Hot Weeks, fly buy company part of the Easy Consulting Group.

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So far we have many inquiries from consumers who have been approached in the past year by the company using the name of Hot Weeks.

We already posted an article about them (Link, but as they continue active it is always good to “refresh” the memory.

Hot Weeks used to mention on their paperwork their supposed address in the UK; EBC Third Floor 207 Regent Street London W1B 3HH. From which they were using the Telephone numbers: 01633 928 032 and 0800 0146 370 or 0239 365 0118

But when visiting the website from Hot Weeks it is mentioned that they belong to Easy Consulting SL, a registered Spanish based company.

With the address of Ametler Amarg, 10, Alfaz Del Pi, 03580, Alicante, Spain

Telephone number: 0034 966 860 550

Easy Consulting is not an unknown company and as a matter of fact we have published several articles about them and the connected companies. Because sure they do use a lot of company names! (

Not only is Easy Consulting known with us, the ASA – Advertising Standards Authority has ruled now twice against Easy Consulting.

One in connection with the company The Ultimate holiday Package ( and the other one in connection with Direct Resorts International (

Two companies who are exactly the same as Hot Weeks, same offer, same way of (cold) calling consumers and same way of apparent “lack” of information prior to taking the payment.

Before taking up an offer from a cold calling company who makes an offer that appears to be too good to be true, please do your research!

Offers for discounted accommodation are nice, but before taking your credit card out make sure you have received the full terms and conditions of such offer and a list of the destinations and availability-

This needs to be in your possession BEFORE paying, not after!

If you received a call from Hot Weeks or any other company with great discounted accommodation offers, please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog


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Warning! Dubious Company LA Moneda SA from Barcelona, offering Timeshare resale!


This warning comes in connection with the activities of a new company under the name of LA Moneda SA, using the “cold” call to communicate with timeshare owners based in Russia.

LA Moneda SA pretends to be a company that provides services for Timeshare resale in Barcelona at the following address: Passeig de Gracia 18, 08007


During the call they inform the timeshare owner that there is a buyer who is willing to buy their membership for a substantial price. This buyer has made a deposit already and is keen to complete the transaction, but in order to do so the owner of the membership is also required to pay a deposit.

This deposit is about 2,500 euros. The down payment request is illegal, in accordance with the Timeshare Regulations and any reliable resale company would never do such request.

Please note that a company called LA Moneda SA is not registered in Barcelona or in Spain as a whole!

If you receive a call from the Representatives from  LA Moneda SA based in Barcelona, please let us know.

You can contact us by email or leave a comment on this blog.

на русском языке :

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Предупреждение! Компания LA Moneda SA мошенники из Барселона, предлагая перепродажи Taymshera!


Это предупреждение приходит в связи с деятельностью новой компании под названием LA Moneda SA, с использованием техники “холодного” звонка общаться с владельцами таймшер.

На данный момент предметом разговоров этой компании являются владельцами России.

LA Moneda SA во время разговора появляется как компания, которая предоставляет услуги для перепродажи находится в Барселоне по следующему адресу: проспект Пасео де Грасиа 18, 08007

Электронная почта:

Во время разговора, информирует владельца представителей таймшера, что есть покупатель, который готов купить их членство. Этот покупатель уже сделал депозит и завершить сделку, владелец членства также обязан внести залог.

Этот депозит составляет около 2500 евро. Требование авансового платежа является незаконным, в соответствии с Положением о таймшер, и любая надежная компания перепродает, знает об этой ситуации и не выдвинули такие требования к владельцам.

Обратите внимание, что компания под названием LA Moneda SA не зарегистрирован ни в Барселоне, ни в Испании в целом!

Если вы звоните Представители LA Moneda SA Барселона, пожалуйста, сообщите нам об этом.

Вы можете связаться с нами по электронной почте или оставить комментарий на этом блоге.


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#Timeshare Cold Caller list for October 2016

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Dear All,

A new Cold Caller list has been produced for the month of October 2016.

There have been 67 Active Cold calling companies and among these we have noted 18 new company names.

For a complete report on the 67 Cold callers from October 2016 please click on the PDF:


An increase has been detected as well in all those cold callers who offer claims and compensation payments to timeshare owners over the phone without hardly knowing what their ownership is or their current membership.

Please be careful with any cold caller for as nice and “professional” they may sound.

The 18 new company names detected in October 2016 are the following:

  • Abersans Asesores
  • All Time Claims – ATC
  • Blackstone International
  • Elite Translations
  • Forbes Debt Recovery Agents
  • Gillmartin & Partners
  • Grove Consulting
  • Hailey Myers
  • Inmobiliaria Mileno
  • International Services
  • Juan Luis Partalabo Lawyer
  • La Moneda Travel
  • Legitimous – legitimos Abogados
  • Mileno Inmobiliaria
  • Pena Ferreira
  • Share Dreams Holidays
  • The Solutions Group
  • TravelTime

The cold caller list is produced thanks to all those consumers who take their time to send us a message and all kinds of other information. We are interested in all cold calls received, from existing companies and new ones, so please if you have a spare moment do sent us the details.

Thanks in advance!

The Mindtimeshare Customer Care Team.

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Pena Ferreira, the Law Firm from Madrid


Law firms, who call out of the blue and seem to have all your details before you even open your mouth, are not really in our good books. Pena Ferreira seems to be one of those.

They cold call, and not only have they all your details, they also know about all the frauds you suffered before.

The good news is, that Pena Ferreira knows all this because they have been appointed by the Spanish courts to contact victims like you and notify them that a court case has taken place.

A court case where you as a consumer/victim apparently were included, but you never knew about.

But who cares? Especially when you hear the result, a stunning amount of over €100.000 has been awarded and you just need to supply your bank account details to receive this early Christmas present.

Unfortunately when they try to transfer you the money, the bank of Spain explains to Pena Ferreira that in order to do this they need the NIE (Foreigner ID number) registration of the account holder.

Strange Pena Ferreira did not know this previously as they seem to have been dealing with many victims like you already and all of them received their pay out.

But not to worried, because Pena Ferreira can arrange an NIE straight away.

If you pay them €3850 the NIE number registration will be processed and you can expect the pay out in no time.

The money for the NIE number has to be paid into an Escrow Account in the name of a Spanish individual apparently connected to the court.

Research has shown that there is no such company as Pena Ferreira in Spain and certainly not on the address they claim to be based: Calle Mesonero Romanos 69, 28013 Madrid

Their telephone number is a Spanish mobile +34 603 250 424

They did go through the trouble of setting up a website in August this year which is

Obviously we recommend being extremely cautious when speaking to anybody who claims to be working for the Law Firm Pena Ferreira as you don’t really know where your details will end up!

And you should NEVER pay a company who calls with stories as described above!

If you were already approached by Pena Ferreira than please let us know. You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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AV Consultores, the “liquidators” for Cash Rebate.

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There is a company using the name of AV Consultores who is calling Consumers about their Cash Rebate certificate.

We have to say “using this name” because we have found several companies on the Internet with a same or similar name. We can only suspect they do this to confuse the consumers and mislead them when they try to search for more information.

AVConsultores has an agent who says her name is Anabell Clayton, and Annabel is calling from the number +34 951 650 491

Anabell explains that the company Cash Rebate has gone into liquidation and they are handling this, and are sending the money to those consumers who are due a Cashback from this company.

It all starts quiet innocent, the consumer has to fill in some forms, then send some more information by email, and all this with the apparent purpose of getting the money transferred to his account.

But when finally the money is due to be received by the consumer, AV Consultores informs him that the money is hold up at the Banco de España due to unpaid taxes.

AV Consultores kindly offers to solve this problem and sends of a form for the consumer about taxes for non-residents in Spain. This form is a copy from the Agencia Tributaria, Modelo 215, and an amount 2.892 euros is filled in for the consumer to pay.

Please note that there is no such thing as a liquidator for Cash Rebate paying out money to consumers! The company AV Consultores may exist but certainly are they not using the phone numbers and other contact details that are used by these cold callers.

Neither is there any tax due and money held up by the Banco de España!

The details of this fake company are as follows:

Address: Calle Rojas 61, 29014 Malaga

Telephone +34 951650491

Fax +34 951650492

Email: but also using

If you have been contacted by this company AVConsultores already or Anabell Clayton from 0034 951650493 we would certainly like to hear from you.

Please email us at or place a comment on this blog.


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Euroconsulting, Oficinas National more than a dubious cold caller!


Cold callers Euroconsulting who claim to be based in Madrid, are targeting the German Timeshare owners with very dubious offers to sell their timeshare membership.

The agent from Euroconsulting claims to be working for a company handling Timeshare resale’s with great success, and as a matter of fact they have already lined up a buyer for the timeshare of the owner.

The buyer of the timeshare is willing to pay a large amount of money as they have been looking for this particular membership for a long time, so amounts of over 20.000 euros are discussed.

Once the timeshare owners agree to sell, he receives a confirmation email from Euroconsulting, Oficinas National in Madrid reconfirming this whole transaction.

As soon as the owner sends their bank details and paperwork they can expect the payment of 20.000 euros in a period of maximum 20 days into their account.

But things are not that straight forward, and soon it seems that certain paperwork is missing to finalize this sale. The notary has asked for the “Declaracion Catastral International” which would be like a property registration certificate.

This needs to be requested through the Madrid courts, and there is a cost for this document.

In order to process the request the timeshare owner needs to pay 2900 euros into the account of the judge of the II Madrid Court House, Mr Romero Vicente. Into his private bank account that is!

Once paid this amount, the Banco Central Madrid confirms the receipt and the timeshare owner will have to wait until they produce the document…

Sadly enough none of the above is true and there is no such thing as a guaranteed sale for such a large amount, there is no company called Euroconsulting and no judge by the name of Romero Vicente.

Yet again another ugly scam.

The contact details of this fake resale company are:

Euroconsulting, Oficinas National

IBC, Calle Gran Via 71

20813 Madrid

Telephone +34 910911859 and Fax +34 911820389

Email address

If you have been contacted by this company Euroconsulting we would like to hear from you!

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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