Interbank and the funds received from the Spanish courts

Another dubious cold caller has popped up out of the blue by the name of Interbank UK

An agent called Maria Tereza Mendez states she is calling from the courts in Madrid. A substantial amount has been awarded to the consumer by the Spanish courts and this money is now waiting at Interbank UK. The money will be released by banker’s draft.

But no cold call is complete if it wasn’t for “unexpected” complications, and indeed there is a complication as well with the straightforward money transfer by Interbank UK.

The cross-border litigation permit from the consumer is missing.  Apparently, the fraudulent company the consumer had been dealing with had received the money, but they did not get the permit for the consumer, and without it they could not release the money.

Luckily Interbank can help! For only £2025 they can arrange for this cross-border litigation permit to be processed.

The consumer will even get an invoice for it, and the money should be paid into a TSB in UK in the name of an individual.

When consumers question the fact the account looks like a personal account, they are being told that this is common practice, to save the company having to pay taxes.

Obviously, the above story is completely FAKE, FRAUDULENT, and made up to get your money for a litigation permit and awarded money that DOES NOT EXIST!

The people calling from Interbank UK are using a UK landline 0203 769 73**

If you received a similar call with a similar story, please DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!

Let us know straight away please.

You can email us at


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WDL Services, and the bogus service to obtain a TIE number in Spain

A new cold caller has appeared on the scene by WDL Services.

This company cold calls timeshare consumers and explain to them that the consumer is due money from court claims in Spain.

These supposed claims were against companies that have defrauded the consumer in the past and now WDL Services has been instructed by the Spanish government to liaise with the consumer on how they can obtain the awarded money.

Surprisingly there is no such company as WDL Services, and the email received as a follow up on this call is sent from a Gmail account (!)

The agent on the phone calls herself Patricia Earnshaw, and the number used is a UK landline: 01704 7761XX

On the email or document, they send through there is no company information, no address, no nothing, all you get is the name WDL Services.

Obviously getting the money from this claim is not as straight forward as you would hope. Soon it becomes clear the consumer needs a TIE number and guess what? WDL Services can help you to obtain this!

A service you must pay for of course! Nobody works for free…

Have we heard it all before?

Please, if you get this bogus company WDL Services on the phone, ask them to delete your number from their records and hang up.

If you have been approached already by WDL Services, do let us know.

You can reach us by email at


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Mindtimeshare Active companies for June 2021

Dear Consumer,

Welcome to the Month of July!

As always, we have done a list of active companies from the month before, which in this case is June. With active we mean those companies who approach consumers out of the blue but knowing perfectly well that the consumer owns or owned a timeshare.

This contact can be a cold call but also an email or even a text message.

For June we counted 29 active companies and from those there are 8 new companies, names that we hadn’t heard of before.

For a complete list of these active companies please click on the following link:

Active companies June 2021

Although 29 companies might sound not as much as we have seen in other months or years, it still means that there are 29 companies trying to persuade people to sign up for their services, without the consumer knowing who they are, and worse even, with the consumer being asked to pay a substantial amount upfront.

If before the risk was when consumers traveled to Spain and sat through meetings for hours and ended up to drained that they would sign anything for the sake of being taken back to the hotel, something similar is happening with these “zoom” meetings people are invited to.

Consumers are kindly offered a zoom meeting over the internet to get to know the consultant and discuss the services, etc. But we are hearing more often that such “get to know conversation” is taken up hours and hours. And the meeting is ended when the consumer pays the upfront deposit online with a credit or debit card.

Hours and hours of bombarding of all kinds of information and supposed real facts that are difficult to verify when you are in front of a screen looking somebody in the eyes on the other end.

If you are invited to a zoom meeting, please be careful as they don’t seem to be as innocent and harmless as people think they are.

Of course, you can sit through the meeting, but as with everything else, like the meetings face to face before in sales decks abroad, or the “home sits” of supposed legal consultants on your couch, follow the golden rule and NEVER EVER pay any money there and then.

Listen to the information, take note of names and facts they give you, if possible, record the meeting so you can listen to the content again in your own time and space, verify facts, company names, and allow yourself at least 14 days to think this over.

If after all that you are still convinced you want to take up the services, by all means…

If you have been invited or already went through a zoom meeting and would like to give us feedback or ask us for more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our email is

Thanks as always to all those consumers who are alert with any calls, emails or messages they receive and let us know the details.

We couldn’t do this without you!

Customer Care

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Cold caller alert! Fake lawyers from Tenerife: Abogados Halcon

Abogados Halcon are the latest cold callers pretending to be lawyers and offering claims in court, even against a resort that has been liquidated last year.

Abogados Halcon S.A. is cold calling timeshare consumers who had their membership long gone and are certainly not in a position to claim anything.

Still the kind agent from Abogados Halcon is offering a court claim with the possibility of a substantial refund of money through the Spanish courts.

With a bit of research, we found a website which looks extremely familiar.

It has all the looks of the websites used by the FAKE lawyers from Tenerife!

Yes, here we go again, fake lawyers, fake staff, fake registration numbers…. everything fake.

The pictures of the staff and lawyer are taken from Google and the names do not exist.


What is not fake, is their intention to defraud you from your money and continue to ask for more until you realize you are the victim of a big scam.

Contact details for this bogus lawyer’s company are:

  • Spanish land-line 0034 822 684 5**
  • FREEPHONE 0800 066 49**

Please don’t let them tempt you into paying a fee to get the “lawyers” started as there is nothing to start here at all.

These people are a scam, and they have been running this fraud for years now, leaving many consumers behind who lost thousands of Euros. Money transferred into accounts of individuals who vanished, so there is nothing to claim back.

Genuine legal companies do NOT cold call and certainly do not offer help with claims that are no longer possible.

If you have been approached by Abogados Halcon, do let us know.

You can reach us by email at


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The strange email from the Alpha Law Group


This week several timeshare consumers have made us aware of an email they received from a company presenting themselves as the Alpha Law Group.

The email is targeting the timeshare owners of a resort that has been going through an insolvency procedure and Alpha Law Group states this is not the only bad news about the resort.

They also explain in the email that even though the timeshare owner has requested in the past to cancel their membership, even two years later members of the same resort have received a letter from a Spanish solicitor saying they owe staggering amounts.

As Alpha Law Group states: “this has happened time and time again”

But of course, salvation is on its way and Alpha Law Group urges the consumer to contact them as soon as possible, before any further escalations or implications provide obstacles in escaping their ownership.

Please note that your private details are protected under the Data Protection Law and companies such as Alpha Law Groupshould not have this information and certainly not offer their services through an un-solicited email.

Apart from the fact that this story of relinquishing the membership and then being chased for thousands of pounds years later, is a complete lie.

Research shows that the company Alpha Law group was registered at the UK companies in August last year, but the original name of the company was MOUNTAIN SOFTWARE GROUP, and they changed it to Alpha Law Group later.

Software and lawyers seem to be a completely different business.

The website of Alpha Law Group was registered at the end of May 2021, and is full of so many writing errors that one wonders who actually put the text together.

Their email addresses they use are and

Telephone number 012020691**

Please be careful when responding to these kinds of unsolicited emails with offers regarding your timeshare or even about timeshares you owned years ago and relinquished.

If you received an email or call from the Alpha Law Group, do let us know.

You can email us at


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Claim Advice Online, cold caller and the copied website

A new cold caller has come on the scene by the name of Claim Advice Online.

The representative of Claim Advice Online approaches timeshare owners on cold calls but with all the details of the membership at hand.

The story used on the initial call is about legal errors in the timeshare contract from the consumer. Apparently, the resort has made many legal mistakes in the agreement and Claim Advice Online offers to refer the consumer to a lawyer who can assess a claim against the resort and potentially get a big payout.

The cold call is followed up by an email confirming the date and time for a zoom meeting in order to assess the claim.

The consumer will receive a brief call from the compliance department at the agreed time, before the appointment can go ahead.

The email sent out from is signed by Ms. Freya Ward

The website  looks very familiar though and a quick search through other cold calling companies shows us an identical web for the company Referral Consultancy.

Not only have they copied the amount of “referred” cases and claims done, but also the testimonial of “Mrs. J Fothergill from Swindon” who is so pleased with the services of both companies?

Please note that cold calls are not to be trusted. There is no valid explanation for a company or individual to be in possession of your personal details and certainly it is even stranger if the cold call comes from a company pretending to be a legal company or working closely to legal professionals.

If you have been contacted by Claim Advice Online, please do let us know.

You can email us at


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What about the services from Arbitration Consultants in Tenerife?


On a daily basis we receive emails from consumers asking us about the different companies and if they are trustworthy.

That is how we ran into Arbitration Consultants.

This company was registered a couple of years ago in Tenerife and they have selected as their business activity related to Leisure and Culture. (Ocio & Cultura)

Arbitration Consultants approaches consumers with information about their possibility to do a claim against their resort. And they also provide a cancellation service for those consumers who relinquished the membership years ago, as Arbitration Consultants states the resorts are chasing up the consumers for thousands of Pounds outstanding fees.

Mind you, nobody has ever heard of any consumer who really was chased up for fees after relinquishing their membership, but it certainly works to scare consumers and make them pay for a service they don’t need.

After the initial call the consumer is offered a zoom meeting in order to go through all the issues and services.

The agent talking through the meeting is Paul Fowler and his telephone is 07778 5925**.

The Compliance Officer is Jennifer Taylor uses a Spanish number 0034 822 6802** and her email address is

Arbitration Consultants refers the consumers to a legal company called Tranquilitas Legal Consultancy.

A company mentioned before in connection with Aegis Direct and J Foster Associates

The telephone number for Tranquilitas is 0800 920 24** and the email address used:

In the Contract provided by Arbitration Consultants their services provided are “Guaranteed legal timeshare termination”

All terms we heard before and certainly nothing to do with a refund claim through Spanish courts or something that needs the intervention of a legal professional. Worse even, if you already relinquished the timeshare before you don’t need to do anything at all and certainly not pay some cold callers who come up with scary stories of debts and money chasing.

If you have been approached by Arbitration Consultants, please do let us know. Or maybe you have been referred to Tranquilitas Legal Consultants by this or another company.

We do want to hear from you so please send us an email to

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Foreign & Domestic Solutions and the Eze group Settlement in Spain

A new company has been brought to our attention. The name is Foreign & Domestic Solutions, and they seem to be targeting Eze Group members.

The agent from Foreign & Domestic Solutions has all the details of the consumers dealings with Eze group, which on itself is already dubious as these details are not open to “the public”

The story goes that this company can approach the courts in Spain with a view to retrieving £20,000+ which they say was part of the Eze Group settlement and has the consumers’ name on it.

In order to get this procedure in motion all they ask for is £50

Money that needs to be transferred into a UK bank account.

Of course, £50 doesn’t sound like taking an enormous risk, and for sure it could be a very clever tactic to gain the trust of the consumer and open the possibility to start asking for more and more afterwards.

But who are Foreign & Domestic Solutions?

On their documents they state a company registration number and indeed they are registered with Companies house since March 2021. So that is a company of just 3 months old.

They don’t have a website and not even a domain name, so the email address is

Names mentioned in the conversations and on the paperwork are Alistair MacLean, Monica Perez and Christian Smith.

Although they use a UK company registration, address and bank account, all the communications with the consumers are done via a Spanish mobile number 0034 602 5812**

If you are a Eze Member (victim) and you have received this strange call from the company Foreign & Domestic Solutions, please let us know.

We certainly do not recommend paying anything to companies who cold-call and offer supposed court claims and refunds through Spanish courts.

If you received a call from Foreign and Domestic Solutions or any other company knowing you had dealings with Eze group in the past, please let us know.

You can contact us at


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Did you receive a cold call from ITA the International Timeshare Association?

A cold caller that was mentioned some months ago and then seemed to have stopped, has recently popped up again and is actively calling timeshare consumers.

This cold caller is ITA which stands for International Timeshare Association.

A quick look on the internet shows that the number has been reported numerous times already as a cold caller with offers regarding timeshare.

The phone number from ITA is 014623540XX and one of the agents is Zara.

Zara from ITA explains to the consumers that the company has 4 UK offices, although for some strange reason we cannot find one!

ITA presents themselves as a mediation company that can look into the possibility of a claim against the timeshare company from the consumer.

But ITA would not be doing the claim themselves and Zara advises they would pass this onto a different company.

Very kindly ITA offers a “No claim No fee” policy, so they will assess the claim for free. Well, that is what any claims company or lawyer does anyway!

Zara quotes Spanish court decisions made against the consumer’s resort in favor of claimants and the possibility of getting up to £50k back.

But not all is good news and the agent from ITA also explains that although the consumer has done a relinquishment of the membership, it appears now that the timeshare company has not processed the exit contracts. This means that the original timeshare purchase contracts are still viable, and the consumer can be charged for non-payment for all the years they thought they were out of the membership.

Nothing better than creating a bit of urgency with a scary story!

On questioning where ITA obtained the personal details from the consumer with all the membership details etc. the agent states she only has the name and telephone number.

Consumers who are interested in the services of ITA can be invited for a ZOOM meeting.

Did we not hear this before?

Please note that there is no such thing as “illegal” exit procedures and resorts chasing people for the fees after years and years in spite of having relinquished.

If you had a phone call from ITA with a similar story as above, please do let us know.

You can reach us by email at


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Active companies for the month of May 2021

Dear Consumers,

It is the beginning of the Month again which means that we prepare a summary of all active companies that have been cold calling, mailing and emailing with offers related to timeshare and holiday ownership.

In May we have counted 33 active companies of which 5 companies are new on the list.

For a complete list of all these active companies from May 2021, please click on the following link:

Mindtimeshare Active companies may 2021

The main offers continue to come from companies pretending to be claims companies or legal companies.

But we have also detected again this month companies that belong to the so-called group of Fake Lawyers from Tenerife.

Please be aware that there is no such thing as awarded money through the courts and companies appointed to charge you taxes, arrange NIE or other Spanish ID numbers, etc, in order to receive the money into your account!

We also placed an article about the Zoom calls. These Zoom meetings offered by the claim’s companies and intermediaries, where supposedly they are explaining everything to the consumer without any obligation. But sad enough, a lot of consumers are kept online without any possibility to check on facts and end up paying a deposit for services they don’t need or aren’t even possible!

You can read all about the zoom meetings on the following link

And we also touched on another very delicate issue which is the claims against resorts that are in liquidation procedures.

What are the chances to win a claim but most important, what are the chances to receive the money awarded from a liquidated company?

In the article we explain that good news is not always good news for all!

The link to the article is

If you have any questions about the articles we posted, please send us an email to

If you have been approached by any company with offers related to your timeshare or holiday product, do let us know.

Thank you!


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Armando Paredes Asesoria, fake lawyers and legal’s from Tenerife all over again…

The never-ending story of the fake and fraudulent legal companies in Tenerife has popped up his ugly head again.

This time it is a company called Armando Paredes Asesoria.

Consumers who have been in contact with cold callers in the past are pleasantly surprised by the news that they have been awarded money through the Tenerife Courts.

Based in Tenerife, Armando Paredes Asesoria is supposedly handling the pay out of 32.000 euros to the consumer, awarded by the Santa Cruz court. That is far more money than they lost to the fraudulent company, but who would complain about that?

But due to Brexit the consumer needs to pay a “Brexit stamp fee” first and this has to be paid to the lawyer from Armando Paredes Asesoria.

The amount of this “Brexit stamp fee” is 680 euros, including VAT.

Once the stamp fee is paid the lawyers from Armando Paredes Asesoria will liaise with the courts to get the money transferred to the consumer.

The letter from Armando Paredes Asesoria is signed by Camilla Luis Rodriguez, “sworn trustee”

Mr. Rodriguez has an email address:

Telephone 0034 8226845**

Please note this is a SCAM!

There is no money awarded through the courts in Tenerife, and no there is no Brexit Stamp Fee to be paid to get money transferred to your account.

We can only imagine that if you would pay the stamp fee, other charges will arise, and you will be paying these fraudsters until you give up and realize you have been scammed.

If you got a call or email about money awarded through the Tenerife courts, from Armando Paredes Asesoria or any supposed “legal” company, please contact us!

Our email is


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Peralta Law and the unexpected court claim against Willard Thomas

Latest cold caller goes by the name of Peralta Law.

This supposed legal company is cold calling consumers who had dealings with the company Willard Thomas Claims, paid them and then realized it was a bogus company.

Peralta Law has now appeared out of the blue and they explain that the Spanish Authorities finally seized the assets of the Company Willard Thomas and a court case against them was settled last year.

That must have been during lockdown then with the courts closed, amazing!

The agent from Peralta Law states that approximately 130 consumers, are due compensation and they are dealing with the settlement.

The catch is though that in order to claim, the consumer needs to present a Model 210 IRNP, Non-Residents Tax Certificate.

In case he doesn’t have such certificate, Peralta law kindly offers to arrange one.

The fee for this is £2500 and the Certificate is issued to prevent the payment of Tax in Spain or the UK.

Because the consumer has not been requested this certificate previously, he will be refunded the £2500.  But of course, first he needs to pay it…

Good news is that the cheques has been issued already and was posted a couple of days ago.

Who would not pay £2500 right there and then to a cold caller when they are assured a large amount payable by check is under way already?

Please note that above story is a scam! There has not been any court claim against Willard Thomas and there is no money awarded.

Contact details of Peralta Law are an address: Calle Soledad 6, Marbella 29601, Malaga and Telephone number: 0203 807 84**

If you are approached by somebody pretending to be from a legal company called Peralta Law and giving you the story of court claims and awarded money, please let us know.

You can email us at


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Are all claims against resorts really worthwhile?

Claims against resorts are a very delicate issue. Delicate, because there are far too many bogus companies offering a claim “for all” where in reality not everybody can claim.

But even if you can, and the claims company really files a demand on your behalf,  it isn’t always worthwhile.

Let us explain.

It is a fact that in Spain the lawyers’ companies do not work on a no win no fee basis. This means that you will always have to pay something upfront which provides the lawyer with a fund to pay the expenses that arise of filing a claim in the court.

Even if you are dealing with a genuine company, we often see that these fund requests are quite inflated with charges that do not really make a lot of sense.

Not so long ago we received a message from a consumer who “won” his claim against a large timeshare company which is currently going through an INSOLVENCY PROCEEDING.

The story of this consumer led us to write this blog.

The consumer was contacted in 2017 by the “claims company”

He was explained that his case could be resolved in a matter of weeks, or it could take considerably longer.

Well, it took him 4 years to get his case through court. In reality it only took the court 2 years, as his claim was not entered until the year 2019. That is 2 years after he paid the claims company close to 4000 Pounds upfront for their services.

The consumer was led to believe that they would claim £27K from the resort plus the amount he paid to the claims company.

But the reality turned out differently…

The judge ruled against the resort but with a payment to the consumer of £9K

The claims company explained to the consumer that the judge reduced the amount he had claimed because of the years he had owned the membership according to the Spanish Supreme Court Rulings.

Could the claims company not had foreseen this? There is a long way down from 27K to 9K!

Neither were the legal expenses refunded, although the claims company assures the consumer, they will claim this in their appeal.

As per the agreement, the consumer has to pay a 20% over the awarded money to the claims company. So, he already paid 4000 Pounds and he has to pay another 1800 Pounds. Total charge 5800 Pounds and left for the consumer 3200 Pounds. After 4 years waiting.

Of course, that is a nice amount to get back, no problem at all, but when will the consumer get this?

That is the next problem…. the resort is going through Insolvency proceedings, so the lawyers have to inform to the Insolvency Practitioner about the consumers’ victory, in order to claim the payment of the amount awarded at the Commercial Court. Once the credit is accepted, and the resorts assets are sold in purchases or auctions, the consumer “will have the possibility” to receive his compensation.

Will have the possibility?

Are they telling you there is no guarantee?

Exactly! And the claims company kindly explains in their correspondence that they cannot guarantee how much money this will be as it will all depend on the assets sold and of course other creditors in line who could have more preference to be paid out than the consumer.

So, congratulations to the consumer, he won his claim, but so far, he is 4K short in his pocket…

A “win win” for the claims company…


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Zoom meetings, sales representatives entering your home without visiting you in person

Ever since lockdown and Covid restrictions, a lot of companies had to “invent” themselves all over again.

This has happened as well with the so called “claims” companies who previously would send over a sale representative to your house and sell you, their services.

Now, instead of receiving a stranger at home, they are now giving the sales-pitch through a zoom meeting.

Mistakenly consumers might think that this zoom meeting is going to be without any pressure, and they will be able to say “NO” much easier than with the person sitting on the couch. That is certainly not the case!

From the inquiries we receive on a daily basis, we hear far too often that consumers actually were persuaded during the zoom meeting to sign a contract and pay at least part of the upfront fees immediately.

Only after the meeting, consumers start doing their research and find out that there are warnings on the internet about the company in question, or that they are paying for a service they don’t need, want or can afford.

So, the same as with any other transaction of service offered and paying to hire this service, do your homework!

For as much as the person on the phone sounds plausible and knowledgeable, if they contacted you on a cold call, they should explain to you first how they obtained your private and personal details.

GDPR rulings don’t really allow for any flexibility when it comes to cold calling, so why would you trust a company who probably obtained your details through unlawful and untrustworthy sources?

If you are curious about what they are going to tell you in this meeting “face to face” through zoom, at least try to prepare yourself for the issues they will touch on.

You know from the initial call what they are offering more less, so prepare your questions about where they obtained your private details, how did they know about you being a timeshare owner, what documentation can they submit to you with proof they are delivering these services, what is their company registration and address? Etc.

Then, even if you are convinced by the services they offer, ask for a draft of the agreement! And tell them you will go through the draft first in your own time and space and maybe even with your family lawyer, BEFORE you pay a penny.

There are no such offers that can only be taken there and then and paying straight away. These sales techniques are not very trustworthy, and you should certainly never get the feeling you would be missing out on something if you don’t act immediately, as this is completely wrong!

Let them know as well when you start the meeting that you will be recording this as you want to go through all what is said afterwards. You have the full right to do this, so if they object, bad sign!

Last but not least, under the EU and UK law, you are entitled to a 14-day cancellation period when sales are being conducted in these ways.

In case of doubt, don’t take any decisions and let us know about this meeting.

You can email us at


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J Foster Associates, cold calling and legal services, have we heard this before?

Another cold calling company has been brought to our attention. This one goes by the name of J Foster Associates.

As a matter of fact, they were already mentioned a couple of months ago, but then it went all quiet and now they seem to be back.

J Foster Associates have created a website in August 2020.

On this website ( you will see exclamations such as: “now it is the time to make a claim” and they filled the page with a long text about legislation in timeshare and laws.

But once a consumer has shown interest in their services, the agreement he/she receives is not a straightforward agreement with a lawyer that is going to do a claim.

The contrary, the agreement states clearly that it is a “Guaranteed Timeshare Extraction- Service Agreement

Not only does this not guarantee any claim done by a legal professional, consumers who paid for example to Eze Group are offered the same agreement. But the Eze membership is not a timeshare and certainly does not need or have any “extraction”

Contact details are a telephone number +34 971 228 089 and an email address:

You can also fill in the contact form, but as there is no (obligated by law) privacy policy, it is not recommendable to leave your personal details as you don’t know where these will end up.

We cannot stress enough that any company cold calling you and offering you “legal services” should certainly have a very good explanation on where they obtained your private and personal details.

If their answer doesn’t convince you, then you should not continue the conversation and start doing some research first.

No genuine company will ever be upset if their client is doing their homework!

If you have been contacted by the agents of J Foster Associates in Palma de Mallorca please do let us know as we would like to have your feedback.

You can email us at


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Active companies in the month of April 2021

Dear Consumer,

Please find the latest numbers on active companies in the month of April 2021.

There have been 37 active companies of which 6 companies are new names on the list. With active we mean those companies who approach consumers by unsolicited emails and telephone calls.

For a complete list of the active companies please click on the following link:

Mindtimeshare Active companies April 2021

Please always be very wary of those companies calling you and knowing a lot about your dealings with bogus or fraudulent companies in the past. Nobody should really know about this, unless you provided this information to them.

When you have been defrauded, most of the time all you want is make thing right again. Put things straight. Preferably recovering the money without too much hassle and with the less people knowing about this. Unfortunately, there are a lot of bogus companies out there who play with the feelings of defrauded consumers.

Promising a speedy recovery of money, and receiving all the money back and even more, sounds like a gift from heaven. But please, do not fall for these “fraud recovery frauds”

More information:

Once more we also have to highlight and insist about the calls people are receiving from so-called mediation and claims companies who state that although the consumer has cancelled / relinquished their timeshare years ago, they are still liable for the fees. Consumers are scared with stories about the resorts coming after the consumers for thousands of pounds of outstanding fees. THIS IS NOT TRUE!

If you are no longer an owner, NOBODY will come after you and chase you for money.

If you receive a cold call or an email related to your timeshare membership, please let us know.

Don’t jump into zoom meetings where they keep you for 2 hours looking at a screen and ending up exhausted which is the moment, they will be asking for a deposit payment there and then.

Any doubt you have, any company you have been talking to and their services seem far too good to be true, please let us know.

Doing your homework is important and do take your time to think things over.

If a company offers you their services but doesn’t leave you time to do your homework or simply have some time to reconsider if you want to go ahead, than you should not take up the services!

Customer Care –

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Has Luxus Development contacted you for a timeshare resale?

A new bogus resale company was brought to our attention under the name Luxus Development supposedly based in New York and London.

Luxus Development contacts French speaking Timeshare owners by cold calling and telling them a story about a corporate buyer they already have on hold, keen on buying their weeks, and the price offered is of course above the current market price.

The company that is supposed to buy timeshare weeks is  Charter Queen, a company based in Hong Kong.

This is all a lie!

The timeshare owner is asked for an upfront payment.

Luxus Development sends the consumer a copy of a (fake) resale contract and they claim money for resale rights and land registration.

Contact person at Luxus Development is Steve Hardford.

Please note that cold calling companies obviously got your contact details and membership details through an illegal source!… they are not trustworthy!

Please contact us by e-mail

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Avez Luxus Development contacter vous de vendre votre temps partagé à Charter Queen basé á Hong Kong?

Une nouvelle société de revente bidon a été portée à notre attention sous le nom de Luxus Development soi-disant basé à New York et London.

Luxus Development contacts multipropriété parlant français propriétaires par appel à froid et leur raconter une histoire au sujet d’un acheteur d’entreprise qu’ils ont déjà en attente, vif sur l’achat de leurs semaines, et le prix offert est bien sur le prix de marché actuel.

La société qui étaient censés acheter les semaines à temps partagé est Charter Queen, mais le fait est que cette société ne sait rien de tout cela.

Le propriétaire de temps partagé est demandé un paiement.

Luxus Development envoie au consommateur une copie d’une (fausse) contrat de revente et ils réclament de l argent pour les droits de revente et l inscription au cadastre.

Personne du contact de Luxus Development, cet Steve Harford.

Veuillez noter que les entreprises qui vous appellent sans vous demander un appel, ils ont évidemment obtenu vos coordonnées et les détails d’adhésion par le biais d’une source illégale et s’elles vous offrent une garantie de revente demandant de se rendre à un autre pays et payer des frais initiaux … elles ne sont pas dignes de confiance!

S’il vous plaît nous contacter par e-mail ou laissez votre commentaire ici sur notre blog, et nous prendrons contact avec vous.


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Will the Timeshare-Helper really offer help?

The latest cold caller goes by the name of Timeshare Helper.

This company is cold calling timeshare consumers and offers a “free advise” home visit, in order to help the timeshare consumer with a possible claim against their resort.

Timeshare helper has a website where they explain to the visitor that they help with finding a way out from the timeshare.

Looking a bit closer at the information provided on the website it becomes clear that there isn’t really a lot about the company at all.

First of all, there is a complete lack of company identification. There is no Company Registration, no company address, not even a telephone number!

All the consumers will find is a contact form to fill in without any privacy policy.

The link to their privacy policy on the bottom is also quite strange. When you read through it, the supposed questions and answers do not make a lot of sense.

For example: Who we share your data with?

If you request a password reset, your IP address will be included in the reset email.

Maybe they weren’t expecting any body to click on this link?

The website was registered on the 26th of November 2020, that is just 5 months ago. Still there are numerous “testimonials” from happy consumers. Sounds like a very “quick” service.

The Telephone number given by the agent that cold calls is: 01216302276

If you received an offer for “help” from the please let us know.

You can email us at

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Judy A Garside, Henry Fernandez Legislator and Juzgado de 1ª instancia.

More fake people to name and shame, so the victims can still turn to us for more information and help.

The above-mentioned people are all in the same scam. The scam of the Tenerife lawyers, the supposed court claim and all the money awarded out of the blue to a group of consumers.

Judy A Garside is a name used for somebody supposedly writing from the FCA the Financial Conduct Authority.

Yes, you are reading this right, the fraudsters won’t leave a stone unturned to try and convince the victim that they are more than “real”.

Judy Garside is using an email address:

In her email she is asking a 2% over the supposed awarded amount in order to send this by international banking to the consumers’ account.

Judy Garside mentions that this is all confirmed by the “Trustee” Mrs. Caroline Merrick.

In order to make it look even more official she encloses an invoice for this 2% rate the on a document with a logo of the Juzgado de 1ª Instancia nº 5 in Tenerife.

The logo can be taken from the internet and again, all this is done to cheat the consumer and make them think it is all official.

Last but not least, the person confirming the receipt of the money and the one that supposedly does the transfer to the consumer is using the name of Henry Fernandez who signs with his title as Senior Court Funds Official.

Needless to say, that the consumers never ever received this transfer….

If you had dealings with any of the above people or entities, please let us know.

You can write to


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