Did Inmobiliaria Doncel contact you to sell your timeshare to Hyundai Motor?

We are receiving lots of complaints and enquiries about another cold calling resale company by the name of Inmobiliaria Doncel.

Inmobiliaria Doncel contact French speaking timeshare owners by cold call and tell them a story about a corporate buyer which they have already waiting, keen on purchasing their weeks, and the price offered is well over the current market price.

The company that supposedly would buy the timeshare weeks from all consumers is Hyundai Motor, but the fact is that this company does not know anything about all this.

The timeshare owner is asked for a payment.

Inmobiliaria Doncel sends the consumer a copy of a (fake) letter from the Town Hall.

The consumer is requested a payment of the non resident tax, which is a 10% over the sales price.

Then money has to be paid into a bank account in Thailand.

Anybody who is already standing in business relationship with the (fake) Inmobiliaria Doncel and has paid money to them is requested to get in contact with us. We will be able to advise you what steps to take on this and how to proceed.

Please note that companies that cold call you, obviously got your contact information and membership details through an illegal source and when they offer a guaranteed resale requesting you to travel to another country and pay upfront fees … they are not trustworthy!

Please contact us by e-mail customercare@mindtimeshare.com or leave your comment here on our blog, and we will get in contact with you.

FRENCH: https://wp.me/p1kmoi-2kX


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WARNING! More names connected to the FAKE Lawyers Amador Ganeca!

Yes they are still on the go, the fake group of lawyers in Tenerife who keep on telling consumers about the upcoming court cases and awarded money.

We already posted a warning about Amador Ganeca, but as with all the others, the unfortunate consumers who fall into this trap and start paying the procurator fees, the court fees etc. end up being transferred to “another company” who then handles the tax issues.

With Amador Ganeca, this accounts office or Asesoria in Spanish is called Elisabetta Olias Asesoria.

The lawyer handling the case, Mr. Jesus Eugenio Iful, explains that the Asesoria from Elisabetta Olias will do a “declaracion de la renta”, which is a tax declaration.

This tax declaration will be for around 1500 euros, but not to worry, the consumer can claim this back at a later stage. But of course they do need to pay this upfront.

Apart from the tax declaration, the funds of the court claim are also blocked in the account of the court due to a certificate, which is missing.

This (FAKE) Certificate is called Certificate of accuracy translation

As per Jesus Iful, this certificate of accuracy translation is a legal formality and requirement of law for all official documents and international bank transfers.

And guess what? The office from Elisabetta Olias has a translator Marco De Ciocci who can do this official translation.

He charges 480 euros for this.


There is no such person as Jesus Eugenio Iful, there is no office called Elisabetta Olias and there is no translator by the name of Marco de Ciocci.

Contact details of this fake office from Elisabetta Olias Asesoria are an address at Calle Las Flores 24, Edificio Mar, Oficina 317, Tenerife    Telephone 0034 922 985 459  Email: elisabetta.olias@europe.com

And for the translator Marco de Ciocci there is an address: Calle las Calderas 43, Oficina 102, 38618 Los Abrigos, Tenerife

If you have been approached by any of the mentioned people or companies, please do let us know and DO NOT pay a penny to this set up as you will not anything back.

You can reach us through the CONTACT US form or place a comment on the blog

Please also see our article about all the companies belonging to this same group.

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Have you received a letter or call from Abogados Asesores Gomez or Abogados Herranz?

The FAKE lawyers companies, Abogados Asesores Gomez and Abogados Herranz are not only cold calling, they also approach the consumers by letter.

The initial contact is made to inform the timeshare consumer that they are handling their case regarding the malpractice and mis selling they suffered in the past from bogus resale companies and dubious discount clubs.

Once the consumer’s attention has been caught and calls to the office of these (fake) lawyers Abogados Asesores Gomez, a person by the name of “ Jennifer Bayliss” presents herself as the lawyer of this company who will be handling the case.

Ms Bayliss sends paperwork to apply to the Court for the case to be heard. She helps the consumer to complete the forms and translates the documents, and sent these to the court as their professional representative.

Once the case is accepted and the funds put into a holding account the consumer has to pay court fees of £1100 otherwise the funds cannot be released to the consumer and the court would chase them for non-payment!

But when the court fees have been paid, there is another slight “hiccup” with the pay out as before the consumer also needs to apply to a Tax Office in Spain to make a tax declaration.

This tax declarations needs to be done by a Spanish Accountant and obviously the consumer needs to pay the accountant.

Luckily Ms Bayliss from Abogados Asesores Gomez and Abogados Herranz can recommend an accountant!

For some reason there doesn’t seem to come an end to all the fees and expenses that need to be paid prior to receiving the court awarded money….

Sounds familiar?

It certainly does! And the end is only when the consumer finally realizes there is no money awarded and they are speaking to fake lawyers!

Contact details for Abogados Asesores Gomez and Abogados Herranz are:

Address: C/pizas 362 Escalera Derecha 28200 Madrid.

Telephone number: 0034 91 1013424

Email: Abogadosherranz@email.com

Please be very careful with calls like this from or letters from lawyers, who seem to be handling a case for your when you never ever asked them to do so!

In this case, please note that there are NO lawyers in Madrid or Spain by the name of Abogados Asesores Gomez or Abogados Herranz! 

If you have been in contact with Jennifer Bayliss or any other person from Abogados Asesores Gomez or Abogados Herranz supposedly based in Madrid, please let us know.

Do NOT make any payment!

You can reach us through our CONTACT US form or by placing a comment on this blog.



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To claim or not to claim, Chapter 5, “We saw an add in the newspaper and contacted them….”

A special attention is required for those Claims companies that put large and colourful ads and publications in the large national newspapers.

Many times when we ask a consumer if the initial contact was made by cold call, they actually say no, we saw their add and called them…

It appears that many consumers who see an add in the newspaper are more inclined to think everything is in order because the add is in a reputable newspaper.

It needs to be stressed that the credibility of the newspaper or magazine is not automatically the credibility of the publishing company.

Of course we have no doubt that the publicity department at the newspaper will look into the content and makes sure there is no offending text or picture or something that is not permitted by law. But surely it is not on to them to research the company and look at the past track record of the administrator of the company etc.

Neither is it a guarantee that when a company has the money to actually place such expensive adds in the large newspapers, that they are above board and trustworthy.

Taking into account that some of these so called “claims companies” take around 10.000 pounds from the consumer for the supposed claim and relinquishment service. …they have no problem to pay such add!

Not all companies are bad, but neither all companies are looking for the well being of the consumer.

So the lesson is, do your homework and don’t be taken by large publication, fancy websites, active Facebook pages or expensive brochures!

If you have any questions please go to CONTACT US

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Timeshare Cold Callers for January 2018

Dear All,

The latest cold caller list is ready for January 2018.

We detected in total 54 cold callers and from the 54 companies, 12 company names are new on the list.

For a complete list of the 54 cold calling companies please click on the PDF LINK:

Cold Callers January 2018

The 12 new company names are the following:

  • Abogados Asesores Gomez                     Legal advice
  • Abogados Herranz                                   Legal advice
  • Action Fraud (FAKE)                              Mediation Company
  • Claim your Claim                                     Claims Company
  • Consumer Advice Centre                        Claims Company
  • Davies and Howell                                   Claims Company
  • Deutsche Bank (FAKE)                           Fake Bank
  • Inmobiliaria Doncel                                 Resale
  • Meridian Consultancy Services             Mediation Company
  • Supreme Court of Cassation, Greece    Court FAKE
  • The Claims Agency                                   Claims Company
  • Timeshare Help Centre                           Claims Company

As you can see, yet again a whole new range of supposed claims companies have appeared this month.

Throughout the month we have been posting articles about these so called claims companies, how they work, what they offer and what you can expect when attending meetings abroad or in the UK.

You can read these articles through the following link:


Please be careful with all cold callers.

Many thanks as always for your continues messages and information about all cold callers!

Customer Care

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To claim or not to claim, Chapter 4, everybody is a winner…

If we were to believe all the cold calling claims companies, everybody who owns timeshare can now do a claim, and what is even more surprising, everybody is going to win!

Of course things are not that straight forward and easy at all.

As with any court claim, you can either win or lose. Of course there are certain grounds for the claim, which have resulted in a successful claim with others and could mean your claim will be an awarded one as well.

But what are actually the basic grounds used by the solicitors to asses if you can actually at least try to claim?

The solicitors will look at the cases that have been won so far and why the judge or Supreme Court came to the decision to rule in favour of the consumer.

Some basic points on the subject of claims are that unless you purchased your timeshare in Spain after January 1999, you will not have a claim in the Spanish courts.

So please note that we are always talking about purchases in SPAIN!

All the consumers that are being contacted by these so called claims companies and didn’t purchase in Spain at all, please note that this is nothing to do with you!

As with all court claims, you need to provide proof and evidence of what you are claiming about.

Claiming back the fees is something that is heavily pitched by the claims companies as well. But do keep in mind that if you used the timeshare throughout the years, the resort will claim back from you the costs of this accommodation as well if you are refunded all the money and the contract is declared Null and Void.

The claims done through the Supreme Court have taken several years; in any case a court claim done in Spain can take up between 12 to 24 months.

If you have been offered a no win no fee claim, beware that it does not entail a large fee to relinquish your timeshare first or even the purchase of another product, such as “Lifestyle or Leisure Credits”.

These no win no fee claims are usually the enticer, the promise of large amounts of money to be returned. But then it turns out it is a claim under Section 75 of the Credit consumer Act 1974.

Next week we will go into further detail on the claims won so far and what to look at when selecting a claims company to help you in this matter.



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To claim or not to claim Chapter 3, The Spanish notary…

One of the most surprising stories we receive from consumers, who attended meetings in Spain, is about the notary they went to visit.

You might have received the same invitation already for the meeting in Spain to discuss the No win No fee claim, where the company will pay for your hotel and all you need to do is book your flights.

Many consumers fall for this, as after all they are going to spent 3 days on the sunny Costa del Sol, hotel paid for, what can they lose?

The reality is though slightly different as not many people are prepared for the long day that waits ahead of them.

During hours they are explained about the court claims, all the successes of the company, and how all timeshare resorts have mis sold the consumers. Then they also explain the additional services, the relinquishment or cancellation of the timeshare, which needs to be done the soonest the better as the resort will not allow the consumer to relinquish as soon as they notice they are going to claim.

Imagine the scenario here, the consumer is in a foreign country, picked up from the hotel and driven to an office about 30 – 40 minutes away from the hotel, bombarded for hours with facts and figures on claims and then presented with the additional services and the fact time is running out.

Then the consumer is presented with the fact that to act now, they have to go and visit the notary, who is yet again a drive of 40 minutes away, the offices are about to close, and you need to make a decision now…

We have heard of consumers who literally signed the agreement to take up the services, running from the offices to the car to get to the notary the soonest possible!

Here are some of the mentions we received from consumers about these meetings and the figure of the “Spanish Notary” that was thrown into the conversation:

“They said they had found a loophole that no notary was on our deeds which made our contract null & void & would allow them to get us out of our contract. As we did not want our children to be burdened with this expense. We were told several times that we should not divulge this information in Britain. We were told that we would have to submit the claim that day & have it officially signed & witnessed by a notary. Copies of our passports were taken, our original deeds for our timeshare kept & general information on our timeshare. To start the proceedings we would have to pay €2,000 & balance within 5 days by Bankers draft approx. €7,500 on our return to the UK. We paid the deposit by Debit card. We were then taken by car to the offices of the Notary they used in Fuengirola a D. XXXX to have our claim witnessed by him….”

They took me to a notary for power of attorney which cost £1800,-

We were taken into Fuengirola to D XXXX Notario and he did a ES Copia Simple and we paid a deposit of 2000 euros on credit card. Foolishly we thought as the notary was involved all was above board – obviously not…”

“He explained the plan was to charge us £6,500K to “desist” -to get rid of our time-share by removing our names from the deeds via a notary in Spain…”

Please note that all you are signing at the Notary is a Power of Attorney. This Power of Attorney which is in Spanish and kindly translated by the person from the claims company into English there and then verbally, is all about the fact you are given this company the authorization to cancel your membership on your behalf.

The Power of Attorney does not mention any solicitor or procurator that will handle your supposed court claim.

The role of the notary is purely to certify that the person undersigning the document (the consumer) has been duly identified with a Passport or ID document, and is signing out of free will the authorization for the other person / company to act on their behalf in the stipulated matter, which is CANCELLATION OF THE TIMESHARE.

At NO point the notary is involved in this cancellation, or anything mentioned in the document. The notary is only a witness of the fact this person is signing this authorization!

Power of attorney’s in Spain such as the above-mentioned document cost around 100 euros.

So making believe the consumer that the notary is actually going to act on their behalf in the relinquishment procedure and the charge for this is around 2000 euros, seems to be far away from the truth!

Don’t let anybody rush you into signing an agreement!

For as much as everything sounds credible and people in suits are telling you they are legal advisers and Spanish notaries are going to handle your case…keep a clear mind and take your time to think things over.


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