Scam alert for the fake BBVA bank and the request for a Cross Border Litigation Permit

A new cold caller scam has been brought to our attention in the past week.

Consumers are receiving cold calls from supposed bank employees who are trying to transfer money from “abroad” into the UK Bank account of the consumer.

Names used are among others, Steven Ward and Ryan Wilson who call from the number 0203 290 22** and state they work for the Security Bank.

This Security Bank supposedly deals in transactions from abroad.

The bank employees are trying to transfer money but there is paperwork missing.

Of course, the consumer wonders where the money comes from that is going to be paid out, and the Security Bank employee can only see that it is from a Court settlement in Spain, and they mention the names of fraudulent resale companies the consumer paid to many years ago.

To get the paperwork in order the consumer is told he will be contacted by a lady in Spain; Natalie Gomez.

This Natalie Gomez will be able to give a clarification on what is happening exactly as she deals with the court and the (fake) BBVA.

The telephone number from Ms. Gomez is 0034 91 143 68**

Soon after this initial call the consumer receives an email from the bank in Spain which is send out from the email address:

The email explains the following:

As you know we have been unable to find your Cross Border Litigation Permit, which is the reason for the delay on the payment of your settlement.

We have contacted the notary that the litigation company used for their legal documentation, and they have confirmed that they were never requested to action a Cross Border Litigation Permit for your case file. 

The Cross Border Litigation Permit is an essential document as it verifies the final verdict and demonstrates that the legislation between the UK and Spain marries up correctly, and that there are no ambiguously worded sentences, that could be observed as misleading and therefore jeopardize the final outcome of the case. It also allows the case to progress from Criminal to Civil hearing, so the claimant can be officially registered as the beneficiary of the awarded settlement. 

We have approached several lawyers that work in conjunction with the court and have had several quotes come back for the Cross Border Litigation Permit the best price being £2400.00

Please be advised this fee will be reimbursed to you from the guilty parties, this will take between 4-6 weeks to process.

The awarded amount of 33,650.00€ will be released within 3-5 working days of the full payment being received by our accounts.

Please find the invoice attached in order for the payment to be made in sterling to the UK associate account.”

Please note that this is a SCAM!!!

There is no such thing as court settlements out of the blue with thousands of pounds awarded to victims of scams that happened over 6 years ago and where companies vanished.

If you are not aware of being part of a claim, we can assure you that you are NOT part of any claim.

Neither is there such thing as a Cross Border Litigation Permit!

If you received a call or email from any of the people mentioned above or the supposed banks they work for, please let us know.

You can email us at

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Mindtimeshare Active Companies for August 2021

Dear All,

With the end of August 2021, we have as every month, elaborated the list of active companies that have been cold calling, emailing pr texting consumers with offers related to their holiday / timeshare membership.

In August we have counted 33 active companies of which there are 7 new companies added to the list.

For a complete list of these companies please click on the following link:

Mindtimeshare Active Companies August 2021

Some new companies don’t seem that new and they are simply name changes of precious active companies who think that in this way they can avoid being mentioned on the internet or consumers finding the bad reviews.

There are also new companies who have taken a name from a genuine company and twisted this slightly but still it confuses consumers. People trying to do their homework and research, end up looking at websites of real legal companies and think they are talking to the same people!

Careful with that, and always distrust cold calls for as much as their website looks amazing.

These are the names of the 7 new companies:

  • ADARGA Lawyers
  • Audiencia Nacional
  • Contract Support Centre
  • Resales Alliance
  • Select
  • Timeshare Investment Team
  • WDL Services

There are a lot of these bogus companies that seem to be working with “old” client’s lists which means that all the sudden we are again receiving queries about claims against Club Class or resale companies that were active over 10 years ago such as Blue Chip, Excalibur, True Valid, etc. Please note that there is nothing to recover from companies that have vanished over 10 years ago!

If you have been contacted by any company or individual with stories about awarded money through courts, recovering money with a claim, cancelling timeshares that are supposed to be cancelled already, etc. please do let us know.

You can email us at


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Cold caller alert for Timeshare Investment Team!

A new cold caller has been brought to our attention, and they use the name of Timeshare Investment Team.

As per “Debbie Parker” the agent calling from the Timeshare Investment Team, the company the consumer was dealing with previously no longer exists so the relinquishment and claim the consumer paid for won’t be happening.

It’s not only very worrying that “Debbie” knows who the consumer dealt with in the past, but also it becomes even worse when the supposed “liquidated” company is Meridian litigation Consultants.

Meridian Litigation was a cold calling “claims company” who has taken a lot of people from innocent consumers for cancellation services and claims against the resorts, and nothing ever happened. And then they were gone…

So now we have Timeshare Investment Team, and their Investigation Board cold calling consumers to help them out with the fact they paid for a bogus service.

The number used by the Timeshare Investment Team is 0191 359 21** which appears to be number from Newcastle.

But it is not the Timeshare Investment Team that will help, and the consumer is advised that they will be called back by lawyers who are based in Mallorca.

Mallorca? For sure it won’t be Tranquilitas Legal Consultants?

Never mind who calls back, this whole story doesn’t sound right! Starting with the cold call, the fact they know you paid Meridian Litigation and supposed lawyers from Mallorca calling back…

If you received a cold call about dealings, you had in the past with Meridian, or any other Claims / Relinquishment company and the cold caller is going to “help out” please let us know.

You can contact us at


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Fake ADARGA Lawyers in Tenerife, the saga of the fake lawyers continues!


Yes, they go on and on, and every time we place a warning, these scammers just swap names and copy / paste a website and start all over again with another name.

Now we have Adarga Lawyers. The latest fake lawyers from Tenerife and NOT TO BE MISTAKEN with Adarga abogados in Mainland Spain.

A very clever trick to confuse consumers when trying to do their homework after the cold call, searching for these lawyers on the internet and looking at websites of genuine lawyers with a very similar name.

Please do not fall for this scam!

Adarga lawyers in Tenerife are not lawyers! Real lawyers do not cold call and do not make up stories of claims won in court and money awarded to a consumer when this consumer didn’t even know there was a case.

Contact details of the fake lawyers are:

Email: and

Telephone: 0800 066 49**

Person sending emails is among others: Maria Navas Alonso supposedly from the “Departamento Legal”

Careful, the website they quote on their paperwork is from a genuine lawyer’s company in Madrid! These people have nothing to do with these fraudsters in Tenerife.

If you received a letter, call or email from Adarga lawyers in Tenerife, talking about awarded money, embargos, and fees to be paid, please do not pay them a penny, and let us know as soon as possible.

You can reach us at



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Resales Alliance, cold calls and notary fees for a timeshare resale

Long time ago since we have seen a cold calling resale company. Most of the cold calls nowadays are from people pretending to be lawyers and legal advisors.

But we now spotted a cold calling resale company using the name of Resales Alliance.

The company Resales Alliance approaches timeshare owners and offer to sell their timeshare membership.

They do these resales through a supposed auction platform on their website.

In case the auction fails they even offer to directly buy the timeshare off the client.

But most of the consumers are lucky and they receive an offer for their timeshare membership.

But the next step is paying the notary fees, because for some strange reason there are notary fees involved in this resale.

The website from Resales Alliance is but a message comes up that the website is not safe. Not a very good sign when logging into a website!

The fees requested are to be paid into the name of the company which shows as Resales Alliance ® Meridian 


With the European law, the Timeshare Consumer Act changed in 2012 it was made more than clear that there is no upfront payment allowed with a timeshare resale.

Neither are we aware of the need of a notary to intervene in a timeshare resale as this is more the job of the Trustee who should change the deed into the name of the new owner.

If you received a call or an offer from the company Resales Alliance for the sale of your timeshare, please let us have your feedback.

Important question is always, how did they get your details and how did they know you are a timeshare owner?

You can reach us by email:



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Beware of the fake Lopez and Martinez Abogados!


Cold calls from Fake lawyers’ offices seem to be rather popular.

The number of cold calls we hear about from people pretending to be lawyers of employees working at lawyers’ offices, is terrible.

For some reason, they do sound quite plausible, and consumers seem to fall for these calls.

What is certainly very strange is that a lawyer would be cold calling, because this is obviously in conflict with the GDPR regulations.

Latest cold caller is using the name of Lopez and Martinez Abogados. The person calling is a Michael French, and he explains that the consumer has been awarded money through the Spanish courts.

But unfortunately, the money is under an “embargo” and to release this, the consumer will have to pay the relevant taxes.

Phillip King from the Malaga Law Courts (the Expats Department) will contact the consumer during the week to explain how the embargo can be lifted.

This is all lies and a big scam.

There is no money awarded and no people are calling out of the blue from a courthouse to explain about money, embargo’s and how to pay fees to get the compensation pay out.

The people from Lopez and Martinez Abogados, and the Expat Department at Malaga Law Courts are using the following telephone numbers:

0034 672 530 9** and 0034 602 581 6**, both Spanish mobile numbers.

If you have been contacted by the sweet-talking employee from Lopez and Martinez Abogados or by the Expat Department at the Malaga Court, please do let us know.

You can contact us by email at



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Have you received a notification from the Audiencia Nacional?

We already warned on the blog about the bogus company called Interbank, but there seem to be many more names used by the people in the same set up.

This time they are pretending to be from the “Audiencia Nacional” in Spain and they send a fake copy of a wire transfer form with the supposed awarded money.

All copies taken from the internet and adjusted with the contact details of these fraudsters.

Please so not fall for this scam!

There is no money awarded in the courts in Spain, and nobody is going to “wire” you money into your UK bank account.

If you are receiving emails like this, from Tina Jones supposedly working at the Interbank UK and with telephone number:  020376473**

Or Maria Mendes and Maria Teresa Blanco Martin, supposedly calling from Spain, from Financiera Oficial and using telephone number:  0034 9119857**

All these people are fraudsters, so please do not provide them any further personal details, do not engage in conversation with them and most important DO NOT PAY THEM!

If you received messages like the one described above, please let us know.

Contact us by email at


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Mindtimeshare Active companies for July 2021

Dear Consumer,

We are now in the high summer months and although it looks like everybody is on holidays, obviously there are still a lot of companies out there who continue to be active with cold calls and unsolicited mails and letters.

For the month of July, we have counted 35 Active companies of which 10 companies are new.

For a complete list of the active companies from July 2021, please click on the following link:

Active companies July 2021

The main subject of the cold callers keeps on being the supposed court claims and the fact all timeshare consumers can claim and get the money back they paid, or even double the amounts.

It is very worrying to see how so many people are dragged into paying an upfront deposit for services of so-called claims companies and their legal associates, during the zoom meetings with the “consultants”.

If before we warned about going into sales meetings and other meetings in person on holiday and ending up paying money as the consumer felt trapped and was under the impression, they wouldn’t let them out there… now this has moved to the comfort of the home and zoom meetings that last and last hours.

Without wanting to repeat ourselves, we must stress and insist that you should NOT PAY anybody who has approached you on a cold call or through another company or person who cold called you.

Do NOT PAY any money to people that offer you “free advice” and then ask you to pay during a meeting on the computer without giving you time to check the facts and think things over.

Sad enough the “carrot” is no longer the supposed claim through the courts and getting the money back, there is another reason why people end up paying money for these fake services.

There is another FAKE story these companies tell the consumer and this is about the  relinquishment of the timeshare that was never processed or registered and the upcoming debt collectors for years and years of fees plus interest.

Please, if you relinquished your timeshare years ago, we assure you that NOBODY is coming after you for thousands of pounds of outstanding fees.

And if you are not sure if you relinquished (despite not having paid any fees over the past years and not receiving any invoices…) TALK TO YOUR RESORT!

They are the only ones who can clarify this matter with you.

Not a cold calling “claims company” with fake lawyers.

It is really frustrating to see how these people are trapping so many consumers in their webs repeatedly.

And a special warning to all those who have elderly parents with a timeshare, please warn them as these companies seem to be targeting mainly the elderly.

If you received a cold call about your timeshare or holiday ownership, please let us know.

Whoever has called you, we are interested in knowing their name!

Thanks for all the consumers who keep us updated every single day, this is so helpful, and the information is of great value.

Kind regards

Customer Care

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Careful with bogus email from FAKE Manzanarez Abogados!

We have been advised by several consumers about the receipt of an email that has been send out by a company calling themselves Manzanarez Abogados Law Services.

The email, supposedly written by Julie Anne Morris from the Admin department, seems to be targeting consumers who bought into Eze Group many years ago.

The header of the email states the following:


The strange format of the email, the name of the company “Manzanarez Abogados Law Services” and the numerous spelling mistakes in the text, made consumers suspect something isn’t right here.

The email comes from a “Gmail” account which isn’t really the usual practice for a “legal company”. The account is

They certainly try to “confuse” the consumers as they claim to be based in Marbella and have copied an address from a real lawyer’s office with a similar name.

Please be assured that Manzanarez Abogados Law Services is not a genuine company!!

Another thing that has caught our attention is that a very similar, almost identical email was send out not so long ago by another bogus company as well.

If you received the email as described above or anything similar, do let us know.

You can email us at


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Couple jailed in the UK over scam with fake court claims!


It is not every day that we read news like this, although we certainly would like to see this more often!

This week the press made notice of a Stockport couple who defrauded the elderly and vulnerable out of more than £600k in “shocking” scam.

Sean Thompson, 49, and Caroline Preston, 38, duped victims into paying fees for non-existent legal work after wrongly telling them courts in Portugal and Spain had given ‘judgement’ against the notorious Club Class timeshare empire which collapsed in 2012.

They told the victims that the liquidators of the seven businesses collectively known as the ‘Club Class companies‘ were completing the winding up process, and subsequently confirmed investors who paid thousands each would not receive any damages.

Police said Thompson and Preston befriended their victims and even concocted stories about family bereavements before persuading them to transfer money. In total the amount of  £653,674 was defrauded by this couple.

On July 16, Thompson, of Churchill Crescent, Reddish was sentenced at Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court to six years and six months after pleading guilty to fraud and money laundering.

Preston 39, also of Churchill Crescent, Reddish, was sentenced to three years after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing to fraud and money laundering.

If you are approached by telephone, email or any type of communication, from companies or people claiming they can get you a refund, cancel your membership or make you part of a court claim, please DO NOT PAY them any money and let us know!

You can contact us at




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Marketing Advice Centre, calling on behalf of who?

It seems like common practice that there are companies cold calling when the company offering the services is another one. Well, at least they use another company name.

This is also the case with one of the latest cold callers by the name of Marketing Advice Centre.

They cold-call timeshare consumers and ask them about their timeshare and explain that although they might have relinquished in the past, the consumer is still liable for the fees and the resort will come after them for the debt.

A debt which throughout the years must have mounted up to thousands of euros.

But before the consumer enters a panic attack, Marketing Advice Centre offers the solution to this problem!

A professional claims company who can help them with cancelling the membership once and for all, and on top of this claim back the money they paid for the membership.

This supposed “professional” company is “Arbitration Consultants

Indeed, the same company Arbitration Consultants as in our warning which you can read on the following link:

Arbitration Consultants offers the consumer a zoom meeting where they are explained about their problem with the resort and what Arbitration Consultants would charge for their services.

A substantial upfront deposit of £2000 being 20% of £10,000 fee with promise of refund if unable to cancel the timeshare contract within 12 months

Please note that if you relinquished your membership, your resort is NOT coming to chase you for any outstanding debt! If you have not received any notification from the resort about any fee, for sure your relinquishment was processed when they said it was processed and we have not heard of anybody paying debts of close to 10k for past years fees.

In any case, don’t ever let you convince in a zoom meeting of certain problems and services that can solve them, without doing proper research on all the things said in the meeting, and if needed, contact the resort.

There is no such thing as “legal services” that you need to pay there a then without a proper time to think things over and decide if you really want to go ahead with these services.

If you have been contacted by Marketing Advice Centre or any other company that refers you to Zoom meetings with so called “legal advisers”, please do let us know.

You can email us at

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Careful with the FAKE European Central Bank!

Again, we seem to have several fake banks who are cold calling consumers to tell them there is money in their accounts waiting to be transferred into the consumers’ account.

We all know there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but there are fraudsters who think consumers will believe them if they tell them there is close to 100.000 Pounds waiting to be paid out.

This time we are talking about a fake and fraudulent set up, calling themselves the European Central Bank or ECB

The agent “Sanz de Moral” from this ECB- European Central Bank contacts the consumer on a cold call and then reconfirms by email the tail about the money.

The email comes from the following address:

“Thank you for your email communication, Yes we are pleased to confirm 98,500.00 Sterling that comes from various sources and this was paid to several banks in Spain.

We have also contacted the Spanish Authorities Gov.Es in order to complete these transfers please confirm you wish us to assign this to an in-house lawyer who will cover the certificate and verification as all this must be done legally to assure completion of transfer to your account in the UK, you will be assigned the lawyer should you wish to go ahead and you may communicate direct with your assigned lawyer you are required to pay the initial fee to the following who will be assigned to your case:

Lobana Razia Amarir – In house ABG


Ms. Lobana Razia Amarir, a lawyer that cannot be found in any register of lawyers in Spain, asks a fee of close to 1500 Euros for her services, to be paid into her personal bank account in Madrid.

Most worrying is that in the email they actually mention bank account details of the consumer, so they not only got hold of the personal contact details, and the history of having dealt with fraudsters in the past, they also know which bank account they have. Probably because the consumer paid the fraudsters from the past by bank transfer, but really this information should not be in the hands of these kind of scammers!

We cannot stress enough that there is no money waiting anywhere to be paid out! This is IMPOSSIBLE.

Don’t let fraudsters talk you into a new fraud and have you losing even more money!

If you have been approached by these fraudsters, please let us know!



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Interbank and the funds received from the Spanish courts

Another dubious cold caller has popped up out of the blue by the name of Interbank UK

An agent called Maria Tereza Mendez states she is calling from the courts in Madrid. A substantial amount has been awarded to the consumer by the Spanish courts and this money is now waiting at Interbank UK. The money will be released by banker’s draft.

But no cold call is complete if it wasn’t for “unexpected” complications, and indeed there is a complication as well with the straightforward money transfer by Interbank UK.

The cross-border litigation permit from the consumer is missing.  Apparently, the fraudulent company the consumer had been dealing with had received the money, but they did not get the permit for the consumer, and without it they could not release the money.

Luckily Interbank can help! For only £2025 they can arrange for this cross-border litigation permit to be processed.

The consumer will even get an invoice for it, and the money should be paid into a TSB in UK in the name of an individual.

When consumers question the fact the account looks like a personal account, they are being told that this is common practice, to save the company having to pay taxes.

Obviously, the above story is completely FAKE, FRAUDULENT, and made up to get your money for a litigation permit and awarded money that DOES NOT EXIST!

The people calling from Interbank UK are using a UK landline 0203 769 73**

If you received a similar call with a similar story, please DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

Let us know straight away please.

You can email us at


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WDL Services, and the bogus service to obtain a TIE number in Spain

A new cold caller has appeared on the scene by WDL Services.

This company cold calls timeshare consumers and explain to them that the consumer is due money from court claims in Spain.

These supposed claims were against companies that have defrauded the consumer in the past and now WDL Services has been instructed by the Spanish government to liaise with the consumer on how they can obtain the awarded money.

Surprisingly there is no such company as WDL Services, and the email received as a follow up on this call is sent from a Gmail account (!)

The agent on the phone calls herself Patricia Earnshaw, and the number used is a UK landline: 01704 7761XX

On the email or document, they send through there is no company information, no address, no nothing, all you get is the name WDL Services.

Obviously getting the money from this claim is not as straight forward as you would hope. Soon it becomes clear the consumer needs a TIE number and guess what? WDL Services can help you to obtain this!

A service you must pay for of course! Nobody works for free…

Have we heard it all before?

Please, if you get this bogus company WDL Services on the phone, ask them to delete your number from their records and hang up.

If you have been approached already by WDL Services, do let us know.

You can reach us by email at


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Mindtimeshare Active companies for June 2021

Dear Consumer,

Welcome to the Month of July!

As always, we have done a list of active companies from the month before, which in this case is June. With active we mean those companies who approach consumers out of the blue but knowing perfectly well that the consumer owns or owned a timeshare.

This contact can be a cold call but also an email or even a text message.

For June we counted 29 active companies and from those there are 8 new companies, names that we hadn’t heard of before.

For a complete list of these active companies please click on the following link:

Active companies June 2021

Although 29 companies might sound not as much as we have seen in other months or years, it still means that there are 29 companies trying to persuade people to sign up for their services, without the consumer knowing who they are, and worse even, with the consumer being asked to pay a substantial amount upfront.

If before the risk was when consumers traveled to Spain and sat through meetings for hours and ended up to drained that they would sign anything for the sake of being taken back to the hotel, something similar is happening with these “zoom” meetings people are invited to.

Consumers are kindly offered a zoom meeting over the internet to get to know the consultant and discuss the services, etc. But we are hearing more often that such “get to know conversation” is taken up hours and hours. And the meeting is ended when the consumer pays the upfront deposit online with a credit or debit card.

Hours and hours of bombarding of all kinds of information and supposed real facts that are difficult to verify when you are in front of a screen looking somebody in the eyes on the other end.

If you are invited to a zoom meeting, please be careful as they don’t seem to be as innocent and harmless as people think they are.

Of course, you can sit through the meeting, but as with everything else, like the meetings face to face before in sales decks abroad, or the “home sits” of supposed legal consultants on your couch, follow the golden rule and NEVER EVER pay any money there and then.

Listen to the information, take note of names and facts they give you, if possible, record the meeting so you can listen to the content again in your own time and space, verify facts, company names, and allow yourself at least 14 days to think this over.

If after all that you are still convinced you want to take up the services, by all means…

If you have been invited or already went through a zoom meeting and would like to give us feedback or ask us for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our email is

Thanks as always to all those consumers who are alert with any calls, emails or messages they receive and let us know the details.

We couldn’t do this without you!

Customer Care

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Cold caller alert! Fake lawyers from Tenerife: Abogados Halcon

Abogados Halcon are the latest cold callers pretending to be lawyers and offering claims in court, even against a resort that has been liquidated last year.

Abogados Halcon S.A. is cold calling timeshare consumers who had their membership long gone and are certainly not in a position to claim anything.

Still the kind agent from Abogados Halcon is offering a court claim with the possibility of a substantial refund of money through the Spanish courts.

With a bit of research, we found a website which looks extremely familiar.

It has all the looks of the websites used by the FAKE lawyers from Tenerife!

Yes, here we go again, fake lawyers, fake staff, fake registration numbers…. everything fake.

The pictures of the staff and lawyer are taken from Google and the names do not exist.


What is not fake, is their intention to defraud you from your money and continue to ask for more until you realize you are the victim of a big scam.

Contact details for this bogus lawyer’s company are:

  • Spanish land-line 0034 822 684 5**
  • FREEPHONE 0800 066 49**

Please don’t let them tempt you into paying a fee to get the “lawyers” started as there is nothing to start here at all.

These people are a scam, and they have been running this fraud for years now, leaving many consumers behind who lost thousands of Euros. Money transferred into accounts of individuals who vanished, so there is nothing to claim back.

Genuine legal companies do NOT cold call and certainly do not offer help with claims that are no longer possible.

If you have been approached by Abogados Halcon, do let us know.

You can reach us by email at


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The strange email from the Alpha Law Group


This week several timeshare consumers have made us aware of an email they received from a company presenting themselves as the Alpha Law Group.

The email is targeting the timeshare owners of a resort that has been going through an insolvency procedure and Alpha Law Group states this is not the only bad news about the resort.

They also explain in the email that even though the timeshare owner has requested in the past to cancel their membership, even two years later members of the same resort have received a letter from a Spanish solicitor saying they owe staggering amounts.

As Alpha Law Group states: “this has happened time and time again”

But of course, salvation is on its way and Alpha Law Group urges the consumer to contact them as soon as possible, before any further escalations or implications provide obstacles in escaping their ownership.

Please note that your private details are protected under the Data Protection Law and companies such as Alpha Law Groupshould not have this information and certainly not offer their services through an un-solicited email.

Apart from the fact that this story of relinquishing the membership and then being chased for thousands of pounds years later, is a complete lie.

Research shows that the company Alpha Law group was registered at the UK companies in August last year, but the original name of the company was MOUNTAIN SOFTWARE GROUP, and they changed it to Alpha Law Group later.

Software and lawyers seem to be a completely different business.

The website of Alpha Law Group was registered at the end of May 2021, and is full of so many writing errors that one wonders who actually put the text together.

Their email addresses they use are and

Telephone number 012020691**

Please be careful when responding to these kinds of unsolicited emails with offers regarding your timeshare or even about timeshares you owned years ago and relinquished.

If you received an email or call from the Alpha Law Group, do let us know.

You can email us at


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Claim Advice Online, cold caller and the copied website

A new cold caller has come on the scene by the name of Claim Advice Online.

The representative of Claim Advice Online approaches timeshare owners on cold calls but with all the details of the membership at hand.

The story used on the initial call is about legal errors in the timeshare contract from the consumer. Apparently, the resort has made many legal mistakes in the agreement and Claim Advice Online offers to refer the consumer to a lawyer who can assess a claim against the resort and potentially get a big payout.

The cold call is followed up by an email confirming the date and time for a zoom meeting in order to assess the claim.

The consumer will receive a brief call from the compliance department at the agreed time, before the appointment can go ahead.

The email sent out from is signed by Ms. Freya Ward

The website  looks very familiar though and a quick search through other cold calling companies shows us an identical web for the company Referral Consultancy.

Not only have they copied the amount of “referred” cases and claims done, but also the testimonial of “Mrs. J Fothergill from Swindon” who is so pleased with the services of both companies?

Please note that cold calls are not to be trusted. There is no valid explanation for a company or individual to be in possession of your personal details and certainly it is even stranger if the cold call comes from a company pretending to be a legal company or working closely to legal professionals.

If you have been contacted by Claim Advice Online, please do let us know.

You can email us at


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What about the services from Arbitration Consultants in Tenerife?


On a daily basis we receive emails from consumers asking us about the different companies and if they are trustworthy.

That is how we ran into Arbitration Consultants.

This company was registered a couple of years ago in Tenerife and they have selected as their business activity related to Leisure and Culture. (Ocio & Cultura)

Arbitration Consultants approaches consumers with information about their possibility to do a claim against their resort. And they also provide a cancellation service for those consumers who relinquished the membership years ago, as Arbitration Consultants states the resorts are chasing up the consumers for thousands of Pounds outstanding fees.

Mind you, nobody has ever heard of any consumer who really was chased up for fees after relinquishing their membership, but it certainly works to scare consumers and make them pay for a service they don’t need.

After the initial call the consumer is offered a zoom meeting in order to go through all the issues and services.

The agent talking through the meeting is Paul Fowler and his telephone is 07778 5925**.

The Compliance Officer is Jennifer Taylor uses a Spanish number 0034 822 6802** and her email address is

Arbitration Consultants refers the consumers to a legal company called Tranquilitas Legal Consultancy.

A company mentioned before in connection with Aegis Direct and J Foster Associates

The telephone number for Tranquilitas is 0800 920 24** and the email address used:

In the Contract provided by Arbitration Consultants their services provided are “Guaranteed legal timeshare termination”

All terms we heard before and certainly nothing to do with a refund claim through Spanish courts or something that needs the intervention of a legal professional. Worse even, if you already relinquished the timeshare before you don’t need to do anything at all and certainly not pay some cold callers who come up with scary stories of debts and money chasing.

If you have been approached by Arbitration Consultants, please do let us know. Or maybe you have been referred to Tranquilitas Legal Consultants by this or another company.

We do want to hear from you so please send us an email to

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