Cold callers from Acta Vacations offering Timeshare resale with an upfront fee


Acta Vacations is a timeshare resale agent that has started this week their cold call campaign and already generated numerous inquiries.

Acta Vacations claims on their website to be the leading online resource for buying, selling, and renting timeshare, All inclusive holiday packages, Adventure Holidays and Real Estate.

That seems to be an understatement for a company with a website which was registered on the 29th of June 2014!

On this website the contact details are the following:

Address: Calle Carretería, 28, 29008 Málaga, España

Telephone (Mobile): 0034 603 314 115 And Email.

Acta Vacations is as lucky to have actually buyers waiting to purchase weeks in certain resorts. And of course the Timeshare owner who is cold called, is just as lucky as he has a week in one of those resorts.

To complete the sale Acta Vacations requires a £750 holding fee. Which to us sounds like a straight forward upfront payment?

So once more a shame that a resale company pretends to avoid the Timeshare Directive asking for something that is strictly forbidden.

Cold callers who ask for money upfront are not really recommendable.

If you have been called by Acta Vacations from +34 603314115 in Spain, then please let us know.

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Rapid Resales, the cold calling resale agent with an upfront payment.


It looks like there are a lot of new resale companies seeing the light lately and one of them is Rapid Resales.

Rapid Resales is a cold caller and as almost all the other ones, they offer a quick sale as they have buyers waiting.

The initial call is about asking the Timeshare owner if they want to sell and if he will give permission to market the timeshare.

After 2 weeks Rapid Resales contacts the owner and surprise, they have a buyer already.

All that is needed is a payment of a “refundable” upfront fee of £495 to process the sale. This payment can be done through Pay Pal.

For as much as a company guarantees that a payment will be refundable or can be claimed back from the credit card company, Pay Pal, etc. There is no excuse for the fact they are asking for a payment that is forbidden as per the Timeshare Directive.

Research has shown that the website of Rapid Resales was registered mid June 2014.

They have an address in the UK: 16, Swanne House, Gloucester Circus, London,SE10 8RU

Telephone number 0203 289 0859 and email

There is no mention of any companies’ house registration.

We do not recommend the company Rapid Resales as apparently they are not familiar with the current legislation on Timeshare resales.

If you have been called by Rapid Resales from 02032890859 then please let us know.

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Verbana Jordi, the dubious cold calling “Abogado & Solicitor”


A new so called legal company by the name of Verbana Jordi has been pointed out to us.

Verbana Jordi claims to be a lawyer’s office in Madrid and although completely multilingual, they only offer their website in English.

It looks like there has been a slight confusion with the name of the leading lawyer, as the website and email address display a slightly different name.

The website was registered on the 23rd of June.

The person calling from Verbana Jordi offers to help Holiday Club owners with claims against their company on a no win no fee basis and will only take a 5% when the claim has been successful.

Verbena Jordi seems to have a lot of details from the Membership owners, including their Reclaim Certificate details and all the amounts paid when purchasing etc.

Research has shown that there is certainly no company or person in Spain by the name of Verbana or Verbena Jordi.

The contact details of this fake lawyers company are:

Calle de Almagro, 9, 28010 Madrid which is certainly NOT the address of a lawyer’s office!

And the Spanish mobile number 0034 602 501 780 which can be ringing anywhere in Spain.

Please NEVER trust any company that cold calls, and certainly not those claiming to be “lawyers” or legal advisers such as the above Verbena Jordi.

If you have been cold called by Verbana Jordi from +34 602501780 then please let us know.

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Cold caller alert for Sunshine Estates from Madrid!


A new cold caller for the list is Sunshine Estates who claims to be based in Madrid.

This supposed “International Real Estate” is targeting Timeshare owners around Europe with their guaranteed resale offer for their Timeshare Membership.

Although indeed there is a Real Estate in Madrid by the name of Sunshine Estates, we have serious doubts if this is the same people who are actually doing this cold call campaign.

Contact details of the cold calling Sunshine Estates are; telephone 0034 634 108 247 and

Fax 0034 911811419


The offer from Sunshine Estates is very attractive. A buyer seems to be lined up already and is willing to pay a substantial amount of money for the timeshare. Amounts around the 40.000 euros!

In order to get this all organized in a proper way, Sunshine Estates does require a security fee though, a refundable fee of a 10% of the sales price.

Once the sale has been completed the Timeshare owner will receive the money from the sale and also the refundable fee he paid up front.

It is not really a good sign for a company such as Sunshine Estates to cold call Timeshare Owners, but requesting an upfront fee which is illegal as per the Timeshare Directive takes the whole story to a different level. The level where we would say to be extremely cautious when dealing with this company.

So if you have been called by Sunshine Estates from +34 63410247 in Madrid about an attractive resale offer for your timeshare membership, please do let us know.

You can email or place a comment on this blog

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Have you been called by Klein Associates for a Timeshare Claim?


We are receiving inquiries about a company by the name of Klein Associates that seems to be cold calling Timeshare owners and telling them they are probably eligible for a claim.

Through the phone the agent from Klein Associates already assesses if the consumer is indeed eligible for a compensation claim and explains that he will forward information by email.

This information is indeed received from the email address

The telephone number for Klein Associates is 01244 940 542

In the email the agent Steven Presti refers the consumer to the website of the company

He also insists it will all be on a No Win No fee basis.

It seems rather strange that a claims company such as Klein Associates would cold call consumers and offers compensation claims to them over the phone. We certainly recommend consumers to be cautious when dealing with this company.

If you have been cold called by Klein Associates from 01244940542 about a compensation claim, we would really like to hear from you.

Please email us at or place a comment on the blog.

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Forteza SL the latest cold calling fake Insolvency Specialists


FORTEZAWith all the new companies over the past days, we have to add one more and that is the company Forteza SL.

Forteza SL presents themselves as Insolvency Specialists and as we have seen with several other fake liquidator offices on this blog, they also claim to be appointed to handle the liquidation of Reclaim Ltd.

For some reason the news about Reclaim Ltd and the real appointed Liquidators doesn’t seem to reach these companies and they continue with their same pitch.

Forteza uses as contact details:

Address: C/ Cuesta del Rosario 15, 2º B – Sevilla

Email: Telephone: 0034 955 300 162 and Fax: 00 34 955 300 159

The person calling uses the name of Daniel Rawlings.

Those consumers who actually listened to the offer from Forteza were told that this company could claim the money from Reclaim Ltd on their behalf and would not charge them anything for this.

All the consumer needs to do is to submit a claims form and copies of the Reclaim Ltd certificate.

Once the paperwork is submitted it is a question of a couple of days and money will be paid into the consumers account.

Of course this is not the real way it goes, as after a couple of days Forteza will be on the phone to say that the money has been blocked due to the lack of a Tax payment or a Tax ID number. And this is where the real “business” of Forteza will take off as they will start asking for money to sort these problems out.

As Forteza is not a real company and certainly are they not the real appointed liquidators, we strongly recommend having NO dealings with them.

If you have been approached already by Forteza from +34 955300162 in Seville then we would like to hear from you.

You can email or place a comment on the blog.

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