Did you have contact with somebody from Tenerife Experts or A and L Services?

Over the past years, we have received very worrying inquiries from consumers who have been in contact with a company called A & L Services

Steward Davis presents himself as working for a company called A&L Services or ASL

This company offered timeshare consumers claims through the Spanish courts in order to recuperate the money they paid to a company called Carpe Diem.

The consumer was informed the company ceased trading and the duped members could claim back the money through the Spanish courts. The consumers on the phone were assured that A&L services had already successfully recovered the money for several others in the same situation.

In order to get the claim up and running Initially, they asked for £375.00 and a further £375.00 once the claim was completed.

But things escalated quickly from there and after paying these initial admin fees the consumers were asked for more and more money.

Based on (false) court documentation the consumers were informed about the thousands of pounds they had been awarded through the court, but then a tax charge came up.

In order to avoid the charge, the consumer was requested to do another payment so Steward Davis could process the paperwork.

From there on the consumers have been contacted over the years with other charges such as Legal fees, Notary fees, bank fees, procurator fees, etc. etc.

Although Stewart Davies started off with telling the consumers he worked for A&L Services, over the years he changed the company names to

Overseas Claims, Overseas Finance and Exports and Overseas Trade and Finances all based in Tenerife.

Telephone numbers used by Stewart Davis are 08458620791 y 34 604 28 90 26

Other companies involved in this set up are Tenerife Experts and Servicios Legales.

Names involved are among others, Luke Heeley, Ray Brookes, Craig, Miguel and Maureen

Company details: A & L Services Website: http://www.aandlservices.com a website created in September 2011 and although still there, it does not show any updates since 2011. The address shown on the web is: Behind Hotel Vulcano, Local 16, Playa de las Américas, 38660, Arona, Tenerife, Spain Telephone 0845 8620 117 and Email info@aandlservices.com

Company details: Tenerife Consultants & Experts S.L.U.  Same address as A & L Services, Telephone: 0845 8621 876  Website: www.tenerifeexperts.com  (no longer there) E-Mail: admin@tenerifeexperts.com

Company details; Servicios legales,  Address: Centro de Negocios, Maixa Executive Suites, Golf del Sur, San Miguel de Abona, 25295 Tenerife.  Telephone: 08458620117 Email: admin@legalservicesdepartment.com  There is no website.

We are publishing all these details because there are still consumers who are holding on to the messages of Stewart Davis and Craig, etc. who continuously keep on promising the money will be transferred into the consumers account if they pay another charge….

We are talking here about consumers who have lost so far a substantial amount of money and we do not exclude the possibility that there are other victims out there.

If any of the above-mentioned names ring a bell, or you have been dealing with them, please let us know.

This could be recent dealing or maybe of some time ago, but we are interested in your feedback.

If you are one of those consumers who are waiting for the substantial payout through the courts with the help of Steward Davies, please don’t pay a penny more! And contact us urgently!


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Avez Girni Real Estate contacter vous de vendre votre temps partagé à Aegan Airlines?


Une nouvelle société de revente bidon a été portée à notre attention sous le nom de Girni Real Estate soi-disant basé à Athenes, Grece.

Girni Real Estate contacts multipropriété parlant français propriétaires par appel à froid et leur raconter une histoire au sujet d’un acheteur d’entreprise qu’ils ont déjà en attente, vif sur l’achat de leurs semaines, et le prix offert est bien sur le prix de marché actuel.

La société qui étaient censés acheter les semaines à temps partagé est Aegan Airlines. avecreprésentant Panagiotis Choumbvalis, mais le fait est que cette société ne sait rien de tout cela.

Le propriétaire de temps partagé est demandé un paiement.

Girni Real Estate envoie au consommateur une copie d’une (fausse) contrat de revente et ils réclament de l argent pour les droits de revente et l inscription au cadastre.

Ils envoient même une copie (FAUX) de l’enregistrement à la mairie où est basée la société de vacances.

Coordonnées de Girni Real Estate:

Email: dm.girnirealestate@gmail.com

Téléphone +30 21 11989205

Représentant égal: Daniel Mouret

Veuillez noter que les entreprises qui vous appellent sans vous demander un appel, ils ont évidemment obtenu vos coordonnées et les détails d’adhésion par le biais d’une source illégale et s’elles vous offrent une garantie de revente demandant de se rendre à un autre pays et payer des frais initiaux … elles ne sont pas dignes de confiance!

S’il vous plaît nous contacter par e-mail customercare@mindtimeshare.com ou laissez votre commentaire ici sur notre blog, et nous prendrons contact avec vous.


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Has Girni Real Estate cold called and offered to sell your timeshare to Aegan Airlines?

A new bogus resale company was brought to our attention under the name of Girni Real Estate supposedly based in Athens, Greece.

Girni Real Estate contacts French-speaking timeshare owners by cold calling and tells them a story about a corporate buyer they already have on hold, keen on buying their weeks, and the price offered is of course above the current market price.

The company that is supposed to buy timeshare weeks is Aegan Airlines, with a Mr. Panagiotis Choumbvalis as the representative. This is all a lie!

The timeshare owner is asked for payment.

Girni Real Estate sends the consumer a copy of a (fake) resale contract and they claim money for resale rights and land registration. They even send a false copy of the registration at the town hall where the holiday company is based.

Contact details for Girni Real Estate:

Email: dm.girnirealestate@gmail.com

Telephone +30 21 11989205

Equal Representative: Daniel Mouret

Please note that cold calling companies obviously got your contact details and membership details through an illegal source!… they are not trustworthy!

Please contact us by e-mail customercare@mindtimeshare.com or fill in the CONTACT form


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Claim Support Line, the cold calling brokers offering legal services.

A new company by the name of Claim Support Line have started their call campaign since the beginning of June.

The agent from Claim Support Line presents the company as “brokers” who will find the appropriate lawyer for the consumer.

There is no explanation on where they obtained your personal and private information, with view on the GDPR Regulations.

The company Claim Support Line has a website http://www.claimsupportline.co.uk which was registered on the 9th of February this year. So they only have been around for about 6 months.

The domain name has been purchased for 1 year only, which seems to be strange as well for a company as normally they would take a domain for at least 3 to 5 years.

The actual website lacks all kind of information, and most important it lacks company information such as Companies House registration number which they are obligated to display. We searched at Companies House and were unable to find them registered.

Their address at 450 Brook Drive Green Park, Reading, RG2 6UU seems to be a virtual address.

Contact details are their telephone number 01183914996 or a contact form on the web, where there is no privacy statement.

There is no email address.

We cannot insist enough that cold calling is not a good sign, as this means the company doing these calls is in breach of the law, the data protection law.

Personal details, and membership details are not open to just anybody who wants to promote their business or refer you to a third party.

UK Solicitors registered with the SRA are not supposed to take on clients through cold calls, or use third party companies that cold call either.

If Claim Support Line has contacted you already from 0118 391 4996 we would like to hear from you.



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Did you receive a call from Timeshare Advice Help Line?

Latest cold caller is Timeshare Advice Help Line or Timeshare Advice Line.

The agent from Timeshare Advice Help Line contacts the timeshare owners about helping them to get out of my Timeshare agreements.

The cold calling agent claims they are an independent company and work on a no win no fee agreement.

All they need to do to get the consumers case assessed is passing their details on to a Solicitor who then assesses if they have claim.

On their website https://timeshareadviceline.co.uk they mention that in the event they believe the consumer has a genuine claim for compensation, they will be referred to a UK based lawyer who is registered with the SRA.

But the SRA Code of Conduct 2011 states: “O (8.3) You do not make unsolicited approaches in person or by telephone to members of the public in order to publicise your firm or in-house practice or another business.”

So we are not sure how they combine this cold calling approach with the legal services of a SRA registered lawyer.

Telephone number from Timeshare Advice Help Line is 0800 060 8729 and 0114 463 0002 

The company Timeshare Advice Line is registered at the UK Companies House and their so-called Nature of Business is 82200 – Activities of call centres

Looking at the testimonials on their web, there only seem to be happy clients about their disposal service and nothing about claims or legal services.

Please always be cautious with companies calling out of the blue and offering legal services.

If Timeshare Advice Help Line has contacted you already, please do give us your feedback.



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ABC Solicitors, cold calling (fake) lawyers from London.

A new dubious company has been brought to our attention called ABC Solicitors.

This company contacts timeshare owners out of the blue and notify them that there has been a “group claim” in the Malaga Supreme Court.

The strangest part of the story is that this claim was also on behalf of the consumer who apparently had no idea they were included.

So now ABC Solicitors is informing the consumer that an overseas payment has been issued from the Malaga Courthouse to the consumer.

How amazing is that?

The person contacting the consumer from ABC Solicitors is called Sarah Bean and she sends the consumer an informative email about this Group Claim from an email address sarahbean862@gmail.com

This looks more like a personal Gmail account than a professional account from a legal company!

As per the header of the letter attached to the email, ABC Solicitors is based in London but on the said address no company by this name has been found.

They also mention a website www.abcsolicitors.org and an email info@abcsolicitors.org

There is no website created though and the domain name was only purchased at the beginning of July 2019 for 1 year. So looks like they are not planning to keep the website for a long time…

In this same letter, they also mention all the court claims done by different companies on behalf of consumers against their resorts.

There is not really any indication this has anything to do with the group claim ABC Solicitors is handling, but probably it looked good in the eyes of these fake solicitors.

Contact number for ABC Solicitors is 0208 638 8258

Susan Marshall the admin of ABC Solicitors signs the letter.

Consumers are informed that a lawyer will soon be in contact with them about the transfer of the money.

Please note that there are no group claims in Spain where consumers are included without even knowing this.

Money doesn’t get awarded to people out of the blue and Courthouses do not use the services of lawyers companies that are not registered at the company’s house and use Gmail accounts.

Always go by the golden rule of “if it sounds too good to be true….”

If Sarah Bean from ABC Solicitors has been on the phone already, please do let us know.


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Timeshare ‘con artist’ sentenced to pay back victims!

Good news needs to be shared, so that is why we are pleased to have woken up today with the following articles in the newspapers:

Timeshare con artist Francis ‘Frank’ Madden in court and Timeshare conman must pay victims

Frank Madden is not unknown to this blog as we already posted a couple of years ago articles about this man.

One of these blogs referred to the company ITRA who hired his services for some time, selling their ” services” 

And another article in May 2018 when he was convicted to jail: Timeshare fraudster jailed for more than 3 years by Bournemouth Court. 

Frank Madden, was sentenced in May last year to 40 months in prison after admitting three counts of fraudulent trading and one of breaching a suspended sentence.

A subsequent Proceeds of Crime Act investigation into his financial affairs identified he had made £135,000 from the businesses.

At a hearing, Judge Stephen Climie ordered Madden to hand over £20,000 of available assets within the next three months, including £10,534 to be returned to 16 victims who assisted in the prosecution.

The judge also banned Madden from taking part in or owning any timeshare related business for a period of 10 years. He is currently disqualified as a company director.

Peter Haikin, regulatory services manager for Trading Standards, said: “These cases are extremely difficult to process but in addition to successfully prosecuting Mr Madden in 2018, BCP Council Trading Standards have now succeeded in getting him banned from being legally involved in the operation of any timeshare or holiday club related business for the next 10 years.

“We hope that this will put an end to any potential of Mr Madden’s fraudulent timeshare businesses operating again in the area.”

You can read the full articles on the following links:




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