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Platinum Services and Administration, cold callers with the old story about Compensation claims…

Sometimes you just wonder if they really think people are still falling for this. But we suppose they do… If not why would a company like Platinum Services and Administration start a cold calling campaign to ILG/ DWVC and Club … Continue reading

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New scam! Hundreds of car owners paid thousands of pounds to repair their car when it really belonged on the scrapyard…

It seems that hundreds of car owners in the UK have been scammed out of thousands of pounds when they tried to get their car fixed and the garage took money upfront, knowing the car was beyond repair. The car-owners … Continue reading

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So who are General Legal Associates?

A very strange cold caller has popped up this week using the name of General Legal Associates. They call about a court case against fraudulent companies the consumers have dealt with in the past. As it seems the Court case … Continue reading

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Timeshare cold callers for the month of February 2018

Dear All, The new cold caller list has been elaborated and in the month of February 2018 we have counted a total of 57 cold calling companies of which 13 companies are new names on the list. For a complete … Continue reading

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Did you receive a call already from Travel Online World?

Recently a new cold calling Fly Buy Company has been detected by the name of Travel Online World. Travel Online World seems to have all the details of the timeshare owners they approach on their cold calls and offer them … Continue reading

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The timeshare resale offer of ‘Holiday Ownership Estates’

A new timeshare resale company has been brought to our attention this week by name Holiday Ownership Estates. Holiday Ownership Estates are ‘cold callers’, approaching the consumers already with all their details in hands, and offering the sale of all … Continue reading

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Sky Breaks, the UK Flybuy Company from the Spanish Easy Consulting group.

Sky Breaks is not an unknown company, and has been around for some time now. They do discounted holiday accommodation for Timeshare owners. Recently they seem to be very active on the cold calling and we have also heard from … Continue reading

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