Nova Travel, cold calling Russian Timeshare owners for a dubious sale


A new cold caller has been brought to our attention, and this time the name they use is Nova Travel.

Nova Travel looks very similar to other cold calling resale companies we have warned about in the past weeks.

They cold call, and claim to have buyers lined up for the timeshare of the owner. The Timeshare owners they are calling are at the moment all Russian. The offer they do for the Timeshare membership is for a substantial amount of money and often for double what the Timeshare owner paid for it in the first place.

If the owner is interested in this sale, all he needs to do is pay a “liability insurance” of around 2000 euros to get the ball rolling and the sale completed.

Address details for Nova Travel are; Calle Gran Via 30, Planta 4, Madrid, Spain

Mobile telephone: 0034 603 221 538 and Fax 0034 603 221 539


The address is non existing and neither are there any companies in Spain registered under this name or similar address.

Cold calls and upfront fees are never a good sign and adding this up to faulty company details, we would certainly NOT recommend having any dealings with this company.

If you have been contacted by Nova Travel from 603221538 in Madrid, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog

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What to think of the combined offer from TravelPromotions and Let’s Go Tenerife



The latest offers from cold calling companies don’t cease to surprise us. We have now been alerted by Timeshare owners that they are receiving cold calls from a company called Travel Promotions.

Travel Promotions is well known to us and already has been discussed on this blog some time ago. This company is directly connected to Hollywood Marketing, Sellmytimeshare and Monster Travel.

Travel Promotions is now again actively cold calling, and offering bonus weeks. The pitch is set up in such a way that the Timeshare owner is given the impression that Travel Promotions is somehow connected to their resort. A false sense of confidence is created and Timeshare owners are more than willing to listen, as it is after all “their resort or somebody close who is calling”.

Not even near the truth unfortunately and once the Timeshare Owner has agreed to take up the offer for several bonus-weeks at £295 they receive a confirmation email where it becomes clear that their resort is not involved or “affiliated” at all.

In the confirmation another agent surprisingly is “throwing” another free week into the offer for the timeshare owner. This agent is called Let’s Go Tenerife. Another familiar name of a company who certainly is not affiliated to the Timeshare owner’s resort either and has their “own agenda”.


Although TravelPromotions explains that the bonus-weeks can be taken in different destinations, we have no doubt that the main destination will be Tenerife or any other Canary island. The islands where both companies have their own sales-decks.

Travel Promotions for Monster Travel and their Monster Credit product  , and Let’s Go Tenerife for Canarian Legal Alliance or Go Compass.

Seen the connections of all the above mentioned companies and their recent activities, we certainly would recommend caution when cold called by Travel Promotions or Let’s Go Tenerife.

If a company cold calls you and claims to be affiliated or connected to your home resort, always double check these facts before paying for an offer with your credit card over the phone.

There is no such thing as an offer that is only valid in one telephone call!

If you have been contacted by TravelPromotions or Let’s Go Tenerife, then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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Resort Exchange Consultants, a smarter way to charge an (illegal) deposit for a sale


The company Resort Exchange Consultants (RCE) has been mentioned before on this blog, when we actually found their website and already detected some issues that didn’t look right. Recently we have received several complaints about this company, and detected that they are indeed not acting by the rules.

Resort Exchange Consultants, once in contact with the Timeshare Owner is charging an upfront deposit for a supposed guaranteed sale. This on itself should not happen, as it is stipulated by law that there should be no upfront payments for a Timeshare resale.

On top of it, Resort Exchange Consultants is not using their own credit card machine or bank account and are actually processing the charge of £1500 through a third party. The payment is processed by a company called R&CL

It appears really strange though that there is NOTHING in the paperwork from Resort Exchange Consultants about this company R&CL who takes the payment

But the story of Resort Exchange Consultants does not end here. After the “failed” sale, they actually come up with a second offer which consists of changing the existing timeshare in a different membership that will sell so much quicker. This membership is called All the Best Places.

All the Best Places is supposedly a Discount Travel Membership Club with no annual fees and extended availability and bonus-week offers.

All the Timeshare Owner needs to do is to pay another £1700 in order to change into this membership, although he is re-assured that both payments (the deposit of £1500 and this £1700) will be quickly recovered through the sale of All the Best Places.

And yes, maybe you guessed this already, the £1700 is again NOT charged by Resort Exchange Consultants and not even by All the Best Places…the money is charged by a company called Servicios Fragata Carolina

Servicicios Fragata Carolina is again NOT mentioned at all in the paperwork from REC or All the Best Places.

We cannot stress enough that any cold caller should be treated with extreme caution and when it comes to an upfront payment, it is better to leave it there and look for another company who offers the same services but is not asking for any money before they deliver.

If you have been dealing with Resort Exchange Consultants or any company that took an upfront payment from you for a “resale or membership change”, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog


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CRP Properties, the cold calling Timeshare Contract Removal Service


A new cold caller on the list by the name of CRP Properties. A company which is targeting Timeshare Owners and offers a disposal service which they call Timeshare Contract Removal.

CRP Properties appears to be a registered company and their website gives the usual appearance of a real estate company with different type of properties.

If you go though into the different tabs on the web you will notice soon that every single one explains the same; the service to remove Timeshare Contracts.

The service is offered through a “free consultation” visit of one of the agents at home of the Timeshare Owners.

Contact details for CRP Properties are Telephone, 0115 824 0010, Fax 0115 963 5010 and email address

Their offices are based in Nottingham

Both the web and further research indicate that there is a connection with another company previously mentioned on this blog by the name of SPS Properties

SPS Properties also cold calls and also offers the same disposal service…they also charge an upfront payment for this service.

Cold callers should always be handled with caution, when they offer a visit at home please think twice about what kind of information you are going to provide to the agent.

If an upfront fee is requested for the services they offer, then you should really do your “homework” and not sign any paperwork there an then before checking everything out.

It would be interesting to know where these cold calling companies get your details from and please never fail to ask this.

If you have been approached by CRP Properties for a Timeshare Contract Removal then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Windmill Mediation Services, cold calls and upfront payments for Mediation


Surprising to see how many “Mediation” companies see the light in such a short time and how they all seem to have an extended Client list to cold call and offer their services.

This time the name of the company is Windmill Mediation Services and as with all the others, they claim to be able to mediate on behalf of the Timeshare owner in court and almost guarantee success based on the numerous cases they have dealt with before.

This is a bit “exaggerated” looking at the fact that this company was registered only 6 weeks ago and their website was registered on the 2nd of September 2014

On this website they explain everything about “mediation” and claim to have a legal team to their disposal.

The company address for Windmill Mediation Services is a Postbox in Torremolinos, which looks rather strange for a “mediation / Legal” company.

In spite of assuring and re-assuring the Timeshare owner that there will be no upfront payments and only a fee of 10% over the awarded money once this is settled…they do require a payment for the Barrister upfront.

Email address for this company is and telephone is actually a UK number: 0845 287 1819

Seen the above we would certainly recommend to be very careful when dealing with this company.

If you have been offered a meditation service by Windmill Mediation Services from Torremolinos, then please let us know.

Email us at or place a comment on this blog

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The Mediation Consultancy, the cold calling Claims Specialist


A new company by the name of The Mediation Consultancy has appeared on the cold caller list, and is indeed very active lately.

This company who presents themselves as specialists in ‘timeshare relinquishment, misrepresentation compensation and fractional compensation/refunds’ is cold calling Timeshare owners, obviously knowing already their membership details etc.

In their follow up email, the information The Mediation Consultancy sends to the Timeshare owner looks exactly the same as the information send to Timeshare owners by another company The Read Consultancy.

The Read Consultancy we wrote about in September, and is also a cold calling mediation company offering services to Timeshare owners with upfront fees. Link to this article is

The Read Consultancy is connected to another very similar company called Timeshare Lawyers 4U and about which we published a blog as well. The link is

Back to The Mediation Consultancy, we have not been able to find so far a registered company at the UK Companies House under this name.

Their website was registered on the 12th of September 2014 which is very recent.

Address details: 10 Wickham House, 1 Northgate Street, Colchester, Essex.

Telephone 01206 203349 and email

Seen the fact they cold call, have only been around a short time and the connections to other dubious companies, we certainly would recommend caution when dealing with the Mediation Consultancy.

If you have been contacted by The Mediation Consultancy from 01206203349 then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Golden Travel & Leisure, the gateway to a Timeshare resale with upfront fee


Golden Travel and Leisure is a cold calling company that offers timeshare resales over the phone. The agent from Golden Travel & Leisure offers a straight forward resale of the timeshare as this will be used for their Travel Club.

Yes, as it seems Golden Travel & Leisure is a very “successful” travel company. As mentioned on their website “they are part of the largest consumer co-operative. They operate alongside over 400 high street travel agencies, a business travel operation, call centres, a specialist cruise operation and in excess of 600 travel homeworkers…”

The website though has only been registered in September 2014 which is rather a short period for a company to claim to have send millions of people on holidays.

Contact details for Golden Travel & Leisure are an address: Address: 11 Avenida de Andalucia Málaga 29530 Spain

Telephone a Spanish Mobile (34) 602 618 863 which seems unusual for a “call centre” and email

We have not found any company registered at the Spanish Companies House or at the given address by the name of Golden Travel & Leisure.

Apart from the above information, Golden Travel & Leisure also requires a 10% upfront fee to complete the sale, and as we all know an upfront fee is not permitted in Timeshare resales and any company asking for this payment should not really be trusted.

Cold call, no proper company registration, lack of information and an upfront fee, this doesn’t really indicate that this company can be trusted.

If you have been contacted by Golden Leisure & Travel from +34 602618863 then please let us know.

You can email at or place a comment on the blog

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