Lawrence Read Consultancy the fake company hiding behind fake facts


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Every now and then we are made aware of the existence of companies who all of the sudden appear with a website where they claim to have been around for “donkey” years in timeshare and have all the “truth” and knowledge in their hands.

Such company is for example Lawrence Read Consultancy. A company who obviously has chosen a name to look professional and created a website only 3 weeks ago. A website where they have a large input of testimonials (and that only in 3 weeks!) and where they have found the opportunity to slag and bad mouth other companies and associations such as Mindtimeshare.

It is not in our nature to spent or better said, waste any time to any apparent fake “professionals” who are only after people’s money and think this can be done over the backs of others. But on the other hand, there comes a moment when enough is enough and the truth must be said.

So we start with Lawrence Read Consultancy and want to warn all consumers who actually have the terrible bad luck to end up speaking to them, and warn them about the fact that any penny paid to this fake company will be money lost.

And not only that, but sharing your personal details or membership details with people claiming to be working for a company, without having any confirmation of their real existence is one of the biggest mistakes one can make.

Because if you don’t really know whom you are sending this to, how would you know where these details will end up?

Look at the facts:

  • There is no such company by the name of Lawrence Read Consultancy registered at the UK Companies House.
  • The website has only been active for about 20 days
  • The main part of the text on the web has blindly been copied from other websites who neither look very trustworthy.
  • Other companies referring to Lawrence Read Consultancy are those who are also in the same position, fake names, no registrations and track record of non-delivered services and money lost.
  • No Lawrence Read Consultancy found on the address in Colchester
  • There are no company details on the web which is obligated by law
  • There are no terms and conditions or privacy policy on the web

Professional and genuine companies supply consumers with full details on their company, professional companies provide potential clients with full information on who they are and what they offer.

And most important professional companies do not need to slag down on others to make themselves appear “better”…

Anybody can call themselves “consultant” or “Legal Adviser” but be aware that most companies or people who do this and then fail to add their credentials to their webs or paperwork, are more likely to be professional Clowns, Crooks or very hungry telemarketers who for some reason can no longer work for real companies.




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P Hall Recovery Solutions, a cold calling claims company from Tenerife.


Tenerife seems to be the place where all cold calling claims companies seems to be based, and we can add one more to the list this week by the name of P Hall Recovery Solutions.

P. Hall Recovery Solutions seems to have all the client’s details at hand when they call, and are more than aware of any claims running or potential claims the consumer might have.

They even go as far as convincing the consumer he can claim back things they never paid for, such as the full amount of a Cash back Certificate.

On the cold call, P Hall Recovery Solutions states that although a certificate has been submitted wrong or already paid out to the consumer, there is still a possibility to claim more money as “legislation” has changed.

As far as we know, no laws have been changed at all in this aspect and neither is the Cash back amount guaranteed, so unfortunately if people didn’t receive any money or less than expected, there is no such possibility to claim under the consumer Act an amount that was “promised”.

Not only does P Hall Recovery Solutions offer to do the claim on the consumer’s behalf, they also request an upfront payment for this of around £300 in concept of Preparation Litigation and professional advice, apart from another 10% over any awarded money.

We have found indications that P Hall Recovery Solutions is connected to other so called claims companies based in Tenerife as well, and who also required an upfront fee for their services and left many consumers without a claim or with no new son their claim for years.

We certainly do not recommend P Hall Recovery Solutions or any cold calling “claims” company. Always be very careful with a cold calling company that asks for a payment upfront to deliver their services!

If you have been approached by P Hall Recovery Solutions please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Beware of Abraham & Loudes, fake solicitors from Malaga.


Captura de pantalla 2015-04-21 a la(s) 13.31.54A new cold calling lawyers office by the name of Abraham & Loudes has been spotted recently.

These so called lawyers, claim to be based in Malaga on the Costa del Sol.

The pitch through the phone is that money has been awarded through the court to victims of dubious timeshare companies and this money can be claimed through the Abraham & Loudes offices.

All the duped timeshare owners need to do is pay a 10% over the awarded amount (which always exceeds the £8000) in concept of administration and legal fees.

As this is a very know modus operandi, it has all the looks of the an attempt of the continuation of those companies who were recently raided on the Costa del Sol in the Operation Tormenta, from the Spanish police.

It looks like there are people left still trying to get the most out of those client lists the police didn’t seize or they copied, and yet again they are back with the cold calls and the incredible story of money waiting in banks to be paid out.

Please note that there is no such company as Abraham & Loudes or any other legal company that is acting on behalf of the Spanish authorities or government.

Neither has there been any money awarded to victims of these fraudulent companies without these victims even knowing that they are included in the case.

If you have received a (dubious) telephone call from Abraham & Loudes Solicitors or any other company claiming to have money for you against the payment of a fee, then please let us know straight away.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Kanarisches Online-Nachrichten-Portal, Noticias7: Enttäuschte Timeshare-Kunden können Geld zurückbekommen


Captura de pantalla 2015-04-17 a la(s) 10.43.38Der folgende Artikel wurde kürzlich auf einem deutschsprachigen kanarischen Online-Nachrichten-Portal, Noticias7, veröffentlicht, und da wir denken, dass der Inhalt von aktuellem Interesse für unsere Blog-Leser ist, haben wir ihn nachfolgend im Originaltext veröffentlicht.

Die Originalversion ist auf folgendem Link zu finden:

Enttäuschte Timeshare-Kunden können Geld zurückbekommen

Kaum ein Urlauber auf den Kanarischen Inseln kommt an ihnen vorbei: An den sogenannten OPCs, jungen Leuten, die überall dort, wo sich Touristen aufhalten, mit dubiosen Methoden versuchen, Kunden zu angeln. Am Strand, vor Shoppingcentern, nirgendwo ist man vor den Schleppern sicher. Trotz aller eindeutigen Warnungen gelingt es ihnen aber immer wieder, mit Gewinnversprechen und anderen Tricks Urlauber dazu zu bringen, sich stundenlangen Verkaufsveranstaltungen auszusetzen. Am Ende einer solchen Promotion-Tour, die von psychologisch gut geschulten Verkäufern durchgeführt wird, steht dann nicht selten die Unterschrift unter einen Timeshare-Vertrag oder unter den Kauf eines Urlaubspaketes.

Wer in der Vergangenheit einen solchen Vertrag unterschrieben hat und später feststellen musste, dass die überschwänglich von den Verkäufern gemachten Zusagen nicht eingehalten werden, wird für jeden Tipp dankbar sein, wie er das ungeliebte Ferienwohnrecht wieder los wird.

Unter Umständen erhalten solche Timeshare-Opfer dann eines Tages unaufgefordert einen Anruf von einer Firma, die ihnen verspricht, das verlorene Geld vor einem spanischen Gericht zurückzuholen. Ob diese Unternehmen nun Timeshare Refund Network, Reclaimgc oder CLA heißen, die Vorgehensweise unterscheidet sich kaum. In der Vergangenheit wurde bereits mehrfach juristisch wegen des Verdachts des Betruges gegen einige diese Firmen ermittelt. Eine Verurteilung der Verantwortlichen wurde jedoch bislang nicht erreicht.

Was auch immer von den unerwünschten Anrufern versprochen oder vorgeschlagen wird, Vorsicht ist in jedem Fall geboten, besonders dann, wenn man eingeladen wird, nach Spanien zu kommen oder im Vorhinein nicht unbeträchtliche Zahlungen zu leisten. Die Gefahr, dass man auch dieses Geld nie wiedersehen wird, ist durchaus vorhanden.

Neues Geschäftsmodell mit alten Bekannten

Einige Ungereimtheiten sind im Zusammenhang mit den mysteriösen Anrufen regelmäßig zu beobachten. Zunächst sollte man sich fragen, woher die angeblichen Timeshare-Retter eigentlich die Telefonnummer und Adresse der Angerufenen haben. Dies könnte vielleicht daran liegen, dass ehemalige Verkäufer des Ferienwohnrechts ihre alten Kundenlisten abtelefonieren. Denn hinter diesen Firmen stecken oftmals die Leiter von Verkaufsorganisationen, die bis vor einigen Jahren selbst fleißig – etwa für Anfi auf Gran Canaria – Timeshare-Produkte verkauft haben.

Nachdem dieses Geschäft nicht mehr wie gewünscht funktionierte oder es aus anderen Gründen zum Bruch mit den einstigen Partnern gekommen war, verlegte man sich auf neue Geschäftsmodelle. Und dazu gehört eben auch das Angebot an unzufriedene Besitzer von Ferienwohnrechten, den Kaufpreis für die zuvor so hochgelobten Timeshare-Anteile zurückzuholen.

Praktisch, wenn man hier auf eine lange Kundenliste zurückgreifen kann. Und wenn man damit dem ehemaligen Partner, der nun zum erbitterten Konkurrenten geworden ist, auch noch schaden kann, umso besser.

Dass in der Timeshare-Branche nicht mit Samthandschuhen, sondern eher mit harter Hand und unverhohlenen Drohungen gearbeitet wird, ist nichts Neues. Heftige Auseinandersetzungen zwischen rivalisierenden Verkaufsorganisationen gehörten lange Zeit zum Geschäftsmodell. Schlägereien zwischen den OPCs der verschiedenen Timeshare-Anlagen zählten in der Vergangenheit zu den eher harmlosen Vorfällen. Hinter den Kulissen wurden weitaus schärfere Geschütze aufgefahren, die so gar nicht zu der heilen Urlaubswelt passten, die den Kunden vorgegaukelt wurde.

Klagen auch in Deutschland möglich

Wenn heute einige Firmen auf den Kanaren medienwirksam damit werben, welch fantastische Erfolge sie im Kampf gegen die Timeshare-Industrie vor spanischen Gerichten feiern, sollte man genau prüfen, ob man nicht zuvor über genau diese Akteure sein Ferienwohnrecht gekauft hat. Dass hier aus einem Saulus ein Paulus geworden ist, darf allerdings bezweifelt werden. Umso mehr, als dass die Methoden, mit denen um Klienten geworben wird, ebenso fragwürdig sind wie die, mit denen die Kunden einst in die Ferienanlagen gelockt wurden.

Genauso überschwänglich, wie die Vorzüge des Timeshare damals in den Himmel gelobt wurden, so geschickt verkaufen die Anrufer den enttäuschten Besitzern der Ferienwohnrechte heute die Aussicht auf einen juristischen Erfolg vor spanischen Gerichten. Die zu erwartenden Kosten bleiben dabei zunächst einmal ausgeklammert. Selbst wenn es tatsächlich manchmal gelingt, wegen Fehlern bei der Vertragsabwicklung sein Geld zurückzubekommen, ist dazu nicht unbedingt ein Verfahren vor einem spanischen Gericht erforderlich.

Wie der Bundesgerichtshof schon 2008 entschieden hat, können Opfer von im Ausland geschlossenen Timeshare-Verträgen in bestimmten Fällen auch in Deutschland auf ihr Recht pochen. Dies ist insbesondere dann möglich, wenn der Vertrag fristgerecht widerrufen wurde, dies aber von der Verkaufsorganisation nicht anerkannt und die zu Unrecht kassierte Anzahlung nicht zurückerstattet wurde.

In anderen Fällen ist es aber unvermeidlich in Spanien zu klagen. Dazu bedarf es aber nicht zwingend der Hilfe einer Firma, die mit zum Teil fragwürdigen Methoden arbeitet. Wer über eine Rechtschutzversicherung verfügt, wird über diese sicherlich einen kompetenten deutschsprechenden Anwalt in Spanien finden, der mit dem Thema vertraut ist. Auch eine Anfrage bei der Deutschen Botschaft in Madrid oder dem Konsulat in Las Palmas auf Gran Canaria kann bei der Suche nach einem vertrauenswürdigen Anwalt manchmal weiterhelfen.


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Canary Islands: Noticias 7 Article: “Disappointed Timeshare consumers can get their money back”

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-17 a la(s) 10.43.38

An article in German which was published in the Noticias 7 news board from the canary Islands this week, which does not only apply to German timeshare owners, so we have translated the text below.

You can access the original article on the following link: 

On the Canary Islands hardly any tourist escapes from them: The so-called OPC’s, young people, who are everywhere where tourists are and try to lure customers with their dubious methods. At the beach, in shopping centres, nowhere one is safe from these touts. Despite all clear warnings they succeed again and again with their promises to win prizes and other tricks to get the consumers to sit through hours of sales presentations. At the end of such a promotion tour, which is done by well-trained sales people, very often the consumer ends up signing for a timeshare or the purchase of a holiday package.

Anybody who has signed in the past such a contract and found out at a later point that the exuberant promises made by the sales person did not come true, will be grateful for any idea how to get out of this membership.

Such timeshare victims possibly will receive then one day a cold call from some company that promises them to get their lost money back via the Spanish court. Whether this company is called Timeshare Refund Network, Reclaimgc or CLA, their modus operandi is more or less the same. In the past, several of these companies have been investigated by the police for alleged fraud. A sentencing of the responsible persons however has still not been achieved up to now.

Whatever the cold callers promise or suggest, it is always recommendable to be very careful, especially when you are invited to come to Spain or asked to pay great amounts of money upfront. There is quite a big risk that you will neither see any of this money back.

New business concepts with „old friends“

With these cold calls there are some issues that make one doubt. First of all you should ask yourself where these supposed saviours of timeshare got the telephone numbers and addresses from of the timeshare consumers they contact The reason could be that former timeshare sales people are calling down on their own client lists. Many times behind these cold calling companies are in reality the bosses of timeshare organizations who until a few years ago sold themselves timeshare products, as for example for Anfi on Gran Canaria.

As this business for some reasons did not work as good anymore or they finished for other reasons the contract with their previous business partners, they have now gone over to practice other different business concepts. And part of these new concepts is the offers made to unhappy timeshare owners to recuperate the money that they have paid for the timeshare.

Very practical, if you then can revert to a long client list. And if you can even harm the business partner that now has become a competitor, even better. We all know that in timeshare they do not work with velvet gloves, but with hard tools and clear threatening. Heavy conflicts between rivalling sales companies are not the worst of what has happened in the past. Behind the stage there are used much heavier weapons than what is shown to the nice holiday world and to what tourists are made believe.

Also in Germany it is possible to file a lawsuit

With all those companies that promote themselves on the Canary Island with their stories about the fantastic exit that they are celebrating at Spanish Courts, fighting against the timeshare industry, one should look very well whether these are perhaps the same people as the ones that have sold them the timeshare before. It’s actually unlikely that they had a Road-to-Damascus revelation and changed their ways. Especially as the methods they use to attract clients, are as questionable as the ones they used to lure the consumers before into their timeshare resort. The same as they told you about the benefits of timeshare then, as clever they are now to promise disappointed timeshare owners great exit at Spanish courts. About the costs that are to be expected they do not speak. Even if in some cases it is possible to get the money back due to mistakes made at the time of closing the contract, for this it is not bindingly necessary to go over a Spanish court. According to a decision of the Federal Court of Justice of Germany in 2008, victims of contracts made outside of Germany can fight for their right under certain circumstances also from Germany (court). Especially in those cases where the contract was cancelled inside the cooling off period but the company did not accept it, and the illegally asked deposit had not been returned.

In other cases however it is inevitable to go to court in Spain. But for this you will not need the help of a company that works with dubious methods. Anybody who has insurance will certainly be able to find a genuine lawyer in Spain who knows about these matters. You can also ask for information at the German Embassy in Madrid or at the consulate in Las Palmas who in some occasions have been very helpful in searching a genuine lawyer.



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Orbit Travel, the latest Holiday club linked the Voyager Travel group.

Captura de pantalla 2015-04-16 a la(s) 15.13.54

Although it has been some time now since we last posted an article about the holiday company Voyager Travel and Lifestyle Holidays, there certainly have been some changes.

After the Gran Canaria police raids in the offices from Voyager Travel in July 2013, a couple of months later they “re-appeared” with new companies and new names such as Compass or Go-Compass.

But they seem to have changed yet again to another name and the product they are selling lately is called Orbit Travel – Orbit Travel is a product from Orbit Management, and these companies are directly connected to Voyager Travel, Compass, Day International Marketing and ReclaimGc.

Their Modus Operandi to attract consumers has not really changed a lot, and we continue to hear testimonials from holiday makers who have been approached in the streets from Gran Canaria by the so called OPC’s with scratch-cards. These scratch cards by the way are totally forbidden by the municipal regulations. These OPC’s give the consumer the impression they are working on a promotion from the Canarian Tourist Board.

Once the consumer receives the “main prize” on the scratch card he is quickly taken to the offices from Orbit Travel.

This sales office continues to be based in the Club Puerto Atlántico hotel, on the roof terrace, which is a space that lacked any municipal license for such activity. The very same place where Voyager travel & Compass were sold.

Holidaymakers are told the meeting will take around 90 minutes, but as happens most of the times, the 90 minutes are not even near the hours and hours of sales talk the people have to go through.

Main part of this sales pitch is the Holiday Membership of Orbit Travel, which can be for 4 years or even 6 years. The difference being the price and amount of accommodation that can be booked.

The consumer is presented this package for 4 to 6 years as a complete holiday package, which includes accommodation, access to worldwide resorts, discounted flights and some people also have a “free cruise” thrown in.

The way this is presented, as a membership for several years, this product is to be considered a “long term” holiday product, and consequently have a cooling off period of 14 days, without any deposit payment on the day, as stipulated by the European Directive.

But this is not what is reflected in the paperwork which is presented to the consumers who buy into this, and are though requested a substantial deposit on the day.

How? Well the invoice does actually not show a “membership” for several years, but is broken down to a purchase of several individual holiday accommodation vouchers.

The consumer receives these vouchers for each year filled in individually and each voucher has duration of less than 12 months for the corresponding year. So clearly the paperwork is set up to fool the European Directive on long-term holiday products and tricks the consumer into paying a deposit without a decent cooling off.

Great is the surprise of those consumers who after signing up for this, and paying the deposit, have a second thought and try to cancel. Because the cancellation is refused and a refund is not an option as per Orbit Management.

It is of course questionable why companies like this keep on changing their names, and keeps on telling one thing in the presentation and shows something different in the paperwork.

Unfortunately for those who manage to get through the 4 or more hours lasting meeting, the paperwork looks all the same and is most of the times signed for the sake of finally getting “out of there”.

If you have been to a presentation of a Holiday club or maybe the one from Orbit Travel, then we would like to hear from you!

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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The return of the cold call campaign from Sunline Direct


A company, which was mentioned in 2013 on this blog, has recently “re-appeared” after being very quiet for more than 6 months. This company is Sunline Direct.

We already placed a warning on this blog about this so called fly buy company, which offers discounted accommodation in different resorts worldwide. In this article ( we already pointed out the links to the different companies and ever since we posted this article the list of connections have only become longer.

Sunline Direct has made a strong come back, and is contacting timeshare owner’s actively through cold calls.

Companies connected to Sunline Direct are: Estrella Vacations, Gold Crown Tenerife, Gold Crown Solutions, Let’s go Tenerife, Let’s go International, Gran Canaria Resorts (GC Resorts), Resort Premium Services and Sunline Advisory.

On this call the timeshare owner is being told that Sunline Direct is connected with his home resort or exchange company, and states they are offering accommodation belonging to the “extra availability” of the resort or exchange company.

The offer from Sunline Direct consists of a package of several “highly discounted” weeks of accommodation and a UK Mini break for 2 people. The packages have prices ranging up to £545 and the weeks are valid between 4 to 6 years.

Payment is taken directly over the phone by credit card. They use third party payment provider to process the payment. Where the others used before  Mohawk Marketing the one used recently by Sunline Direct is  British Travel.

It is only once the payment has been processed when the timeshare owner receives the confirmation and the terms and conditions attached to this offer!

The weeks turn out to be only available as “non consecutive” which is not always explained prior to payment and some consumers even pointed out they expressly discussed the fact they would not travel on a 1 week only basis.

Once at the resort there is an obligation to attend a “welcome meeting”.

Timeshare owners have mentioned to us that the agent on the phone explained this welcome meeting as “going to pick up an information pack”. In reality though most of these meetings consist of a long winding sales presentations where the timeshare owner is presented with a membership of a DTMC (Discount Travel Membership Club) and people are kept for hours and hours.

We cannot stress more about the fact that you should never trust a cold caller. But when it comes to a call from a company such as Sunline Direct who make statements about your home resort and exchange company and expect you to pay over £500 on a phone call, then you should be even more cautious.

Always double check these statements, call your resort, call your exchange company and clarify what is a real offer and what isn’t.

There are no such offers that can only be given on that one call out of the blue and paying hundreds of pounds without even receiving proper terms and conditions!

If you have been contacted by Sunline Direct from 01277 552 403 then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog.

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