BEWARE of actively cold calling FAKE lawyers C&D Solicitors!

A company by the name of C&D Solicitors or C&D Abogados has started very strong with their cold calls and we are inundated with inquiries from concerned consumers.

And they have reason to be concerned, because this dubious cold caller does not look very trustworthy at all!

C&D Solicitors seems to have a “large team of employees”, or at least they are using many names…

The initial cold call comes from a supposed Junior Lawyer by the name of Karl Edwards.

Karl Edwards explains to the consumer that they have been appointed by the courts to approach all consumers who have been dealing with ISS / Intelligent Software Solutions or Realistix.

The Spanish courts have set aside money for all victims of ISS / Realistix and C&D Abogados are now contacting them in order to pay them their awarded money.

Soon in the conversation it becomes clear that the consumer will need an NIE number to be able to receive the bank transfer.

The consumer has 3 options:

1, Go to Spain and arrange this directly in person, paperwork, time, burocracy…just not recommendable.

2, Have C&D Solicitors to arrange this for you at a modest fee of 1495 Pounds

3, Forget about the thousands of pounds that have been awarded to you and close your file

Obviously most of the consumer won’t have an NIE and most of them will go for option 2.

C&D Abogados will be pleased to arrange all for you.

Soon after this first call the consumer receives a follow up email with confirmation of everything that has been discussed and signed by Jess Andrews from the Administration department.

As C&D Solicitors seem to be in a hurry to get it all sorted, soon after you receive the mail another “solicitor” get’s on the phone by the name of David Silverstein who kindly gives the bank account for payment.

This bank account is in the name of Georgian Tetris


Please do not fall for this.

Many of the consumers who are approached already lost thousands of pounds to Realistix and were not able to recover this through a refund claim.

This is a so-called “Recovery Scam” for which Action Fraud and trading standards warns all consumers!

C&D Solicitors claim to be based on the following address: Calle La Noria, oo Edificio Recreo II 1-15, 29793 Torrox-Costa (Malaga) Spain

The mobile phones used so far are:

  • +34 603141974
  • +34 631815310

The email address used is

There is NO website, they don’t even have a domain for their email, and the company has not been found on the Spanish companies house.

If you have been approached by them, DO NOT PAY THEM!

If you are a victim of ISS or Realistix, be aware you might be on their caller list in the next couple of days, don’t let them catch you by surprise!

If you have been speaking to C&D Solicitors S.L.P or C&D Abogados already, let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on this blog.



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Watch out for the fake procurators called Ramon Josema Gomerz!

Recently we placed a warning about yet another company name for a fake and fraudulent lawyer in Tenerife, Litigaciones SL.

Inquiries from concerned consumers are reaching us daily and they are sending us all the information received.

As with the other fake legal companies from this set up in Tenerife, soon after being called by the so-called “lawyer” you are passed to the Procurators.

Litigaciones SL uses a lawyer Mr. Alberto Dilendro Nabalez. He can be reached on +34 822 680 013 which is one of the many phone numbers used.

He even has his “own” email address:

Once the consumer has been informed about how wonderful these people are, and the imminent court claim and thousands of pounds waiting to be paid out to the consumer…the no win no fee claim all of the sudden transforms into a claim where money need to be paid.

To be exactly, a procurator fee.

This fee, is requested directly by the procurator under the name of Ramon Josema Gomerz

The email address used for this fake procurator is

And they also made the effort to create a website

Please note this is all FAKE!

No court claims, No money, No procurator, and No stolen cheques!

If you have been in contact with any of these companies or people mentioned above, Litigaciones, Nabalez Abogados or Ramon Josema Gomerz Procuradores, do let us know.


You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on our blog.

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Calero y Delgados Abogados cold calling ISS / Realistix members

Although we haven’t received a lot of information yet, what we have so far is quiet worrying.

A supposed legal company by the name of Calero y Delgados Abogados are calling consumers who purchased the Realistix membership from the company ISS Intelligent Software Solutions.

As per David Hall, the person calling on behalf of this lawyers company Calero y Delgados, they were investigating Intelligent Software Solutions for fraud and were putting together files for a Class Action Law Suit against ISS on a no win no fee basis.

Research has shown that there is a lawyers company in Malaga with a very similar name, but certainly there is no Mr. David Hall working there and they are not cold calling consumers to offer no win no fee claims.

In this same week we have received other worrying inquiries from consumers with a Realistix membership from ISS Intelligent Software Solutions.

Companies pretending to be acting on behalf of the “liquidators” of ISS Intelligent Software Solutions and others “simply” enquiring if the consumer is still looking for a relinquishment of their timeshare now ISS has gone into liquidation…

Please do NOT fall for these offers!

Your personal and private information should not be out there for any strange company to approach you.

It is very dubious that all these sudden cold callers know you purchased into the ISS package called Realistix!

If you received an email or call from a company mentioning your dealings with ISS Intelligent Software Solutions or Realistix, please let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on this blog.

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Litigaciones SL, latest name used by the fake lawyers from Tenerife!

Once more the fraudulent set up of fake lawyers in Tenerife has come up with another name and this time it is Litigaciones SL.

This is yet again a new name on the long list of fraudulent lawyers who are cold calling and offer consumers to join imminent claims through the courts of Tenerife.

The supposed contact persons at the office from Litigaciones SL are Vittoria Tetazi Normez and Maria Gosadema Raviya.

The website from Litigaciones: was registered in July 2018 and shows the same style as all the other websites of this fraudulent set up.

They also explain that the lawyer who runs Litigaciones SL is Mr. Alberto Dilendro Nabalez which is again a complete fake name and cannot be found in any Barr registration as being a genuine practising lawyer in Spain.

Contact details for Litigaciones Abogados SL are:

Address: 4, Calle de S. Francisco, 4, Santa Cruz, 38001-38002, Tenerife

Freephone: 0800 862 0 314

Tenerife Tel: 0034 822 680 013

And emails:

Please do not get fooled by these cold callers!

There is no such thing as court claims in Tenerife, which they are handling, no upcoming claims you can join and certainly the no win no fee they promise converts into your worse nightmare as soon as you start paying them!

Anybody who is approached by this set up or any other one with the same story should report this to the police.

We also would like to know, so please if you receive a call from Litigaciones SL in Tenerife, do contact us.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on this blog.

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Cold caller alert for LEGAL office Juridico Cuatro Asesores (FAKE) from Madrid.

A supposed lawyer using the name of the company Juridico Cuatro Asesores has started cold calling Timeshare consumers and for the moment it looks like he is targeting mainly Dutch and German speaking owners.

There is a real company by the name of Juridico Cuatro Asesores in Madrid but research has shown that there is certainly no lawyer by the name of Georg Schaub who is doing these cold calls, and neither do the telephone numbers and email address coincide.

The fake lawyer Mr. Georg Schaub calls from the number +34 910 914 191 and they also have a fax +34 910 914 192

Email address is again as usual with dubious callers like this a free email server:

The offer from Juridico Cuatro Asesores is to help the consumer with an upcoming court claim in the Madrid Courts against a timeshare company the consumer has dealt with in the past.

The consumer is assured they won’t have to pay any money upfront as the lawyer fees will come out of the money awarded through the courts.

After the consumer agrees to join the claim, he receives official looking paperwork through the office from Juridico Cuatro Asesores, translated conveniently into his own language and stating a substantial amount has been awarded.

From not having to pay any fee the issue escalates quickly into a payment of taxes over this substantial amount that is waiting in the courts account to be send off to the consumer.

But the taxes need to be paid first….

Please note this all is not true, there are no upcoming court claims you can just join by saying yes over the phone to a cold calling lawyer…

If you already had the opportunity to speak to Mr. Georg Schaub and he has offered you this claim and money into your account, we would like to hear from you.

Please contact us by email or fill in the CONTACT US form.



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Careful with the cold calls from Euroforo Abogados Madrid (fake)

A new cold calling and fake Lawyers Company has been spotted by the name of Euroforo Abogados Madrid.

There seems actually to be a company in Madrid using a similar name, but the contact details do not coincide.

As with many other fake lawyers that pretend to be calling from Spain, this company Euroforo Abogados Madrid also claims the consumer has been awarded money through a court claim the consumer had no idea about.

They pretend they have been appointed by the court to contact the consumer, as there is a claim against his resort.

Once the consumer shows their interest they will be asked for court fees and after a couple of days the good news breaks through and they consumer has been awarded money and apparently a substantial amount!

All that separates the consumer from the receipt of the money in their account is a sudden tax invoice of 21% over the awarded amount….

Please note that if ever you are identified by the police and judges as a victim of a set up that is going through the courts, you will be officially notified by the court through recorded delivery letters in Spanish and translated and stamped by registered translators.

You would then be given the option to confirm the fact you are a victim of the set up and the option to join the court case in order to claim compensation for which you need to appoint a Spanish lawyer and notify the court accordingly and through the official channels.

There is no such thing as courts appointing third party companies and sharing your private and personal details with them to contact you!

The contact details for Euroforo Abogados Madrid (fake) are as follows:

Telephone: +34 91 091 3396
Fax: +34 91 0913397

Surprising as well with a long standing lawyers office as Euroforo Abogados Madrid claims to be that they do not have a website or a domain name for their emails and they actually use the email address from the free service. This is a free account, which can be set up in 5 minutes and where no proper identification is requested.

If Euroforo Abogados Madrid (fake) have approached you with the exciting news of an upcoming court pay out, please do let us know.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on the blog.



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Don’t fall for the email message from the FAKE Banco de España!

It has been reported in the past weeks that consumers are receiving cold calls and emails from people pretending to be working for the Bank of Spain or Banco de España.


The fraudulent message goes as follows:


From: Banco De España <>

Dear Mr & Mrs XXXXX,We wish to inform you that we have tried contacting you via telephone call as we have received a notification from the court in Malaga. Translation of notification:

‘The bank of Spain wish to inform you that we have received a document from the court of Malaga, Juzgados de Malaga, Calle Fiscal Luis Portero García, 0, 29010 Málaga, Spain, regarding a compensation claim from the director of the company “European Finance Solutions, EFS, Excalibur, Level 9 Resolutions SL, Sun Travel International, Half Moon Holdings, Principle Travel, Simple Timeshare Sales, Freewall Solutions, End Vacation, Iberian Dream Homes, Holiday Rentals Direct, Breakaway Vacation, Selling Time, Timeshare Resale, Emerald Rock Holdings, Blue Chip, Blue Diamond, Fast Line, etc”.

In your case it showed that you had paid money in to account/s of the company/s in mention. May we inform you that your information was found among their bank statements as having paid them money.

May we also remind you that they traded under many company names, if you have paid any other company it is most then likely linked to this company.

The document states that the director of aforementioned company has been found guilty of fraud and money laundering in Europe.

The Judge at the hearing ruled that all remaining funds in accounts linked to the aforementioned company is to be divided equally amongst claimants, as there was insufficient evidence of how much each client of theirs had paid, as they traded under many different company names, they used many different payment methods and many different bank accounts.

May we inform you that we have heard from other victims of fraud that they have been contacted by third parties in other countries, claiming to be courts, or companies that can claim money back, this information is wrong, please may we advise that you be very careful with whom you deal with and if any company or any third party asks for your credit or debit card details, DO NOT GIVE THAT INFORMATION TO THEM. Since 2011 it has been illegal for anyone to request that information and take payment when the matter has anything to do with timeshare.

In the case of XXXX XXXXX & XXXX XXXXX, contact number 0044XXXXXXXX, a total of £31,386 is due to be remitted.’

As discussed, issues surrounding money laundering problems in Spain mean that amounts over €10,000 are to be checked for money laundering and fraud purposes.

Having run all checks against your payment it has been approved as it has been classed as a ‘compensation claim’ and will be sent directly to you from the courts.

Spanish tax laws dictate that amounts greater than €10.000 relating to compensation payments are subject to a temporary tax payment which must be paid in advance of authorisation being granted to release your funds.

The temporary tax payment is 4%.

If you are a pensioner or over the age of 65 the temporary tax is lowered to 2%.

As a British resident you are not liable for Spanish tax and therefore this is classed as a temporary payment which will be refunded to you within 14 working days of receipt.

The amount payable is £1,255.44.

The amount payable if you are a pensioner is of £627.72.

Upon receipt of funds we will apply for the necessary authorisation on your behalf, this is a formality after-which you have two options to receive your payment, either bank transfer or cheque.

Please note that should you decide to proceed and claim your compensation you will no longer be able to take any further legal action against the aforementioned company.

Should you require any further clarification you may reply to this email with any questions you have, if proceeding you will need to inform us in advance which method of payment you prefer.

You may contact your case handler on the following number 0034 603 142 583, please ask to speak to English department office.

If you wish to receive via e-mail information with regards to how to protect yourself against fraud please notify us.

With kind regards.
Bank of Spain, Banco de España.
Overseas DPT.


If you received this fake and fraudulent email, please do let us know.

DO NOT PAY! There is no money waiting for you.

You can contact us through the CONTACT form or by email

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