Active companies in the month of April 2021

Dear Consumer,

Please find the latest numbers on active companies in the month of April 2021.

There have been 37 active companies of which 6 companies are new names on the list. With active we mean those companies who approach consumers by unsolicited emails and telephone calls.

For a complete list of the active companies please click on the following link:

Mindtimeshare Active companies April 2021

Please always be very wary of those companies calling you and knowing a lot about your dealings with bogus or fraudulent companies in the past. Nobody should really know about this, unless you provided this information to them.

When you have been defrauded, most of the time all you want is make thing right again. Put things straight. Preferably recovering the money without too much hassle and with the less people knowing about this. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bogus companies out there who play with the feelings of defrauded consumers.

Promising a speedy recovery of money, and receiving all the money back and even more, sounds like a gift from heaven. But please, do not fall for these “fraud recovery frauds”

More information:

Once more we also have to highlight and insist about the calls people are receiving from so-called mediation and claims companies who state that although the consumer has cancelled / relinquished their timeshare years ago, they are still liable for the fees. Consumers are scared with stories about the resorts coming after the consumers for thousands of pounds of outstanding fees. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

If you are no longer an owner, NOBODY will come after you and chase you for money.

If you receive a cold call or an email related to your timeshare membership, please let us know.

Don’t jump into zoom meetings where they keep you for 2 hours looking at a screen and ending up exhausted which is the moment, they will be asking for a deposit payment there and then.

Any doubt you have, any company you have been talking to and their services seem far too good to be true, please let us know.

Doing your homework is important and do take your time to think things over.

If a company offers you their services but doesn’t leave you time to do your homework or simply have some time to reconsider if you want to go ahead, than you should not take up the services!

Customer Care –

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Has Luxus Development contacted you for a timeshare resale?

A new bogus resale company was brought to our attention under the name Luxus Development supposedly based in New York and London.

Luxus Development contacts French speaking Timeshare owners by cold calling and telling them a story about a corporate buyer they already have on hold, keen on buying their weeks, and the price offered is of course above the current market price.

The company that is supposed to buy timeshare weeks is  Charter Queen, a company based in Hong Kong.

This is all a lie!

The timeshare owner is asked for an upfront payment.

Luxus Development sends the consumer a copy of a (fake) resale contract and they claim money for resale rights and land registration.

Contact person at Luxus Development is Steve Hardford.

Please note that cold calling companies obviously got your contact details and membership details through an illegal source!… they are not trustworthy!

Please contact us by e-mail

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Avez Luxus Development contacter vous de vendre votre temps partagé à Charter Queen basé á Hong Kong?

Une nouvelle société de revente bidon a été portée à notre attention sous le nom de Luxus Development soi-disant basé à New York et London.

Luxus Development contacts multipropriété parlant français propriétaires par appel à froid et leur raconter une histoire au sujet d’un acheteur d’entreprise qu’ils ont déjà en attente, vif sur l’achat de leurs semaines, et le prix offert est bien sur le prix de marché actuel.

La société qui étaient censés acheter les semaines à temps partagé est Charter Queen, mais le fait est que cette société ne sait rien de tout cela.

Le propriétaire de temps partagé est demandé un paiement.

Luxus Development envoie au consommateur une copie d’une (fausse) contrat de revente et ils réclament de l argent pour les droits de revente et l inscription au cadastre.

Personne du contact de Luxus Development, cet Steve Harford.

Veuillez noter que les entreprises qui vous appellent sans vous demander un appel, ils ont évidemment obtenu vos coordonnées et les détails d’adhésion par le biais d’une source illégale et s’elles vous offrent une garantie de revente demandant de se rendre à un autre pays et payer des frais initiaux … elles ne sont pas dignes de confiance!

S’il vous plaît nous contacter par e-mail ou laissez votre commentaire ici sur notre blog, et nous prendrons contact avec vous.


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Will the Timeshare-Helper really offer help?

The latest cold caller goes by the name of Timeshare Helper.

This company is cold calling timeshare consumers and offers a “free advise” home visit, in order to help the timeshare consumer with a possible claim against their resort.

Timeshare helper has a website where they explain to the visitor that they help with finding a way out from the timeshare.

Looking a bit closer at the information provided on the website it becomes clear that there isn’t really a lot about the company at all.

First of all, there is a complete lack of company identification. There is no Company Registration, no company address, not even a telephone number!

All the consumers will find is a contact form to fill in without any privacy policy.

The link to their privacy policy on the bottom is also quite strange. When you read through it, the supposed questions and answers do not make a lot of sense.

For example: Who we share your data with?

If you request a password reset, your IP address will be included in the reset email.

Maybe they weren’t expecting any body to click on this link?

The website was registered on the 26th of November 2020, that is just 5 months ago. Still there are numerous “testimonials” from happy consumers. Sounds like a very “quick” service.

The Telephone number given by the agent that cold calls is: 01216302276

If you received an offer for “help” from the please let us know.

You can email us at

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Judy A Garside, Henry Fernandez Legislator and Juzgado de 1ª instancia.

More fake people to name and shame, so the victims can still turn to us for more information and help.

The above-mentioned people are all in the same scam. The scam of the Tenerife lawyers, the supposed court claim and all the money awarded out of the blue to a group of consumers.

Judy A Garside is a name used for somebody supposedly writing from the FCA the Financial Conduct Authority.

Yes, you are reading this right, the fraudsters won’t leave a stone unturned to try and convince the victim that they are more than “real”.

Judy Garside is using an email address:

In her email she is asking a 2% over the supposed awarded amount in order to send this by international banking to the consumers’ account.

Judy Garside mentions that this is all confirmed by the “Trustee” Mrs. Caroline Merrick.

In order to make it look even more official she encloses an invoice for this 2% rate the on a document with a logo of the Juzgado de 1ª Instancia nº 5 in Tenerife.

The logo can be taken from the internet and again, all this is done to cheat the consumer and make them think it is all official.

Last but not least, the person confirming the receipt of the money and the one that supposedly does the transfer to the consumer is using the name of Henry Fernandez who signs with his title as Senior Court Funds Official.

Needless to say, that the consumers never ever received this transfer….

If you had dealings with any of the above people or entities, please let us know.

You can write to


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Beware of the cold calls from the FAKE Cabrera Ayala Lawyers!

A new bogus company has been brought to our attention. They are using the name of Cabrera Ayala Abogados and pretend to be based in Madrid.

It looks like they took the name of a genuine lawyer, and set up their own website, pretending this lawyer is connected to this company. That is NOT true!

But this FAKE lawyer’s company with website is certainly not genuine.

The web was registered in May 2020 and they took the domain for only 1 year which seems strange for a company that states they have been around for many years.

Email address is

The website is available only in English which seems quite strange for such a Spanish company and there is a complete lack of company information. There is no Company Registration, no lawyer’s details on the web itself, no privacy policy, nothing!

Mind you the only names they mention are surnames, not even full names of the supposed lawyers.

A cold call is received from an agent of this (fake) lawyers’ company, and they explain they are doing claims against resorts and also cancellations of memberships.

In their paperwork, they ask for the personal details of the consumer in order to get their claim paid out.

Obviously, the next step will be a fee to be able to get the money into their account.

Please note that there is no such thing as a lawyer’s company Cabrera Ayala in Madrid and specialized only in Timeshare cases.

If you received a call or an email from the FAKE company Cabrera Ayala Abogados, offering you a claim against your resort, please do let us know.

You can contact us at

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Areios Pagos, old scam, new cold calls

With some companies we don’t have to be careful with using the word scam, as there is really no other word to describe them.

This happens with the fake company Areios Pagos and the Greek or Hellenic Court.

We posted a warning about them in 2017, but through the past years they keep on popping up and they keep on telling the same incredible story.

The article we posted back in 2017 you can read on the following link:

The story they keep on telling is about the money recovered in Greece from a fraudulent company in Spain who transferred the money they took from the consumer to Greece and now the Greek authorities have blocked the money and are paying this to the victims.

We are not sure how they are getting away with this ridiculous story, but we can only imagine they must be very convincing on the phone, and they seem to prey especially on elderly people who do not always have the tools to do their research.

The documents they send in their emails which are send from are full of stamps and official looking logos.

They also include a document in Greek and a supposed translation.

Please note that THIS IS A SCAM!

There is no such thing as recovered money and certainly not in Greece something you paid in Spain or the UK.

Areios Pagos also uses a “free-phone” number which is 08000418139

The emails are signed by Vasilis Axarlis.

Please do NOT pay these people!

If you received calls or emails from this fraud company Areios pagos, please let us know.

You can email us at


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Mindtimeshare Active Companies March 2021

Dear Consumer,

The Month of March has finalized, and a new list of active companies has been put together with the help of the information received from concerned consumers.

This month of March 2021 we have counted 36 active companies, who have been calling and/or emailing consumers with offers related to their holiday membership.

8 of these companies are new names on the list.

Apart from this we have attached the 9 names of other new companies that have been active prior to March 2021, but who certainly need to be named as they have taken a lot of money from innocent consumers.

All of these companies / individuals belonging to the FAKE Lawyers set up in Tenerife.

For a complete list of company’s names please click on the following link:

Mindtimeshare Active companies March 2021

Please, we cannot insist enough, do not engage with cold callers.

Nobody should have your personal details about where you are a member, where you purchased a membership or which fraudulent company you paid in the past.

That is very sensible information, and there is no such thing as lists you can look into with names and details of timeshare owners, or Spanish courts asking lawyer companies to contact consumers out of the blue and telling them they have money waiting in a frozen bank account.

Another very serious issue as well are the calls from the “claims companies” or companies pretending to be working alongside with genuine legal companies who are 100% successful with claims against resorts.

Genuine legal professionals do NOT use cold callers!

Then there is this story about resorts chasing after the members who have relinquished their membership years ago.

Cold callers are telling consumers they will still be liable for the fees, for as much as they terminated the membership with the resort, and they will be chased for thousands of Pounds. Of course, the cold calling “claims” mediator can help the consumer to definitely cancel the membership and avoid the fat bill of outstanding fees from the resort, all you need to do is pay around 6000 pounds…upfront!

Please, think twice before paying anybody! And especially if we are talking about companies who in some way got in contact with you through an unsolicited call or email.

There is no harm in doing your homework. It’s your money!

If you have been approached by any company with offers related to your timeshare membership, please do let us know.

You can email us at

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Did you pay any of these fake notaries in Tenerife?

Recently we are receiving a lot of information about the continuous fraud of the fake lawyers in Tenerife, and the different “company” names they have used to take money from innocent consumers.

They are not really companies, as the names are all fake and most of the times linked directly to the bank account holder where the consumer has to pay the fees.

Fees of all kinds, legal fees, taxes, stamp duty, embargoes; any fee will do as long as the consumer keeps on paying.

There are different fake notaries that haven’t been mentioned yet on our blog and that is why we want to name and shame them in this warning.

They might be gone; their bank account might be closed at this stage or the account holder maybe even left Tenerife. But we need to name them so the victims can do a step forward in order to find help.

Marco Bryan Hilden

FAKE and FRAUDULENT notary that is taking the “claim” of the consumer forward.

Person passing the details of this notary to the consumer is the supposed agent of CUC Abogados.

Documents are sent from

There is no email from the notary or contact details other than a complete fake office address in Tenerife.

Abril Joanna Witersch

FAKE and FRAUDULENT notary charging notary fees in order to continue the claim of the consumer.

The details and bank account of this FAKE notary are passed to the consumer by the fake lawyers company called Orebandel.

Emails received from

Elinabella Morato Oneda

Another FAKE and FRAUDULENT notary, non-existing in Tenerife or Spain and using fake address details.

Documents and bank details are sent from the email which belongs to the fake lawyers Orebandel.

Anybody who has been in contact with any of the above-mentioned companies or individuals, should let us know.

You can contact us at


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Who is Timeshare Support Centre or the people behind them?

There is this cold caller that seems to be very active, Timeshare Support Centre.

Calls out of the blue from nice and plausible agents, with far too much information about you and your timeshare than you could wish for, and an attractive offer to claim money back.

Sounds familiar? Of course! The calls from Timeshare Support Centre don’t sound very different from the calls of other cold calling claims companies.

But Timeshare Support Centre doesn’t really go any further and beyond that initial cold call.

As soon as they capture the interest of the consumer about a possibility of a claim, they make an appointment for a zoom meeting in order to discuss things further with a “legal advisor”.

But surprise, surprise! When the consumer enters the zoom meeting, they are presented with an agent working for the company Aegis Direct.

Yes indeed, the real offer is from Aegis Direct about whom we already posted a warning.

This warning you can read on the following link:

Research shows that there is no such company in Spain or UK, registered by the name of Timeshare Support Centre.

There is no website, they don’t send any emails out and all you really got is their telephone number 01244 722296

If you wonder why they would use the name of Timeshare Support Centre when in reality you are going to talk to Aegis Direct, your guess is as good as ours.

Bottomline is you should be cautious with any cold caller and subsequent companies that are recommended by such cold callers.

If you received the call from Timeshare Support Centre let us know.

You can contact us at



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Have you paid to Flanagans Spanish Notary Services?

We have received information of several scam companies who have been active over the past year and who have taken money from innocent consumers.

The first one we want to “name and shame” is a company called Flanagans Spanish Notary Services.

This company appears on the scene after the consumer has been communicating with Orebandel Jurados y Notarios.

Not so long ago we posted a warning as well about Orebandel, which you can read on the following link:

Flanagans Notary Services is a completely FAKE company.

The person who sends the correspondence from Flanagans Notary Services is a woman called Tara Flanagans.

But there is another name mentioned: Ezequiel Marino Todoro and Mateo Corce Oran.


Contact details are an email:

If you have been in contact with Flanagans Notary or any of the people mentioned above, do let us know.

You can reach us at


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Beware of Norris Serve and the Notary Services!

We have been alerted about two very dubious set ups that seem to be emailing and calling consumers with very strange stories and asking for money.

The initial contact is made by a man called James Watson from the company Norris Serve in Malaga.

He claims that Norris Serve in association with the Notary Services can recover money which is frozen in a Spanish bank account to be paid out to the victims of Regency Shores / Eze group.

If the consumer wants to recover the money, they paid to Regency Shores they are explained that they need to pay certain notary fees (Settlement fees) to release this money.

These fees exceed the £2000 and this needs to be paid into the notary account which turns out to be the bank account of an individual.

And in 7 working days the consumer will receive the recovered money into his account.

The accountant sending the invoice is called Christian Webber.

The contact details of Norris Serve and their Notary office are email:

Telephone: 0034 604120514

Address: Calle Hilera planta 5 2a 29007 Malaga

Please note that this is all a fraud!

There are no such companies as Norris Serve or Notary Services and neither is there money “frozen” in Spanish bank accounts to be paid back to the victims of Regency Shores, Eze group or any other Holiday Club.

If you have been approached by James Watson or any other individual with a story like the one described above, Norris Serve or Notary Services, please let us know.

You can contact us at


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Did you receive the email from Scudamore Law Services?

A very strange email has been brought to our attention. This email is supposedly from a company called Scudamore Law Services with offices in Madrid and Bristol.

There are several things that raise the alarm bells when reading the email.

First of all, the email seems to be in breach with the GDPR rulings as the consumers who received this email do not know who this Scudamore Law Services is and they did not ask for any information.

The person writing the email presents herself as Karen Pontin and from what she writes it looks like the email is targeting Eze group members, people who purchased from Eze or Regency Shores.

In the long email, Karen Pontin explains: The majority of the work that we do is for The High Court in Madrid…they are holding a list of all Eze Group members and this is how we come by your contact were listed as members of Eze Group, Regency Shores Holdings SL.​

Well, this is not how things work and no, not just any legal company receives a list of the alleged victims of a company and contact them when the money is already there to refund.

Karen Pontin from Scudamore Law Services assures the consumer that everybody can claim, and not only that, she adds in bold red: ***WE GUARANTEE YOUR REFUND 100%***

Wow, that sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

And not only will the Eze Group claimants receive their money back, but they can also add another 10% on top of that.

Interested consumers can communicate by email, because that is the communication-method they prefer at Scudamore Law Services.

Lawyers who only want to communicate by email?

And the email address is: yes, a Gmail!

Karen Pontin actually gives the consumer a very valuable advice as well in the email:

We are well aware of the many Scammers operating on the Eze Group case and Others​ …please be aware and be vigilant!



Last but not least, there seems to be an urgency in answering Karen Pontin as now there are only 7 days left to claim.  Why did she not write sooner?

Please note that the email received does not really imply a lot of confidence and we recommend extreme caution as it doesn’t seem to be clear at all where this email comes from!

100% guaranteed claims, emails out of the blue from people who seem to know all about your dealings with Eze group, and the need to reply straight away because if not you will lose out…it just doesn’t sound very trustworthy!

If you received an email from Karen Pontin or any other person claiming to be working for a company called Scudamore Law Services and telling you that there is money waiting to be paid out…

Please let us know!

You can contact us at



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Beware of cold caller (fake) Larios Cinco Abogados

A new cold caller with fake stories about awarded money has been brought to our attention and they are using the name of Larios Cinco.

The initial cold call is received from a man called Daniel Fuller, who presents himself as an agent from the company Larios Cinco.

This man is calling from a Spanish mobile number 0034 672530964

He explains that the purpose of the call is to make the consumer aware that he has been awarded a substantial amount of money following some ruling in the Malaga High court.

Unknown to the consumer, he seemed to be part of a “Class Action” against a holiday company with over hundreds of other victims/claimants and the court awarded each victim around 15.000 Pounds.

In order to get the awarded money transferred to the consumers’ account, the agent from Larios Cinco asks if the consumer has received the documents that he needs to sign.

If the consumer did not receive anything, Mr. Fuller assures they will send out another email with the electronic version of the documents.

But the agent of Larios Cinco also explains another issue which needs to be solved.

Apparently, there is an Embargo by the Spanish Government, and the consumer needs to call the Malaga High court on another Spanish mobile number 0034 611351717 and ask for Peter. This Peter works in the “Expat” office and he will explain everything about the “Embargo”

The story doesn’t finish there as more calls are received by the consumers from the same set up. A Mr. Robert Cook also contacts the consumer with a story about being the head of accounts and the person who will verify the documents and organize the money transfer.

Although after all these calls and overload of information they haven’t asked for any money yet, it certainly becomes clear where this is leading to.

Keeping in mind that there are no Class Actions at all in Spain and certainly nobody gets money awarded just out of the blue without even knowing they were part of a court claim.

That is ridiculous!

So, for as much as they want to make this appear a genuine story with all kinds of employees involved in the pay out to the consumer, don’t let these calls blind you!

If you receive calls from Larios Cinco or any cold call about awarded money you were not expecting, please let us know.

You can reach us at


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Did you receive an unsolicited call or email from Timeshare

A new company has been brought to our attention as they are sending out some very strange emails.

This company is called Timeshare Consultants and they claim to have offices in both Spain and UK.

The email message received from  is as follows:

Dear xxxxx 

I am writing to inform you that we are currently holding compensation that has been rewarded to you, to the amount of £28,990.00. Your compensation has now passed all security checks, we have now been given authorisation to release it from our accounts and finance team. In order for me to release your funds today, you must pay our overseas tax fee which is 10% of your compensation (£2,899.00). Once this has been confirmed by our agent we will release your monies immediately. 

Kind regards Peter Nixon 

0203 769 3071 

Obviously, it is impossible that any money is awarded to you if you never actively joined a court claim, which needs an appointed lawyer to act on your behalf and the documented evidence that indeed you have been defrauded.

There is no such thing as court claims or class actions done and then the victims are being notified out of the blue and can just collect the “awarded money”

The website mentioned in the email was registered on 13th of January 2021 and is due to expire in 12 months. 

There are actually no company registration details on the website which constitutes a lack of transparency.

Email Address:

If initial contact with Timeshare Consultants was unsolicited, a cold call or email out of the blue, it should certainly be treated with caution. Your personal data cannot be obtained without your permission, so there should be a clear explanation from them on how they obtained these details.

If you have been speaking to any of the agents of Timeshare Consultants or maybe you received a similar email as the one copied above, please let us know.

You can contact us at


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Who paid money to Armando Orebandel Jurados y Notarios?

Sometimes consumers have been defrauded but it takes them some time to actually realize this. But that doesn’t mean that the fraud they have fallen for wasn’t a vile scam which left them out of pocket.

We are now receiving inquiries from concerned consumers who paid certain set ups in the past and never heard anything back, and they are now at the stage that they know it was all a scam.

One of these set-ups were the fake lawyers from Tenerife. The group of numerous companies with fake names and fake claims, supposed awarded money that never reached the victims and thousands of euros paid into fake lawyers and notary accounts.

One of the last active fake notaries was Armando Orebandel Jurados y Notarios.       A company that doesn’t not exist and nobody by the name of Armando Orebandel is a registered notary in Tenerife or Spain.

They even went to the trouble to create a website in order to give it all a more credible image;  The web is no longer available.

Names used in the documentation send off by the offices of Armando Orebandel Jurados y Notarios were Caroline Merrick, Simone Nando Martinez, Ramon Quentin Cansal or Adam Antonio Ugray.

Email address used:

This is not a warning about  Orebandel Jurados y Notarios cold calling or contacting you now. We do realize they have vanished or at least they are no longer acting under these names.

But we do want to hear from you, the consumer that has been defrauded by these people.

If you spoke to Armando Orebandel Jurados y Notarios or any of their supposed employees / associates in the past, and worse even, if you paid them, please let us know.

Our contact email is

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Did you receive an (unsolicited) email from Timeshare Word?

We have received from various consumers an inquiry about a website called Timeshare Word.

The first contact is through an email, and they mention the following:” You are receiving this email because you opted in via our website”

Still, none of the consumers who contacted us seem to recall having opted for this through any website at all.

In the email they invite the consumer to visit their website as they provide information for when their resort closes down, how to claim back maintenance fees or claiming through the courts.

The website shows different articles on the front page and then they have tabs for who they are, resale services etc.

There is a tab for their “competition” which as they explain has at the moment a different prize due to the covid restrictions, but in the future, they will give away “accommodation in a luxury resort”.

One of the rules to join the competition is:

  1. You must own a timeshare product. Proof of ownership will need to be provided in order to claim your prize.

So, they set up a blog for timeshare owners who want to exit, sell or claim but their competition can only be entered if you own a timeshare.

Why would that be? Are there any other terms and conditions attached to the “luxury accommodation?”

The website was actually registered in September 2020 and they only took out the domain registration for 1 year.

Timeshare Word is not a registered company and they present themselves as a non-profit Organisation created by timeshare owners in order to help owners understand what is going on in the timeshare world.

Let’s see how this evolves over time.

If you have contacted Timeshare Word for any of their services, we would really like to have your feedback.

You can contact us at

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Who are the people behind Timeshare Registration Office?

We are receiving inquiries from concerned consumers about cold calls from people claiming to be calling on behalf of the Timeshare Registration Office.

Although this might sound “official”, in reality the name raises our eyebrows straight away as there is no such thing as an office where all timeshare is registered.

Neither is there a company registered by the name of Timeshare Registration Office.

Most of the calls are coming from the number 01246891100 but some people mentioned different numbers from the Chesterfield area.

The agents calling from this so-called office are offering claims assessments and cancellation procedures, but it becomes soon clear that it isn’t them who are going to deliver these services.

Soon as they notice the slightest interest of the consumer, they divert them to a company in Mallorca and they are keen to arrange a zoom meeting.

This seems to be a way around the fact that cold calling should not be admitted for offering legal services, and the claims companies not wanting to be classed as cold callers.

Although cold calls on itself are not illegal, they are breaching the law when the caller is not really “cold” calling. Companies such as The Timeshare Registration Offices are consciously targeting the consumer as they seem to have private details from the consumers such as contact details, where they own their timeshare etc.

That information is not open to anybody and is exactly the information that is protected by the Data Protection Law!

So, using client information which has not been provided by the consumer, is in breach with the law.

Any claims/legal company accepting clients who have been approached on cold calls, are therefor in breach with this law as well.

This can actually be reported with the government and any company involved in offering services through cold calls, even if they are the second in line or maybe third, should be reported.

Mindtimeshare will be assisting consumers who want to report companies that cold call them and obviously are in breach with the Law on Data Protection.

If you have received a cold call as well from the Timeshare Registration Office or any other company offering you services regarding your timeshare and holding your private information, please let us know.

You may contact us at

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Have you been speaking to Referral Consultancy about “walking away” from your Timeshare?

A new cold calling company has appeared under the name of Referral Consultancy.

The agent from Referral Consultancy, Julie Diarra informs the consumer about their service on a No Win No Fee basis, that can enable the consumer to “walk away” from their Timeshare Ownership.

Once the consumer has shown his interest in this service, the agent from Referral Consultancy confirms the details in a follow up email.

In this email Referral Consultancy states they will endeavor to arrange a no win no fee claim for the consumer. This will be done by creating a viability report based on the copies of the documents the consumer needs to forward to them.

The documents are required in order to be able to identify jurisdiction.

The win no fee claim they offer is depending on creation of this Viability report for their legal partners so they can get confirmation that they will take case on this basis.
They reckon the process can be as quick as 3 months or as long as 2 years. This depends on jurisdiction and membership.

Referral Consultancy assures the consumer that they will not take a claim on unless they know it will be won.

When doing a bit more research about this company we found their website which was registered at the beginning of February 2021. That is just 1 month old!

On this website they call themselves “claims validators” and “brokers”, people who will put you in contact with UK Lawyers.

Amazingly they display a number of clients they referred in 2019, which surely must be a typo if they only have been around since February this year. And they also have testimonials from happy customers, and all that in 1 month.

Contact details on the web:

Telephones: Tel: (+44) 121314**82 / WhatsApp: (+44) 7443**1248

Email address:

There is no company address or any other company details on display.

There is no privacy statement, so by filling in your contact details there is no guarantee where these details might end up.

If you have been talking to Referral Consultancy, we would like to have your feedback.

You can contact us at


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Have you received any calls from Key to Paradise?

After a year in which travel got more and more difficult, it was to be expected that the so-called Fly buy operators would cease their calls and business.

But with a ray of light on the horizon for this summer and after, the first calls from these fly buy companies have appeared again.

The latest one is Key to Paradise.

On their website they describe themselves as follows: “KEY TO PARADADISE provides its members with exclusive luxury travel concierge services and resorts in the most luxurious and exotic destinations on earth.”

The contact details on their website give an address in Tenerife: Calle del Castillo 14, 38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

But their company registration from September 2020 provides an address in Alfas del pi, which is in Alicante. That’s far away from Tenerife!

Their email address is a Gmail account:

Telephone +34 966 941 755 which is an area code of Alicante as well.

On their web, they also present their team of happy smiling employees, Sara Jones the client manager, Tim Woods the bookings manager and Mark White the entertainments manager. The pictures shown of these people are pictures taken from the Google picture database and used on hundreds of other websites. These people on the pictures are certainly not involved in your holidays!

There is no privacy statement on the web from Key to Paradise, so by entering your contact details you don’t know where these will end up.

Neither are there any Terms and Conditions for any of the holiday packages they offer.

Back to the services they offer, they are calling consumers and offer a holiday accommodation package for just 199 Pounds. In some of the calls they even mention about previous companies that approached the consumer and sold them similar packages.

Please remember that cold callers are never to be taken lightly. It is not normal that a company you don’t know, has all the information about you, your name and the holiday-packages you might have purchased in the past. That is personal information and that is strictly protected by law.

It is also stipulated by law that you should be made aware of all terms and conditions prior to buying into any package.

If you received a holiday offer from Key to Paradise, please let us know.

You can contact us at


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