know.

You can contact us through the Contact page or place a comment below this blog.


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Timeshare Cold Callers for the month of June 2017


Dear All,

The new cold caller list has been put together and we have counted 57 cold calling companies in the month of June 2017.

From the 57 companies there are 13 new names on the list, which we have listed below.

  • A.L. Asociados
  • AC-Consulting
  • Armando Gareca Abogados
  • Barlo & Scott legal
  • Crown Advisory
  • Edwards Consultancy
  • Gareca British Claims
  • Hadley & Stone
  • HM C&E – HM Customs & excise
  • Layland
  • Leyland Marketing Consultants
  • Lifebloom Services Legal
  • Timesharekapital

If you want to see the complete list of cold callers please click in the link:

Mindtimeshare cold callers June 2017

Please be careful with giving out personal and private information to any cold caller. Most of these companies exchange client data between them, and things you might mention to one company can be used on a following call by a different company to convince you they are “genuine” and really know you.

Always check the facts! If the company says they got your details from your resort, call your resort and ask! Don’t just take their word for it.

You better be safe than sorry!

Thanks for sending us all the information throughout the past month on all the cold calls you received.

Without this information we would not be able to elaborate the list.

Customer Care

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Timesharekapital Ltd and the fake compensation pay outs from your resort.

A company using the name of Timesharekapital is contacting German timeshare owners and gives them the story about their resort paying them a compensation for supposed mis selling.

We have received the documentation from an owner of Club la Costa – CLC who was contacted regarding this matter.

Timesharekapital goes as far as providing the consumer with a letter, supposedly coming from the resort and worse of all on the headed paper from Club la Costa.

In this letter a Mr. Sanchez, Alejandro Luis, acting on behalf of the resorts legal department, confirms the pay out of a very substantial amount of money.

He is though sending the communication from an email and quotes as a contact telephone number +34 951 963 140

As Timesharekapital acts as the “intermediary” the timeshare owner needs to pay them a fee prior to receiving the compensation.

The fees are 1500 euros and these need to be paid into the account of a company called JK Consultants. Surprisingly this company was already mentioned on Mindtimeshare some time ago and also because they were approaching German speaking Timeshare consumers with dubious offers.

The contact person for Timesharekapital is a Maria Schuster

The address: 57/63 Line Wall Road, Gibraltar



Telephone: +44 73 4141 96 40

Please note that there is no such thing as CLC paying out money in compensation to their members.

If you have been approached by Timesharekapital or JK Consultants regarding your timeshare membership and supposed sums of money awarded to you, do let us know.

You can contact us through the Contact form or place a comment on this blog.

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Daniel Marco Yariz, the fake barrister acting on behalf of the fake Amable Garcia lawyers.

Fake is the keyword with this fraudulent set up. Cold callers Amable Garcia have now come up with a new name in their web of companies and fake connections.

Procurador Daniel Marco Yariz

First the consumer receives a call from Amable Garcia as described in the blog we already posted about them and once they have the consumer hooked up in the story of claims against resorts etc., they start to ask for money.

But the company charging / receiving the legal fees is Amable Garcia, but it is the fake Barrister or Procurador in Spanish, Mr Daniel Marco Yariz.

This fake barrister has also a website set up with a lot of copied texts from other companies and contact details such as an address: Avenida Constitución No. 7, Edificio Velada, Oficina 324C, 38003, Santa Cruz De Tenerife and an email

No Telephone number, no registration details, no nothing!

A website which was registered early June 2017 so brand new.

We cannot insist more that cold calling companies are never to be trusted, but it is even more suspicious when they say they are legal professionals, talk about claims that take place in no time and without any official paperwork and payments for fees into the names of individuals.

For as much as one wish to recover the lost money on frauds and cheats this is not the solution and this is real!

If you have been approached by Amable Garcia or directly by this fake barrister Marco Daniel Yariz, do let us know and DO NOT PAY THEM A PENNY!

You can contact us through the contact form , or simply place a comment on this blog.

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Edwards Consultants, more cold calling “claims advisors” with meetings in the UK

The list of cold calling companies offering claims has increased this week with the name of Edwards Consultants.

But as seems to happen very often lately, this is not really a new company,  but more a slight name change of others who have been active so far.

Links to companies such as FHA Marketing and Shakespeare Marketing were found and the pitch on the phone is identical.

Once the consumer shows their interest in attending the meeting, they receive a follow up email where they are explained that the actual people meeting them will be from a company called Standon Mortimer.

At the meeting issues such as perpetuity and mis selling will be discussed, and they make it sound as if the claim is already a done and dusted case even before having a looking at the actual paperwork of the consumer and their experience when buying into the timeshare.

Contact details for Edwards Consultants are:

Emails:, and

Telephone numbers: 0121 667 2476 or 0121 667 9401


The website does not supply and company registration details and explains their services as “Appointment Setting, Lead Generation, Customer Services, Online Marketing, Data Sourcing and Sales training”

Like we have seen with all the other cold calling companies before, at the meeting all of the sudden the No win No fee claim turns out to be an expensive relinquishment service which you need to take if you want to claim…

Nobody really is signing up at these meetings for only the claim without paying any money…

As with all cold callers, be careful when attending these meetings, allow yourself a decent time to think things over at home and with copies of the agreement you would be signing, and don’t pay any money on the day and don’t leave the original paperwork with them!

Have you been approached by Edwards Consultants already? Please let us have your feedback.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog.

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Did you receive an email from Timeshare Legals?

Not a cold caller but still a company who approaches consumers without them asking for the information. Timeshare Legals has done an e-shot to Club la Costa members offering their services.

In the email they present themselves and state:”…We are a UK registered company and use UK Law Panels who specialise in this field.

We are proud to confirm that we have successfully disposed of many Timeshare or Holiday Club Memberships. This has saved our clients thousands of pounds in annual service charges, and the continued burden of perpetuity clauses….”

They continue:”… The process is handled from our legal offices in Manchester. The membership is firstly terminated, and once that process is complete (after approximately three or four weeks) we can start on the reclaim of funds.  This final stage can take up to six months via the banks and the ombudsman under British law.”

All sounds very interesting if it wasn’t for the fact that this company is not really registered as such at the Companies House. As mentioned on their website the company Timeshare Legals is actually a brand name of RJP Asset Management Limited. This company was registered in March this year so very recent, the same as the web registration.

Company activity / nature of business: Agents involved in the sale of a variety of goods

Not really something you would expect from a “legal” company.

There is no mention at all on the website of any genuine legal company being linked to these people and we suspect there isn’t any.

The website includes “testimonials” from happy customers which seems to be hard to believe taking in mind they have only been around for 3 months.

Further research has shown that the company Timeshare Legals has direct connections with other so called Claims companies who were actively cold calling in the past for supposed claims that never happened either.

Contact number for Timeshare Legals is 01926 355080 and email

If you received an email from the company Timeshare Legals offering their services for claims and disposals, we would like to hear from you.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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Spanish police takes action against responsible behind Half Moon Holding, Excalibur, Blue Chip and Rosedale set up.

A recent police raid of the offices from the companies Half Moon Holdings, Excalibur Sales & marketing, Blue Chip and Rosedale Marketing or Rosedale Group has resulted in 15 arrests.

The offices mainly based in Torre del Mar on the Spanish Costa del Sol, were searched by a team from the police.

Vehicles, computers and credit card machines were seized.

Howard Capelli and other members of family and staff (mainly British nationals), in these offices were arrested.

The police also points out that the Benalmadena based lawyer Mr. Christian Lopez is allegedly involved in this set up.

It certainly has taken some years for the police to intervene these companies as we have records on their cold calls ever since 2009 when Blue Chip initiated their activities.

At first they contacted Timeshare consumers with the story of a guaranteed sale, for which they required an upfront payment. After the sale supposedly “fell through” they asked for more money to change the timeshare owner into a membership that would sell quicker, something that never happened.

The latest one being active is Rosedale Marketing or Rosedale Group who over the past month was “re-visiting” the victims from the other companies with stories of a police raid and money recovered. Asking once again for more money from the victims to get their money refunded into their account.

If you have been victim of one of the above-mentioned companies please let us know. In this way we can keep you updated on any further developments in this matter.

Please email us at or place a comment on this blog so we can get back in contact with you.

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