Cold called from ‘Reclaim Rights Plus’ on behalf of Spanish Courts?

Another new cold caller that has appeared during the past days is Reclaim Rights Plus, and again we have here a company that pretends to be acting on behalf of the Spanish Courts.


Reclaim Rights Plus cold call timeshare owners who had dealings with other dubious companies in the past and lets them know that that this company has been taken to court, and that they were now acting on behalf of the Spanish Court to sort things out for duped consumers.

That seems to be good news for anyone who has lost money before, especially as Reclaim Rights Plus is as good to be able to achieve not only the money that the consumer in fact has lost with the previous company, they say they will even be able to achieve the amount that was PROMISED by the previous company.

How do we find that? Too good to be true? Well, you tell me.

The amounts that Reclaim Rights Plus PROMISE to recuperate are therefore tremendously high, and which in turn makes that the upfront fee of 5% of the amount that the consumer supposedly will recuperate also is a considerable amount, turning out into several thousands of pounds that the consumer has to pay UPFRONT to release the funds, as is stated.

The facts are that we were unable to find a company registered on that name in UK or Spain, and neither is there any web page where one could look up who this company really is, so our advice is to be really much careful, if you are approached by this or any other company with such a PROMISE.


Timeshare owners need to be aware that this type of stories usually are invented, that the Spanish Court does not act in such a way, asking unknown companies to contact consumers by telephone, promising the return of lost monies and more.

When you are cold called with such a story, please make sure NEVER to pay any money upfront! Please note down any details and let us immediately know!

The telephone number that Reclaim Rights Plus uses to cold call consumers is 0034 604150346.

Consumers who have lost monies with dubious companies should know that there are companies who work on a no win no fee basis, and if it is to recuperate lost monies there is really no need to enter into business with dubious cold callers, who already dispose of the consumers details at the time of calling (Data Protection Law!) and on top ask for money upfront.

If you need any information in this respect, if you have lost monies with dubious companies and are not sure whether you will be able to recuperate it, get in contact with us and let us know your details. We will be pleased to provide you with advice in accordance to your particular situation.

So, if you have already been contacted by Reclaim Rights Plus with the phone number 0034604150346 or any other one, please let us know, and if you have any questions in regard to lost monies also. We are here to help!

You can contact us either by e-mail or by leaving a comment here on our blog.

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Gueliz Presta Services, société de revente basée à Marrakech, société de revente basée à Marrakech

Cette alerte aux consommateurs sort pour les entreprises de revente Gueliz Presta Services basée à Marrakech et avec un pitch (argument commercial) très semblable lorsque elles contactent les clients avec des appels à froid.


Gueliz Presta Services contacte principalement les consommateurs de France et Belgique et leur offre de racheter leurs multipropriétés. Afin de vendre la multipropriété le propriétaire doit se rendre à Marrakech et assister à une réunion avec un prétendu acheteur.

Ils n’expliquent pas au consommateur qu’il existe déjà un prix de vente convenu et ce prix est étonnamment élevé avec le seul but de convaincre le consommateur de la bonne affaire qu’il est offert.

Les coordonnées de Gueliz Presta Services sont numéro de téléphone 212 633 813 690 ; adresse email :

Site web, en registré en Mars 2015, donc très récent !

Afin de se rendre à Marrakech, un paiement de 489 € pour frais de dossiers ou de confirmation est demandé, payable par virement bancaire à une banque à Marrakech.

Veuillez noter que les entreprises qui vous appellent à froid, ils ont évidemment obtenu vos coordonnées et les détails d’adhésion par le biais d’une source illégale et s’elles vous offrent une garantie de revente demandant de se rendre à un autre pays et payer des frais initiaux … elles ne sont pas dignes de confiance!

Avez-vous été contacté par Gueliz Presta Services par le numéro 212633813690 ? S’il vous plaît, faites-nous savoir.

Email :

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Incredibly!!!! Yes.

Investigators suspect fraudster still targeting elderly for scams – but, incredibly, say they can’t afford to prosecute after savage cuts.

This is what the Mail on Sunday reports about Frank Madden:

Frank Madden is well-kwnon for a number of scams which have targeted timeshare owners in the past – i.e. Fly-Buys, Holiday Clubs, etc.

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The latest website from ITRA is closed!


Only a couple of hours after publishing our article on this blog about a new website launched by the ITRA group the link no longer seems to be working.

This raises the questions about what actually was the intention behind this website and why after all the work they seemed to have put into this, the site is no longer available?

Maybe there was no intention to connect the company European Claims Centre to ITRA seen the bad feedback on Google about this company?

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-20 a la(s) 12.25.28

Did they try to give the impression to be an ECC (European Consumer Centre) office and after highlighting the fact they were using a very similar logo, they changed their minds?

Was it too soon to make timeshare owners aware of the companies that seem to be working alongside with ITRA on various cases, such as TCA Timeshare Consumer Association and CLA Canarian Legal Alliance?

What is clear to us is that ITRA the International Timeshare Refund Action does not cease to come up with new names and new websites, which only create more confusion that anything else.

Fact is that timeshare consumers certainly need to be on their guard and make sure they do all the research and homework possible before attending any meetings of so called “No Win No fee” class actions or submitting their personal details and paperwork by email.

Thanks to the consumers who alerted us about this website and please if you receive any call or find any website with similar services and statements, do let us know!


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The cold call from Sky Breaks, which turns out to be The All Inclusive Club

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-29 a la(s) 17.01.38

Recently we posted an article on the blog about a Fly Buy company called Sky Breaks.

This company is actively cold calling timeshare owners and offers different Accommodation packages at various prices.

One of these offers is for example two weeks accommodation at any of the resorts listed in their brochure within two years for £459 and an additional offer of £120 for a further two weeks within 3 years. The agent from Sky Breaks goes as far as reconfirming that they are ABTA bonded, something that certainly cannot be confirmed with ABTA, as they do not know them.

Great is the surprise though to the consumers who actually fall for this offer, when they receive the confirmation of their purchase.

All inclusive logo

Nowhere on the confirmation the company Sky Breaks is mentioned and all of the sudden it is The All Inclusive Club and the ETOL Travel Desk (Extra time Online).

So how does this add up and where does this leave the consumer? When the agent calls and claims to be from Sky Breaks, they refer the consumer to their website. But if then it turns out the payment is for The All Inclusive Club…do they expect the consumer to check their website as well to see if all is the same as Sky Breaks?

Why does the agent from Sky Breaks not make the consumer aware they are calling from The All Inclusive Club?

Why would any company anyway pretend to be something else than what they are?

Cold calls, payments on the day for accommodation offers where the terms and conditions are not explained properly and confirmations from other companies after payment…it doesn’t really get any better.

Please be careful when receiving cold calls in general!

If you have been speaking to Sky Breaks we would like to have your feedback. You can email or place a comment on this blog

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Have you been cold called by Rosedale Group, the corporate Timeshare resale agent?

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-21 a la(s) 16.46.30

Rosedale Group is a new cold calling Timeshare Resale Company who is cold calling Timeshare owners who had dealings with other dubious resale companies in the past.

The agent from Rosedale group explains that the company the consumer dealt with is under investigation due to their dubious selling methods and will have to appear in court. But now Rosedale will make sure the timeshare will be sold.

Rosedale Group is not just another Resale Company; they are a corporate company that sells timeshare to large businesses. The agent even mentions that normally they don’t deal with private clients but thanks to a special promotion they have now a buyer for the timeshare week of the consumer.

So how lucky can one get?

All the Timeshare owner needs to do is pay a registration fee of £1900 and the sale will be processed. Once everything is sorted, the timeshare owner will receive back the price for the timeshare, the registration fee and also the money they paid to the previous company for the sale that never happened.

Obviously Rosedale Group has not taken into account that as per the Timeshare Directive it is totally forbidden to ask for an upfront payment to process a sale. Corporate or not, this is an illegal upfront payment!

Rosedale has a website which was registered in the first week of April 2015.

The company appears as Rosedale Marketing on the website.

The address they quote is actually a post-box at a local post office: Apartado de Correos 001, Torre Del Mar 29740 Malaga, Spain.

Their email address is

It is surprising to see that the list of supposed products they have on sale are all from Dubious Travel Membership Clubs which seem almost impossible to sell.

If you are cold called by Rosedale Group or Rosedale Marketing in Spain and offered a resale, then please do let us know.

You can place a comment on this blog or write to us by email to

Never trust any cold caller, and always remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it most probably is!


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The dubious calls from P Hall Recovery Solutions and Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions.

Captura de pantalla 2015-05-21 a la(s) 15.39.05

Cold caller P Hall Recovery Solutions was already brought to our attention not so long ago and a blog posted to make consumers aware of their cold call campaign.

Now a new name connected to P Hall Recovery Solutions has seen the light and it is a company called Timeshare Mistakes And Solutions.

On the website it is all about section 75 claims.

This website was registered only in March 2015, but there seem to be testimonials that date back to far 2011. Strange…

The same as P Hall Recovery Solutions, the company Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions claims to be professionals in dealing with Section 75 claims, and insist that these claims are not always straightforward.

We actually agree with that, but we do not agree with the fact that the above companies make consumers believe there is an actual need of ”litigation” and this incurs costs that need to be paid upfront.

These costs are around £400 and are expected to be paid by bank transfer. Obviously if something would go wrong, there would be no possibility to claim under section 75!

P Hall Recovery states in the paperwork they have been registered since 2011, but at the Companies House they have only been since February 2015.

The same confusion appears with the actual company address, registered in the UK, as per the website of Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions they are in Liverpool, but on the paperwork they quote an address in Tenerife, the Canary Islands.

Cold calls where the agent seems to have all the consumers information at hand without the consumer being aware of this, upfront fees and confusing company details, it certainly does not really give a good impression.

If you have been contacted by P Hall Recovery Solutions or Timeshare Mistakes and Solutions from Tenerife, about a Section 75 claim then please do let us know.

Think twice before submitting any paperwork with personal information to any company that cold calls and asks for upfront fees.

Do a proper research and always remember that if you have real grounds for a claim, there are many companies out there that do not cold call and certainly do not charge a penny unless you have received and confirmed a refund in your account.

For questions or feedback you can contact us by email at or place a comment on this blog

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