What about Greenworth Legal Services in London?

Greenworth Legal Services is a recent dubious cold caller.

The agent, Tony Walls, from Greenworth Legal Services are claiming to be authorised by the National Westminster Bank for the release of funds held by the Spanish Courts.

All the consumer needs to do is paying the solicitors fees of around £1200 and the awarded compensation will be transferred to his account.

Tony Walls calls from a Spanish number 0034 952 384 726 but they also use a UK number 0203 745 8757

Greenworth Legal Services is very reluctant in giving out any further details but in their emails they even display names of other supposed victims which is completely wrong seen the Data Protection law.

Contact details for Greenworth are:

Email: greenworthlegals@mail.com and address in the UK: York Road, Waterloo, London SE17PJ.

The payment of the mentioned solicitors fee has to be done into a bank account, which is in the name of an individual, not a company and certainly not a solicitor’s office.

Once the first payment is in, there seems to be another problem and that is the lack of NIE number of the consumer, and without the number the money cannot be transferred to their account.

So, guess what? Another payment is needed to get this sorted, and yes another payment into the account of another individual.

Please be aware that there is no such thing as a company Greenworth Legal Services paying out Spanish Court compensations!!

Do not pay any money to this company!

If you have been contacted by Greenworth Legal Services from (+34) 952384726 or (+44) 02037458757 let us know as son as possible!

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog.




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Careful with the (fake) Letter from “Justicia de Malaga”

It has been brought to our attention that several timeshare consumers have received this week a letter in the post from Justicia de Malaga.

The letter which is headed as “Gobierno de España” (Spanish government) pretends to be from a courthouse in Malaga, supposedly contacting all victims from a range of bogus resale companies.

The letter is signed by Juan Morales

In the letter they refer to a police raid on the Costa del Sol in February 2015, where over 60 people were arrested and more than a million euros in assets were seized.

Justicia de Malaga states that the assets have now been liquidated and a cheque has been made out for each victim to be paid out. Just like that!

Even better, the cheque is already waiting for the consumer to be cashed in at a “Handling company” in the UK and all the consumer needs to do is contact this handling company on 0208 1337034 to arrange for the cheque to be posted to their home address.


There is no such thing as a department called Justicia de Malaga, or courthouses sending off cheques to UK handling companies to be cashed in.

The letter is not even personalized in the name of the consumer!

Please do not fall into this trap, as obviously there is something very dubious going on!

If you received this letter from Justicia de Malaga as well, please do let us know. And if you already called the number 02081337034 to ask for your cheque, tell us what this is about.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on the blog.

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The never-ending story (cold calls) from Island Breaks…

Island Breaks is a company that has been on our books for some years now. But they don’t seem to give up on their cold calls, and for what is worse; they don’t seem to give up on their dubious promises either.

The agents from Island Breaks explain to the consumer that they are a company specialized in doing refund claims, and that they have been very successful. They are so successful that even claims far out of the 6 year deadline for Consumer act claims is no objection for them, and neither if the consumer already threw all the paperwork away or did not even pay by credit card.

Before they seemed to be calling exclusively those consumers who bought into a Discount membership club such as DWVC or Club Class, but now they also call the owners of Timeshare resorts.

Everybody can claim and everybody is a guaranteed winner!

All the consumer needs to do is to jump on a plane and go to Tenerife. Accommodation provided by Island Breaks and a meeting set up with their “legal adviser” to organize the claim. Too good to be true? It certainly is!

Once at the meeting, it all turns out that the claims service is only a small part of all that needs to be discussed, and as a matter of fact, Island Breaks won’t even handle the supposed claim. A “specialized legal company” will do the claim. No name of this company is provided though, and the consumer does not even sign an authorization for this company to act on their behalf.

Just a piece of paper saying, they will do the claim is what apparently is going to do the job. And in a period of 6 to 8 weeks time.

The main part of the meeting is then spent on explaining to the consumer that they are taking Holidays in a complete wrong way and that it would be so much easier and cheaper if they sign up for the product of the Luxury Leisure Group.

A product that is actually not even explained in detail and surprisingly many consumers end up signing and walking out of the meeting, without even knowing what to do next.

Several agreements are presented to the consumer to sign.

Island Breaks / Luxury Leisure Group, has done their home work and make sure that the agreements all state clearly that the duration is for 11 months and point out in a separate clause that their product does NOT fall under the Timeshare Directive seen the duration and for that affect they have no obligation to take into account a 14 day cooling off.

The fact they “give” the consumer a range of free weeks to be used in Canaries and worldwide, seems to contradict the duration though as it would be impossible to use them all in 11 months. Well not impossible, but you would be on Holidays most of the time…

Money is taken on the day; often an amount of around 2000 pounds and the rest (close to another 5000 pounds) can be arranged on finance or has to be paid by bank transfer the week after.

Sad enough, a lot of consumers arrive home, have no clue really what they bought into as the paperwork does not explain this properly and after the stipulated 6 to 8 weeks they also realize the claim is not going through at all and the promised and guaranteed compensation is not paid out.

The company Island Breaks has a website www.islandbreaks.net

The contact details on the web are: Address: 38670 Adeje, Tenerife

Telephone: 0203 677 5424 and Email: info@islandbreaks.net

They don’t mention a Company Registration number, which seems to be strange but they actually do mention a travel Agency registration and this number I-AV-0002931 coincides with the company Slonce Travel.

If you are contacted by Island Breaks from 02036775424 do please let us know.



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#Timeshare Cold Callers for February 2017

Captura de pantalla 2016-07-01 a la(s) 14.15.36

Dear All,

Cold Caller list for the month of February 2017 gives us the total of 73 Cold calling companies of which 15 companies are new on the listing.

For such a short month there seems to have been a lot of activity and most inquiries have been received about the so called “Claims” companies who invite consumers to meetings to discuss a “No win No fee” claim and who all seem to change the tune once the consumer is there.

And the other ones are those companies pretending to be “legal” companies appointed by the different courts in Europe to pay out awarded compensations to the consumers.

Please note that there is no such thing as money awarded through courts and not even knowing you were included in a claim!

Very popular as well among these dubious companies seems the usage of the name of a genuine company, often dormant and without activity for years, but very confusing and misleading when a consumer tries to obtain more information.

Just go by the rule that you should NEVER trust a cold caller, especially if they know more about you than you would expect from the start of the conversation, and NEVER EVER pay any money upfront!

For a complete list on the 73 cold callers, please go to below link:


And the names of the new companies that appeared in February are the following:

  • Almagro and Associates
  • Bulganu & Valentin Asesoria
  • Elite Mediation
  • Elodi Baxel
  • Grown Consulting
  • Indigo Solutions
  • Inmobiliaria Casamayor
  • Joint Returns Legal Consultants
  • Liniak
  • Ochoa Artola
  • Oficina Notarial Angeles Pomelo Cortez
  • Paulo Finucie Asesoria
  • Reclaim Assistance
  • Saltaire Project (FAKE)
  • Scorpion Disputes

Thanks to all consumers who took the time this month to send us all the information and details of the cold callers!

Customer Care

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Ochoa Artola, a (fake) law firm that can handle your claim


A new caller on the list of highly suspect callers, in the name of Ochoa Artola.

Their logo and papers look suspiciously alike as the many other “lawyers’ offices who just call out of nowhere and again vanish into thin air after the people pay them.

But Ochoa Artola is a new name, and also the type of services on offer, which seem to have changed.

Well scammers also must adjust to modern times!

This time they offer to represent the timeshare owner in a lawsuit to reclaim all the money from their timeshare resort.

This is done on a “no win no fee” basis according to Ochoa Artola.

The problem is of course that there is absolutely no legal office in Madrid under the name Ochoa Artola, and neither is there an Ochoa Artola registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Spain.

So it is hard to do a claim!

We have no doubt that there is a snake in the grass and possibly most certainly money to be paid at some point. Probably under the excuse of ‘you have been awarded a large amount by the court but first you have to pay taxes, “or apply for a Spanish Tax ID, or whatever.


Their contact details are:

Paseo de la Castellana 95, 15th floor, 28046 Madrid.

Phone (34) 603 135 412 and fax (34) 911 980 652

www.ochoaartola.com website and email info@ochoartola.com or johnphillips@ochoaartola.com an address used by Mr. Peter Waterdrinker.

If this company Ochoa Artola, Mr. Waterdrinker or another employee, already has approached you please let us know.

How good it all sounds, NEVER pay money to someone who calls you and give you stories about lawsuits or claims.

You can reach us by email customercare@mindtimeshare.com or leave a message on our blog.

Nederlandse versie http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1Wi


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Ochoa Artola, een (vals) advokaten kantoor die uw claim kan behartigen.


Een nieuwe beller op de lijst van zeer verdachte bedrijven, bij de naam van Ochoa Artola.

Hun logo en papieren zien er verdacht gelijk uit als de zovele andere “advokaten” kantoren die zomaar uit het niets bellen en ook weer in het niets verdwijnen nadat de mensen hun betalen of het simpelweg te heet wordt onder hun voeten.

Maar Ochoa Artola is een nieuwe naam, en ook is de aanbieding van de services iets veranderd.

Tja ook oplichters moeten met hun tijd meegaan!

Dit maal wordt er aangeboden om de timeshare eigenaar te vertegenwoordigen in een rechtszaak om al het geld terug te claimen van hun timeshare resort.

Dit wordt volgens Ochoa Artola op een “no cure no fee” basis gedaan.

Het vervelende is natuurlijk dat er totaal geen juridisch kantoor bestaat in Madrid onder de naam Ochoa Artola, en ook niet geregistreerd is bij de KVK in Spanje.

Dus dat wordt moeilijk claimen!

Wij hebben geen twijfel dat er een addertje onder het gras zit en er eventueel zeer zeker wel om geld wordt gevraagd. Waarschijnlijk onder het motto van ‘u bent een bedrag toegewezen maar eerst moet u belasting betalen’, of een Spaans Tax ID aanvragen, of wat dan ook.


De contact gegevens zijn:

Paseo de la Castellana 95, 15e etage, 28046 Madrid.

Telefoon (34) 603 135 412 en fax (34) 911 980 652

Website www.ochoaartola.com en email info@ochoartola.com of johnphillips@ochoaartola.com een adres dat wordt gebruikt door de heer Peter Waterdrinker.

Mocht u al zijn benaderd door dit bedrijf Ochoa Artola, Meneer Waterdrinker of een andere medewerker, laat het ons dan weten.

Hoe goed het allemaal ook klinkt, betaal NOOIT geld aan iemand die u zomaar belt en verhalen ophangt over rechtszaken of claims.

U kunt ons bereiken via de email customercare@mindtimeshare.com of laat een bericht achter op ons blog.

English version: http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1Wl

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Bulganu & Valentin Asesoria, the ones who will recover the cheque lost in the post…


For months now we have seen inquiries about very dubious companies, all supposedly based in the Canary Islands and using names such as Legitimous, Legitimos Abogados, Litigar Abogados, etc.

Luckily many consumers did find these warnings on time and were not lured into the trap of these people, paying towards (fake) court claims and sending money for taxes that were to be paid over supposed awarded sums of money in these claims.

The Court of Arona, The Court of Santa Cruz…and a range of (fake) lawyers and (fake) solicitors were mentioned in the endless flow of emails and documents send to the consumers.

Those who did pay the fees were then told the “cheque” was on its way. The victims were even sent a copy of the supposed cheque from a bank called BANESTO. This bank did exist in Spain but was taken over by Santander many years ago, so there are certainly no cheques issued with this name! But of course…would you know this living abroad?

Unfortunately the cheque never arrived, and you know what happened? Some vile thieves stole it out of the envelope and the post office is investigating….yeah right!

Now there is a new set up that has appeared on the scene, Bulganu & Valentin Asesoria.

Because if there is something all these dubious companies have in common, is the fact that once they take money from you, they won’t stop.

And Bulganu & Valentin Asesoria is the next stop on the chain of defrauding people out of their hard earned money.

Supposedly appointed by the Santa Cruz Court in Tenerife, they are the ones dealing with the misplacements of funds that arose through the misappropriation and false encashment of the cheque.

Their “CONSORTIUM” od lawyers will instigate due diligence and assure the Clearing Bank (?) will issue an order to rectify the error made and make sure the money is paid to the consumer.

But this time the consumer will have to pay remuneration fees, which can be recovered, as well through this clearing Bank-

So please send us another 625 euros….

As you can see, there will never be an end to this as long as the consumer / victim believes this is real and continues to pay.

The details of this set up using the name of Bulganu & Valentin Asesoria are the following:

Telephone 0034 822 250 498

Email: bulganu-valentin@europe.com

Names of the “lawyers” Gina Bulganu and Manuel Valentin

And they quote 2 addresses:

C/Morato 3, Edificio Linares, Tarragona, Barcelona, Spain

Calle Berna, Edificio Goleras 267, Los Abrigos, Tenerife, Islas Canarias


There is no court claim, the connected companies mentioned above DO NOT exist, and this one, the Bulganu & Valentin Asesoria is FAKE as well.

If you have been in contact with any of these companies, do contact us and we can help you further.

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