A.L. Asociados, of misschien toch Alejandra Llobera Abogados?

Onlangs hebben we een blogartikel over een dubieuze koude beller geplaatst onder de naam van Alejandra Llobera, een ‘expert’ advocaat uit Madrid. (Link http://wp.me/p1kmoi-22s)

Er is nu aan ons verteld dat een nieuwe onderneming onder de naam A.L. Asociados contact opneemt met consumenten met soortgelijke verhalen en die dezelfde diensten aanbiedt.

De naam van hun “zogenaamde” advocaat is opnieuw Alejandra Llobera.

Het verhaal is dat de advocaat gevallen van timeshare fraude behandeld waar geld word toegekend en regelt dat het geld wordt uitbetaald aan het slachtoffer.

Hoewel ze aandringen bij de consument dat alle kosten worden gedekt, zijn er toch betalingen die van te voren moeten worden gedaan zoals administratieve kosten, juridische kosten en allerlei kosten waar ze mee voor de dag komen zolang de consument bereid is te betalen.

Nu zijn ze veranderd naar de naam van A.L. Asociados, maar het bedrog is hetzelfde.

Om te voorkomen dat mensen op internet gaan zoeken of om de vragen te beantwoorden van degenen die de slechte berichten al hebben gevonden, sturen ze nu een document in hun correspondentie, waarbij zij verklaren dat Mindtimeshare leugens verteld en dat deze advocaat echt bestaat. Inclusief een advocaat ‘s registratienummer en links om te zoeken naar deze advocaat in de officiële Spaanse advocatenrecords.

Houd er rekening mee dat er inderdaad een advocaat is met een bijna gelijke naam maar zij is NIET op de opgegeven adressen van A.L. Asociados en ook zijn de contactgegevens niet hetzelfde!

Houd er rekening mee dat er geen advocaten in Spanje zijn die zomaar ineens bellen om geld uit te betalen wat zogenaamd is toegekend door de rechtbanken aan slachtoffers van fraude en die niet eens bewust zijn dat ze in een gerechtelijke vordering zijn opgenomen.

Het is erg genoeg als je het slachtoffer bent van een fraude, maar het is onaanvaardbaar dat fraudeurs het nogmaals proberen met dezelfde slachtoffers die al eerder geld hebben verloren en die in de hoop blijven dat ze dit geld kunnen terug krijgen.

De contactgegevens voor dit valse advocatenkantoor A.L. Asociados is een Spaanse mobiel nummer: +34 603 130 371 en e-mailadres info@alejandrallobera.com

Het zogenaamde adres van hun kantoor op 45 Calle Toledo, 28013, MADRID, dat een niet bestaand adres was, is nu veranderd in een echte straat en ze claimen nu dat ze op de 6e en 7e verdieping in Paseo de la Castellana 79 in Madrid zijn.

Mocht u worden gebeld door wel advocatenkantoor dan ook die u verteld dat u uw geld terug gaat krijgen via een rechtbank maar dat u eerste bepaalde onkosten moet betalen, laat het ons dan weten.

U kunt ons bereiken via de email customercare@mindtimeshare.com of door middel van een reactie plaatsen op dit blog.

ENGLISH VERSION: http://wp.me/p1kmoi-236

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A.L. Asociados, or would we say Alejandra Llobera Abogados?

Recently we posted a blog article about a dubious cold caller pretending to be Alejandra Llobera, and “expert” lawyer from Madrid. (Link http://wp.me/p1kmoi-22s)

It has been brought to our attention that a new company by the name of A.L. Asociados is contacting consumers on similar cold calls and offering the same services.

The name of their “so called” lawyer is again Alejandra Llobera.

The story with the cold call was that the lawyer was handling cases of timeshare claims where money was being awarded and the services that were offered were to get the money paid out to the victim.

Although they would insist to the consumer that all costs would be covered, they managed of course after a couple of calls to come up with admin fees, legal fees and all kinds of fees as long as the consumer is willing to pay.

So now they have changed to A.L. Asociados but the scam is the same.

To avoid people searching the Internet or to overcome the objectives and questions of those who already found the complaints, they now include a document in their correspondence saying Mindtimeshare is telling lies and this lawyer exists. Including a lawyer’s registration number and links to search for this lawyer in the official Spanish Lawyers records.

Please note that indeed there is a lawyer with a very similar name but she is NOT on any of the given addresses of the cold callers and neither do the contact details coincide.

Please note that there are no cold calling lawyers in Spain, speaking English and Dutch, paying out money awarded by the courts to victims of scams who aren’t even aware they were included in a court claim.

It is sad enough if you are the victim of a fraud but it is unacceptable that fraudsters like this prey on those who lost money before and deep inside keep on hoping they can recover this.

The contact information for this fake law firm A.L. Asociados is a Spanish mobile number: +34 603 130 371 and email address Info@alejandrallobera.com

The so-called address of their office at 45 Calle Toledo, 28013, MADRID which was an un-existing address has now been changed to something real and they now claim to be at the Paseo de la Castellana 79 on the 6th and 7th floor in Madrid.

If you are contacted by any law firm on a cold call, offering you a refund or pay out of court awarded money, with fees upfront to release this, please let us know.

You can contact us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on the blog.



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Timeshare Cold callers list May 2017

Dear All,

The month of May 2017 closes their figures with 67 companies cold calling companies of which 19 new company names.

For a complete list of all companies brought to our attention in the past month, please click on below link:

Mindtimeshare Cold Callers May 2017

Careful with those cold calling companies that take the name of a real company, even use their logo and address on their correspondence, all to confuse the consumer and making them believe they are speaking to a genuine company.

There are no court claims in Spain where you are included without knowing it and there is no such thing as a third party acting on behalf of the Spanish government or tax offices.

The names of the 19 new cold calling companies are the following;

  • Abogados Amable Garcia
  • Alejandra Llobera
  • BF Advisers
  • Dane Pulbeart (fake solicitor)
  • Financial Services Authority
  • Fincas Plana Imoley (FAKE)
  • Fox and James
  • Genova Mierlem
  • Henshall legal (fake)
  • Holiday Litigation
  • Legal Trustees Services
  • Marsans Consursal
  • Peter Brooks
  • Rexton Law Associates – RLA
  • Solutions Today
  • Timeshare.Claims
  • Timeshare Consultancy
  • Travel Management Group
  • UK Claims

If you receive a cold call of any kind, offering claims, compensation pay out, invitation to meetings for no win no fee claims or discounted holidays and accommodation, please do let us know.

Thanks to all the consumers who have been keeping us updated on all the cold calling activity in the past month.

Customer Care

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Timeshare.Claims another a trading name for European Claims Centre LLC the list keeps on growing…

Trying to understand why they use so many different names for the exact same purpose goes beyond any understanding. But yes, there is another trading name for ECC and that is Timeshare.claims.

Timeshare.Claims is a cold caller, inviting timeshare consumers to meetings where a “claims adviser” will tell the consumer everything about the possibility of a “No win no fee,” claim.

Telephone number is 0203 519 8263

Timeshare.Claims explain on their website http://timeshare.claims that they perform 3 types of claims: Performance Claims, Contract Claims and Finance Claims.

The web doesn’t seem to have been developed completely and all you have is a vague explanation on certain claims, a map with the location of the offices in the UK and a contact form. With this form the consumer can find out if they are qualified for a claim, and surprising as it seems with ECC / ITRA everybody qualifies!

And the claims advisor at the meeting also seems to be convinced that the consumer is qualified in spite of the fact that this person is certainly not a legal professional or a person qualified to assess a claim!

So what’s the catch? Consumer ask us over and over again…

Well, you certainly aren’t invited to this meeting for a No Win No Fee and expected to listen, sign up and walk out without taking your wallet out of your pocket.

Once they convince you about your claim based on your “perpetuity” timeshare (which most of the times isn’t true at all) and the changed laws in Spain (again not that we heard of) they inform you it isn’t possible to claim without cancelling the membership.

So you need to do this as well, and surprise, Timeshare.Claims (ECC) can do this for a cost ranging between 4000 and 10.000 pounds. Of course this needs to be paid straight away!

The consumer can leave a 480 pounds deposit on the day and the balance in the course of the following week.

Reading through the above you might think, I will not fall for that…but really after a couple of hours of talking about the fabulous claims and how much money is waiting for you around the corner…you need to be strong for not signing up to this!

Our main advice for those who feel tempted to go to these meetings is always the same; go, listen, take copies of the paperwork home with you but leave your wallet or any other payment devices at home! There is no such thing as an offer only valid on the day!

The services offered do not fall under the Timeshare Directive so no, you don’t really have the 14 day cooling off period as stipulated for a holiday product purchase. But you do have your rights as a consumer! And certainly any genuine company with genuine offers will not have any problem if the consumer wants to think about it in his own time and space and maybe even discuss with the family or a family lawyer.

There are no court claims, which you can join, but as they are closing next week you have to join today, there are no changed laws and no there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…

Knowing the company ECC European Claims Centre and the fact they are just the continuation of ITRA International Timeshare Refund Action what could you actually expect?

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Avez-vous reçu un appel de ‘Fincas Plana Imoley (FAUX) faisant une offre pour vendre votre multipropriété?

Une nouvelle société de revente a été reportée sous le nom Fincas Plana Imoley (faux).

Le faux Fincas Plana contacte les Membres de multipropriété par téléphone et leur raconte qu’une société est intéressée par l’acquisition de leurs semaines et le prix offert est bien au-dessus du prix du marché actuel.

Selon les témoignages reçus de certains Membres, l’acheteur qui soi-disant serait intéressé par le rachat de leurs semaines, est une entreprise importante internationale, Rastar Group, et Fincas Plana fournit même aux Membres un contrat qui semble confirmer cela.

Comme à l’accoutumé avec ce genre d’affaires, Fincas Plana demande au Membre to payer des frais à l’avance, et encore une fois, nous nous posons la question de savoir comment est-il possible que ces personnes ne soient pas au courant de la Directive Européenne en matière de multipropriété qui confirme clairement que les demandes de frais à l’avance ne sont pas permises lorsqu’il s’agit de revente de semaines en temps partagé.

Cela ressemble aux agissements de toutes les autres compagnies de revente qui se créent et disparaissent continuellement, et nous déconseillons vivement de payer de l’argent à ce genre de société.


Si vous avez été contactés par Fincas Plana (faux) par le numéro +34 902 01 80 82 ou +34 932 200 499 avec cette offre ou une offre similaire, merci de nous le faire savoir.

Vous pouvez nous envoyer un email à customercare@mindtimeshare.com ou laisser vos commentaires ici sur notre blog. Dans les deux cas, nous vous répondrons avec davantage d’informations.

ENGLISH VERSION; http://wp.me/p1kmoi-22I

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Have you received a cold call from Fincas Plana (fake) with the offer to sell your timeshare?

A new cold calling Resale Company has been spotted by the name of Fincas Plana Imoley (fake).

Fincas Plana Imoley (fake) contact timeshare owners, mainly French speaking owners, by cold call and tell them a story about a corporate buyer which they have already waiting, keen on purchasing their weeks, and the price offered is well over the current market price.

As to reports received from consumers, the buyer that supposedly is interested to purchase their weeks is a big international company; Rastar Group and Fincas Plana Imoley (fake) provide the consumer even with a contract that seems to evidence this.

As usual with this kind of business, Fincas Plana Imoley (fake) asks the consumer to pay an upfront fee, and once more we ask ourselves how it is possible that these people do not know about the European Timeshare Directive, which states clearly that requests for upfront fees are not allowed when offering resale of timeshare weeks.

We would say this looks the same as all the other resale companies that pop up and disappear continuously, and we would certainly not recommend paying any money to such a company.


If you were contacted by Fincas Plana Imoley (fake) from Telephone numbers 34 902 01 80 82 or +34 932 200 499 with this or a similar offer, please let us know.

You can either e-mail us to customercare@mindtimeshare.com or leave your comment here on our blog. In both cases we will shortly come back to you with more information.

FRANCES : http://wp.me/p1kmoi-22G

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Shakespeare Marketing, the appointment setter for meetings in Redditch

So many new names and so few new pitches. Yet again a new company has been brought to our attention that is cold calling for an appointment to a meeting to discuss a claim.

This time we have Shakespeare Marketing

The agent of Shakespeare Marketing explains that their company is offering timeshare relinquishment, and claiming services, against timeshare resorts for mis-selling

Their website http://shakespearemarketing.co.uk only describes them as lead generators and appointment setters, nothing about any legal services. So it seems unusual that the person calling can make statements on the phone to a consumer about his possibility to do a claim or not…

In reality it isn’t Shakespeare Marketing at all who will be doing the talk at the meeting!

Once the first contact has been made, the consumer is explained that they are working with a number of legal teams across the UK and the legal actions are processed by “claims assessors” who will value the claim, on the day.

The claims Shakespeare Marketing offer are as they say on a No win No fee basis, and only in the case of a winning claim they will charge a 30% over the awarded amount.

This sounds all quiet good, but as with many of these companies, they don’t really let people walk out of the meeting without paying for something…

So they do have the translation costs to cover, which need to be paid upfront,…and they also explain to the consumer that when they claim against their resort they cannot really continue to be a member of the resort. So guess what? Yes they offer a relinquishment service, which does cost several thousands of pounds and need to be paid upfront.

So much for a no win no fee chat.

Contact details for Shakespeare Marketing are telephone 0121 667 4692 and email info@shakespearemarketing.co.uk

So far we have not received any feedback of any consumer about a successful claim done for them after taking up the meeting invitation from Shakespeare Marketing and signing up for the services offered.

If Shakespeare Marketing has contacted you from 01216674692 and invited you to a meeting in Redditch or their satellite office in Manchester, please do let us know.

You can contact us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on the blog.



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