CA & M International the people from Dubai who are going to do your claim in Spain…

A new company has been brought to our attention by the name of CA & M International.

This company seems to be the ones running the meetings for which The Refund Action Group and Morgan Scott marketing are doing the invitations.

Timeshare consumers who have been cold called by either The Refund Action Group or Morgan Scott Marketing, attend these meetings with the understanding they are going to discuss a claim against their resort on a no win no fee basis.

Once at the meeting a claim is discussed, but not with a lawyer! The person meeting the timeshare owner is a representative from a company called CA & M International who apart from a “maybe claim”, offers a relinquishment of the timeshare.

They use the fancy word of “desist” the timeshare agreement but the end of the story is that they are cancelling or relinquishing the agreement, without any monetary return.

This desisting of the timeshare agreement has a price tag, and this needs to be paid upfront. Prices around 8k are mentioned and the consumer is expected to pay part of this on the same day.

Nothing in the paperwork guarantees the consumer though that they will actually be doing a court claim against their resort. So there is a chance there might never be a claim and they have ended up paying 8k for a relinquishment.

Time will tell.

But who are CA &M International?

CA & M International have a website which actually only talks about real estate and investments. As a matter of fact you can buy into a project in Brazil.

Their addresses mentioned are: CC Elviria, Oficina 7, Marbella, which happens to be the exact same address of RA Consultants or RA Marbella.

Block C1, Office. Ajman Free Zone. Ajman. United Arab Emirates, which is the actual address where the company is registered.

Contact details are a Spanish telephone +34 951121854 and an Email:

If you have attended a meeting where representatives from CA &M International welcomed you we would like to have your feedback.

Please send us an email at or fill in the CONTACT form.


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Latest update on John Palmer Trial!

The Prosecutor’s Office reduces to 24 months the maximum penalty for the Timeshare fraud.

The Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office has reduced to 24 months the highest penalty for the defendants of the timeshare fraud in the Canary Islands that is being tried in the National Court.

The defendants will have to face, however, a subsidiary civil liability of 1,890,000 euros. It concerns a macro timeshare scam that has left 182 victims in Spain since 1993 and for which a total of 10 people have been sitting on the bench, among whom was not the leader of the organization, John Palmer, alias Goldfinger, already deceased.

The Prosecutor’s Office initially requested up to 10 years in prison. In fact, the Chamber exempted two of the defendants by prescription of the crime, the lawyer of Palmer; Ramón Solano and his wife, Christine Ketley, who was sentenced with him in a London court in 2001 to two years in prison for conspiracy to commit fraud.

In addition, the Office of the Prosecutor has withdrawn the accusation against Jorge Gallat, administrative and manager who from 2001 on replaced Solano. Of the seven finally tried, the Public Ministry, which has presented its report on Monday, asks for 8 months in prison for Jacoba Visscher, who ran the headquarters of the company Dinastía Resort, which is now confirmed. Only she accumulated 44 complaints for fraud and initially, the request for punishment was over eight years in prison.

The highest penalty has been requested for Darren Morris, for whom the Prosecutor’s Office has requested 10 months for unlawful association, 10 months for fraud and another 4 months for money laundering, plus a year in prison for the weapon with the erased series number that was found during the search of his home.

As for Richard Cashman, considered Palmer’s lieutenant as he ordered him to direct “all business” when he had to go to prison, the Prosecutor’s Office asks for the same 24 months for illicit association, fraud and money laundering the same as Darren Morris.

During his statement, he denied having held any position of responsibility in Palmer’s organization.

Meanwhile, Paul Murray, Keith Peter Davies, Neil Campbell Lockie and Dean Wells, all men of Palmer and involved in the support of their business in the Canary Islands when he entered prison in the United Kingdom, face 10 months for illicit association and another 10 for the fraud. Among all, they will have to face fines amounting to 1.8 million euros.

Source Canarias 7:

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Gemini claims, cold calls and “refundable” upfront legal costs…

The company Gemini Claims & Holdings has been on our cold caller list since October last year. But as we didn’t receive many inquiries about them, it even looked they ceased their activities.

But no, this week Gemini Claims have contacted already a lot of consumers out of the blue, and with a fantastic story about claims.

Gemini Claims seem to be focusing mainly on those consumers who bought into DWVC from ILG or paid money to bogus resale companies such as Half-moon Holdings, Excalibur, etc.

The agent from Gemini claims, Ms Sarah Paige, states that the company owners (father and son) have recently been jailed for timeshare fraud and that the Spanish authorities have transferred their money / assets to the UK along with a list of potential claimants for UK companies to handle the refunds.

Sarah Paige explains that they have a list of claimants and that as the case has been proved it is just a case of putting in a claim for a refund of between £14,000 to £18,000 with a possibility of 6% compound interest which could be added, they will take 7.5% as their fee and all is on a “no win no fee” basis.

No win No fee with a fee that is, because they ask for a payment up to £1200 supposedly to cover paralegal costs which will be refundable.

Gemini Claims & Holdings is actually registered with Company House with a classification of the company business as 96090 – “Other”

As far as we understand, this does not include anything associated with any legal or claims professions it includes companies such as Artist Models, Escort Agencies, Pet Grooming, Porters and Tattooists…

They have a website –


Telephone: 0208 419 8821

Cold calls and a story about Spanish government or Courthouse passing money to the UK and a private company appointed to contact people for a claim and asking money upfront…it just doesn’t sound right!

If Gemini Claims, or Sarah Paige has approached you for a claim against ILG or a dubious timeshare resale company you paid in the past, please let us know.

You can contact us by email or through the CONTACT US page.

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BREAKING NEWS! ITRA – International Timeshare Refund Action wound up in the High Court

On 30th January 2019, International Timeshare Refund Action was wound up in the High Court of Justice England & Wales.

On the 15th of January 2019 a petition of wind up was published in The Gazette,

Mr. and Mrs. W presented the petition on The 06th December 2018, claiming to be a Creditor of the Company.

It appears that these consumers are one of the many victims of ITRA who has been taken to court several other claims all based on the fact that ITRA had used deceptive methods and not provided services as agreed.

ITRA was also mentioned years ago (Oct 2012) when the BIS wound up 7 Club Class companies but where it was more than clear that ITRA also played a big role in the sales process.

We posted an article about the words of the BIS about ITRA, which you can read on the following link:

Some of the facts mentioned by the BIS in the wind up petition of the 7 Club class companies:

  • Club Class and ITRA mis-sold a holiday scheme.
  • Consumers were put under immense pressure.
  • What consumers were told was essentially worthless.
  • Club Class and ITRA were set up with the aim of duping consumers
  • The cash-back offers were the equivalent of a spot-the-ball competition.
  • Club Class and ITRA was using click putter for what was in reality the selling of an illusion.

Over the last 8 years Mindtimeshare has not ceased with publishing warnings about all the companies related to ITRA and you can find the articles through the following link:

It should not be overlooked that ITRA, the International Timeshare Refund Action has changed their name over the past years and is still active under their “new” name ECC – European Claims Centre.

We have helped many consumers already with obtaining refunds for the thousands of pounds paid to ITRA for services they didn’t deliver and court claims that never took place.

But we have no doubt that there are so many others still out there waiting for the services to be delivered or feeling embarrassed because they know they were duped.

If you want more information because you have been dealing with ITRA, you can CONTACT US through this web or by email to



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Fake Procurator Eliana Ecamilis changes her name to Elenaide Camilis

More rubbish from the Fake Lawyers set up in Tenerife.

If last week we published a warning about the fake procurator Eliana Ecamilis, this week the name is changed already.

The lady in question is all of the sudden called Elenaide Camilis.

Why? Well obviously to avoid people looking on the Internet before they make a payment and finding the warning from last week.

So here we go again.

DO NOT PAY to this fake and fraudulent Procurator Elenaide Camilis.


And another web:

Fake Address: Calle Alfonso 11, Edifico Parma, 224 C, 38007, Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Email address:

If you have been speaking to any lawyer’s office in Tenerife who signed you up for a no win no fee claim, but are now asking for procurator fees in order to send you the awarded money by cheque, please let us know!

There are NO claims, there is NO money awarded and they WON’T STOP asking you for more money unless you realize this is a scam.



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Beware! Luca Efalquin is another FAKE and Fraudulent Procurator from Tenerife!

The scam continuous and names need to be changed to avoid innocent consumers finding the warnings on the web.

So another name for a FAKE procurator has seen the light;  Luca Efalquin Procuradores.

Luca Efalquin is not a procurator; Luca Efalquin is the person providing the bank account for the payments that are requested by this fraudulent set up in Tenerife.

The procurator Luca Efalquin has been used for payments requested by Abogados Litigacion but we have no doubt the name can be used as well by any of the other fake lawyers companies.

Website, identical to all the others

The only thing that changes is the name and the fake address: Calle Cachontas 3, Edificio Frotando, 369B, 38002, Santa Cruz

Email address:

Apparently they don’t have or need a telephone…


From what we understand is that if you are about to pay this fake procurator, you already paid other fees and you were told this now will release the “cheque” with the awarded money.

Please note that the copy of the cheque they send through is FAKE and if you would pay the fees to Luca Efalquin Procuradores, soon you will receive an empty envelope with the cheque gone.

That is the next stage of this scam! (The strange case of the cheque lost in the post…)

Do NOT fall for this.

If you have been speaking to Abogados Litigacion or any of the other fake lawyers from Tenerife, please do let us know.


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Sussex Advisory Consultants, cold calling experts in their field…

A new cold caller has seen the light by the name of Sussex Advisory Consultants.

They only started recently with the cold calls which is not surprising as their website was only registered in January 2019 the same as with Companies House.

The consumers who brought Sussex Advisory Consultants to our attention told us that the caller actually knew they bought into a DWVC package from ILG 20 years ago and stated the consumer could still claim all the money back.

The consumer actually asked them whether they would be asking for any money up front, for which the answer was in the affirmative with the usual explanation about needing it for initial expenses, but the money would be refunded as part of the settlement.

No wonder all alarms bells started ringing!

Looking at the website it does appears they have no Privacy Statement or Data Protection clause, which is obligated by law.

On the website it isn’t really clear what kind of services they offer, they do claim to be experts in their field, but what field is that?

Companies house doesn’t really provide any information on their activity either as they registered with “Other service activities not elsewhere classified”

Contact details for Sussex Advisory Consultants are Telephone 01704 490 141 or email

If you received a call out of the blue from the agent of Sussex Advisory Consultants, please do let us know.


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