Avez-vous reçu un appel de ‘Promotora Group (FAUX) faisant une offre pour vendre votre multipropriété à Condis Supermercats?

Une nouvelle société de revente a été reportée sous le nom Promotora Group (faux).

Le faux Promotora Group contacte les Membres de multipropriété par téléphone et leur raconte qu’une société est intéressée par l’acquisition de leurs semaines et le prix offert est bien au-dessus du prix du marché actuel.

Les personne de contact du groupe Promotora sont Mme Durand (m.durand@realtyagent.com)  u Philippe Doucet (pdoucet@realtyagent.com).

Selon les témoignages reçus de certains Membres, l’acheteur qui soi-disant serait intéressé par le rachat de leurs semaines, est une entreprise importante internationale, Condis Supermercats, et Promotora Group fournit même aux Membres un contrat qui semble confirmer cela.

Comme à l’accoutumé avec ce genre d’affaires, Promotora Group demande au Membre to payer des frais à l’avance, et encore une fois, nous nous posons la question de savoir comment est-il possible que ces personnes ne soient pas au courant de la Directive Européenne en matière de multipropriété qui confirme clairement que les demandes de frais à l’avance ne sont pas permises lorsqu’il s’agit de revente de semaines en temps partagé.

Cela ressemble aux agissements de toutes les autres compagnies de revente qui se créent et disparaissent continuellement, et nous déconseillons vivement de payer de l’argent à ce genre de société.


Si vous avez été contactés par Promotora Group (faux) par le numéro + 00 66 95 92 65 637 avec cette offre ou une offre similaire, merci de nous le faire savoir.

Vous pouvez nous envoyer un email à customercare@mindtimeshare.com ou laisser vos commentaires ici sur notre blog. Dans les deux cas, nous vous répondrons avec davantage d’informations.


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Have you received a cold call from Promotora Group (fake) with the offer to sell your timeshare?

A new cold calling Resale Company has been spotted by the name of Promotora Group (fake).

Promotora Group (fake) contact timeshare owners, mainly French speaking owners, by cold call and tell them a story about a corporate buyer (Condis Supermercats) which they have already waiting, keen on purchasing their weeks, and the price offered is well over the current market price.

The contact person from Promotora Group is a Mrs. Durand. Her email is m.durand@realtyagent.com

As to reports received from consumers, the buyer that supposedly is interested to purchase their weeks is a big international company; Condis Supermercats and Promotora Group (fake) provide the consumer even with a contract that seems to evidence this.

As usual with this kind of business, Promotora Group (fake) asks the consumer to pay an upfront fee, and once more we ask ourselves how it is possible that these people do not know about the European Timeshare Directive, which states clearly that requests for upfront fees are not allowed when offering resale of timeshare weeks.

We would say this looks the same as all the other resale companies that pop up and disappear continuously, and we would certainly not recommend paying any money to such a company.


If you were contacted by Promotora Group (fake) from Telephone Number + 00 66 95 92 65 637 with this or a similar offer, please let us know.

You can either e-mail us to customercare@mindtimeshare.com or leave your comment here on our blog. In both cases we will shortly come back to you with more information.


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Spotted, new cold calling Claims Company by the name of Claim Tracers

Claims companies seem to be the hottest issue at the moment, everybody offers claims, everybody has had soooo many success claims already and almost everybody needs you to travel to a meeting place or receive somebody at home.

This time we have Claim Tracers, and they are not different from all the others in this matter.

The website from Claim Tracerswww.claimtracers.co.uk was registered at the beginning of October 2017. That is not so long ago for a company telling consumers they had many successful claims already…

Contact details are: info@claimtracers.co.uk as per the website, which apart from this email does not offer any Telephone number.

Neither are there any further company details on the web such as Companies House registration or at leas tan office address.

Their offer from Claim Tracers is compensation claim on a no win no fee basis. 30% if the action is successful including all taxes and VAT.  Consultation on terminating the lease at a fee to be agreed.

Funny enough, the person who cold calls, who certainly is not a legal professional of any kind, can already tell the consumer how much the claim will be and insists decisions have to be made quickly as the “claim date” is closing soon.

In order to join one of their many successful claims, the consumer will have to receive a “ senior claims advisor” at home who will complete the “EVI”. This EVI is an extended verification of identity, and all titleholders of the timeshare should be present at the meeting with their Passports to identify themselves correctly.

They state the claim will be based on mis selling. So even before actually knowing the consumer’s story or having seen the paperwork, they already know what the claim will be about and how much he can claim. Interesting!

(Especially taking in mind that in all this process no qualified lawyer or solicitor has been mentioned so far.)

In spite of what is confirmed by Claim Tracers in their email and on the phone, the small print on the website mentions that Claim Tracers are a web based service, introducing you specialist companies and their services within the timeshare and holiday club claims sector.

So who is going to visit you at home?? Will you only find out the day they ring your doorbell?

How can the person calling from Claim Tracers make statements about amounts to claim and how the claim will be done, if they are a purely intermediary?

When submitting your details to Claim Tracers….with how many companies will they share your contact details? How many companies will be calling you as from there onwards?

If you have been approached by Claim Tracers from telephone 033221 22505 please send us a message through the Contact Us form or place a comment on the blog.

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What really happens at the meeting with Island Breaks in Tenerife…!

Below story / description of events is a resume of the emails we received from consumers who have travelled to Tenerife taking up the invitation of Island Breaks.

An invitation to attend a meeting where they will discuss a refund claim, from money paid to other companies in the past.

If you ever wondered why on earth you need to travel the whole way to Tenerife to discuss a claim supposedly done through the Consumer Act, which is a UK Protection law, don’t miss out on the testimonial given below.

“At the beginning of 2017 we were cold called from a woman from Island Breaks claiming that her Company specialised in reclaiming back money spent on miss-sold time-share.

She said that her Company could guarantee to get all my timeshare money back within 60 days from the date of the submission. They worked on a no win no fee basis and only charged 20% on the successful completion of my claim, once the money was in my Bank account.

All we had to do was to accept their invitation of a free week holiday in Tenerife for my wife and myself. They would pay for the accommodation, half board and Airport transfer; I would have to book and pay for our own flights.

Too good to be true I thought what was the catch I asked, “no catch” she assured me all we needed to do was to attend a 3-hour meeting in Tenerife and hand over copies of any documents. Why Tenerife I asked? “Because of the tax laws in the UK” she said if I made the claim in the UK it would be classed as a Capital Gain and we would be charged at least 42% tax.

We specifically enquired would we be asked to pay any monies up front in order to register our claim etc. or be asked to buy any other form of holidays or time-share etc. She assured I wouldn’t and that all we would be required to do would attend a meeting with an Advisor in Tenerife in order for them to process our claim. I asked her to confirm this in writing, which she did via an email see, copy attached. I thought what the hell it’s a free week’s holiday in Tenerife at least so I accepted.

So we travelled to Tenerife and waited for our appointment.

A representative picked us up from the hotel and drove us to what I thought was a remote town. As we were driving he told us a story about his boss, he said he had a timeshare in Spain and was also swindled, he tried to surrender his timeshare and get his money back but couldn’t. Then while on holiday in Spain he met this girl from Poland who just happened to be a lawyer. After being with her for a few days he told her about his time-share, she said that she could get his money back for him. To cut a long story short she did and he was so happy and so angry with the timeshare Company that she and her partner set up a Company in order to help others with similar problems.

The representative took us to a café opposite their offices and ordered us drinks while he had a look at the documents I had brought with me. He then took the documents away to be photo copied and came back with a form, which he filled in and asked us various questions. He went away again and later returned with a woman who was supposed to be the head of claims / Office manager.

She said that she had read our time-share agreement and it had been miss- sold to us and that she would take on our claim.

She went away and the representative then took us to the other side of the road where the offices were situated. There were 5 shops in a row all next to one another and all travel Agents with different names all owned he claimed by the same owner and his girlfriend who had offices in Poland.

He showed us around and he took us into one office where there were 4 members of staff were sitting at their desks. He introduced us to each one stating that they handled the claims on a commission only basis. There were files all over the place and lots of letters from various banks saying that they accepted the claim and were refunding monies to peoples Bank accounts, which were blanked out. One staff member claimed that the quickest they had completed a claim was within 33 days and they hoped to beat that record. I asked each staff member what was their success rate and each said 100%, each claim they made was successful.

Then we were taken to the office of the representative where he explained that the real business was travel and that their Travel Companies could offer us holidays at a guaranteed discount of 30%. He went onto say that “when not if” they got us our money back wouldn’t we be interested in booking our holidays through them.

He continued with his talk going over the same thing over and over again saying so you don’t want your money back and you don’t want cheap holidays?

Then another representative came into the room and went over the same thing again avoiding any direct questions. He said you have to pay £4,000.00 now by credit card (so you are protected) and further £4,000.00 in a month’s time.

I asked what was the money for he said the first £4,000.00 was to register my claim and the second was to process it, I protested saying we were assured that this wouldn’t cost us anything. He said it doesn’t you will be contacted back in the UK by a person who will arrange for £8,000.00 loan to go back into your Bank. You can then pay off your credit card and the £4,000.00 so you haven’t used any of your own money. By the time the first payment was due you would have your claim money back and you could pay the £8,000.00 back, when I asked who was responsible for the loan he avoided the question.

By this time, we had been at their offices for over 7 and a half hours. Before they agreed to drive us back they wanted us to sign various documents some were to confirm our hotel and refreshments that we had had but 3 documents were for holidays that we didn’t ask for or want. I didn’t have my credit card with me and thought I could get away with not paying but they already had my credit card details on their file from when I booked the flight, which I thought, was illegal anyway.

We had been overwhelmed by it all, felt pressured and intimidated into signing several documents, which were not properly explained to us. We were stranded in what I thought was the middle of nowhere, it was dark, it was gone 7pm and we had been there since 12:30pm. It was like being hijacked taken to an office and forced to hand over your money and Bank details. I felt the easiest way out was to comply with their request go to the police and cancel the payment the next day.

The next morning, I phoned my credit card company to cancel the payment they informed me they couldn’t the payment had already gone through, I then went to the hotel reception and told them that I thought I had been defrauded. I asked for the nearest police station and at that point the office manager phoned me and said she about to pop in to see us at the hotel. We met in reception I told her about our fears. She asked to discuss it in private so we went to our room. I told her of my concerns and she placated some of my fears. I gave her a list of our concerns, which she said she would take back to her boss.

The next day was contacted by the owner of the company who assured me that everything was genuine and above board and asked if he could send a car to pick us up in order to discuss our concerns further. I declined thinking that we had a couple more days to go and we would be flying home and where I would be able to deal with the matter more easily, which I have been trying to do ever since.

We ended up signing and committing to an Accommodation Contract with Planet Sunlight Travel SL for the amount of £4,000.00. The amount is divided in the agreement between the accommodation at £2,500.00 and a so-called Subscription Application for the sum of £1,500.00. Accommodation we didn’t want or need.

We have to pay a further £4,000.00 for Subscription for Exclusive Service, which we never asked for to Travel Home Adventure S.L and an 7 Island Experience S.L. Application Number for the sum of £4,000.00.

None of the agreements or documents relate to a refund claim

We were not informed or explained at all why there were so many different companies and agreements involved.

According to their example we pay £4,000.00 by credit card and £4,000.00 cash payment, which is then financed by a £8,000.00 Bank loan.

At the meeting we questioned where does the £8,000.00 come from? But I was told from their bank and further question about who was responsible for the money were avoided.

It wasn’t until the next day when we met with Debbie again and asked her more questions, that she made it clear that we were responsible for the loan and its repayments.

So what happens to the £8,000.00?

Apart from paying the above, I was told that £8,000.00 was placed in their HSBC Hong Kong Bank over a five-year period where they got interest at the rate of 12.9%. We would be able to draw from it at the rate of £2,000.00 per year in order to pay towards any future holidays we might wish to book with them!

Why and how did we fall for it? Well these people are very convincing and I did think that they were genuine and a part of me still hopes that they are.

But hey if it walks like a Duck, quakes like a Duck it probably is a Duck



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The strange call from European Claims or Ayudar y Soluciones por Compra Venta.

More dubious cold callers on the list this month. The company on the phone uses the name of European Claims, which is quiet confusing as there are more companies using the same name.

Looks like they running short of original company names.

Strangely the caller from European Claims or EC seems to know about all the companies the consumer on the phone has dealt with in the past and with who he lost money.

The initial call is to tell the consumer that there has been a court claim against the fraudulent companies and money has been awarded by a judge to all the victims. So EC is now calling them to bring the good news.

But there seems to be some inconsistencies in what they are telling in the first call and the fact the consumer has to pay the fee linked to petitions to the court. Which is a single fee that is going to cover all the claims against several of the dubious companies that have been submitted together.

But on a second call they then tell the consumer that if EC finds evidence of the consumer being victims of other scams, those claims could be added to the existing one and no further fees would be due.

So was the claim awarded already or is there still a claim to be done??

The amounts they say that have been recovered for the consumer are around the £22,000 and the money is waiting to be paid out to them. But of course they want £1500 (including VAT) first from the consumer to get the claim in front of a judge in court.

The fee needs to be paid by bank transfer into the account of a Spanish company by the name of: Ayudar y Soluciones por Compra Venta SL

EC says this is an escrow account.

The phone number for EC is: 0034 602 424 181 which is a Spanish mobile.

Please note that there is no such thing as court claims coming up or done on behalf of victims of scams, where the victim has no knowledge at all about this and certainly has not got any legal representative appointed or anything.

If you received a call from EC European Claims +34 602424181 or you have been asked to transfer money into the account of Ayudar y Soluciones por Compra Venta SL do let us know.

You can contact us through the CONTACT US form or place a comment below the blog article.




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Have you received any call from Barratt Consultancy Service or BCS Costa del Sol?

So many names, so many cold calls, but all with the same (fake) story. Again a cold caller with a story about a claim and money awarded through the court. This time the name used is Barratt Consultancy Service or BCS Costa del Sol.

BCS Costa del Sol states they are based at the Boulevar Louis Pasteur in Malaga.

The telephone number for Barratt / BCS is 0034 951 203 041.

The employee calling from Barratt Consultancy seems to know an awful lot about the consumers’ dealings with fraudulent companies in the past. They seem to know the names and amounts paid to these companies.

But as court claims have been won against all these companies, the consumer can now claim back the lost money and compensation.

Even those who already received a refund of the paid money through the Consumer act are being told there is more awarded to them.

The employee from Barratt Consultancy / BCS does need a payment upfront from the consumer so that work could start on securing the funds that they claim to have been recovered on the consumers’ behalf.

But what is a “simple” payment of 2300 euros when you can recover over 35.000 euros?

Please note that there isn’t anything of truth in the story told by Barratt Consultancy Service or BCS Costa del Sol.

If you received a similar dubious call from Barratt Consultancy Service or BCS Costa del Sol we would like to hear from you.

You can contact us through the Contact Form or place a note on the blog.


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Cold caller alert for a dubious company by the name of Charleston & Co

A strange and certainly a very dubious sounding cold caller has been detected by the name of Charleston & Co.

This company claims to be a solicitor’s office in Spain who has recently won a court claim against several dubious holiday companies, and they got money awarded through the court for the victims.

So now they are calling all the victims, (who so far were not aware of anything of this happening), with the good news there is money to be transferred to their account.

The consumer will have to do a claim through Charleston & Co to get his share of the awarded amount, which is close to £30000.

Names used so far by the “employees” of Charleston & Co are a Peter Weiss and Oliver Price.

Oliver Price assures the consumer that there will be no upfront cost to them and the only expense will be when he sends the “Official documents” to them to sign, as they will have to pay for registered post back to him.

Once he receives the paperwork back he gets paid from the government body dealing with it all.

Oliver Price also has an important request to the consumer; “Please don’t discuss this case with anyone, friends or family until it is all settled…”

After several calls and making sure the consumer is “all ears” for the claim, the consumer is told the claim is about to be processed but it has to be done by electronic transfer so the consumer would need a bank account set up.

Oliver Price points out that as there have been so many scams he recommends that the consumer open an account for the transfer to be done.

Charleston & Co claims to have several small offices but their main office is in Malaga which is the office that deals mainly with the Fraud Dept. and Court.

They are calling from a range of Spanish mobiles; 0034634067090, 0034634067105, 0034602688534 and 003463467060

Those consumers calling back to the offices of Charleston & Co are given a “code” to use when they call, to make sure they are passed to the right person. One of these codes is “GREEN”.

PLEASE note that there is no such company named Charleston & Co in Malaga or Spain and neither is there court claims done on behalf of victims who get money awarded without even having joined a claim or knowing about this!

If Charleston & Co has approached you with the above made up story and tells you that money is coming your way, please do let us know!

You can contact us through the CONTACT US form or place a comment on this blog.


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