#Timeshare cold caller list for November 2015

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Dear All,

The month of November 2015 has seen 88 active companies who have been cold calling Timeshare owners, or related to cold callers offering services to these owners. From the 88 companies there are 16 new names.

Complete list of the 88 companies can be found on the following link: 

Mindtimeshare Cold Caller November 2015

There seems to be an increase again in companies who are offering so called “legal services” or claim to be connected to genuine lawyers / solicitors.

Although “cold calling” on itself is not illegal, there is though something to say about solicitors who accept clients approached in the first place by a cold caller.

In the UK, Solicitors who accept claims obtained by cold calling are in breach with the Solicitors Regulation Authority publicity rules.

In Spain a Notary office will never call a client to “inform” that there is money awarded and waited to be transferred to his bank account.

Neither will an official entity such as the court, the tax offices etc. ask for a fee to be paid upfront in order to release awarded money, and never ever would this be into an account under an individual’s name.

It might all sound very repetitive, but unfortunately each month we see these new cold callers telling their “to good to be true” stories, and consumers who fall for this or are seriously considering to go ahead and pay them what they are asking for.

This month’s 16 new company names are:

1-2-1 Mediation

APS Financial

Blanco Saavedra

Central Notary Marbella

Craig Douglas Associates

DN Woolf Association

Estepona Travel SL

Hamilton & Leighton Solicitors SL

Icatf Online lawyers

Liberty Chase

Outlet Viajes

Ownership Release Services ltd ORS

Palacio de Justicia

Parker Associates

Serban & Associates

Timeshare Claims.co.uk

If you receive a call from somebody with a story about selling your timeshare or a claim that can be done to recuperate money from a purchase of a holiday membership, or a previous scam you fell for, PLEASE do let us know!


Customer Care

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Is Liberty Chase a new cold calling liquidator from Basingstoke?

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A few consumers reported about recent cold calls from a company by name Liberty Chase who present themselves as liquidators.

The agents from Liberty Chase inform the consumer that their timeshare or holiday club membership has been sold, that the Spanish courts have awarded them with compensation for the extra payments they had made over the years, and that the money for all this will be sent to their bank account.

The reports we received spoke about amounts of £11000 to £15000 to recuperate.

Sounds good? Too good maybe…

There is just one little problem: the consumer has to pay first a guarantee bond of £1800!

Why should one have to pay such a guarantee bond for monies that supposedly have been ordered by a court to be paid to the consumer, if this was the case?

We have said it many times, there are no such court cases where monies and compensations have been awarded to consumers without themselves knowing this first.

If there was really such a court case about a particular company that has defrauded consumers, then the court will logically contact first all affected consumers to get as much evidence together for the court case. Consumers would never be contacted afterwards with the fabulous news that there is money for them.

And if there was a court case where assets of a fraudulent company were seized and monies are paid out to those victims who had officially made a report with the police and the authorities, there would be no money asked as a guarantee bond!

Actually we were unable to find any company registered in the UK on the name Liberty Chase, they do not seem to be keen on sending out any information by e-mail, and there is no further information found that would help to identify this as a regular and genuine company, we can only recommend being very careful and certainly not to make any payments when you are approached by the agents from Liberty Chase with this or a similar promise.

If you were contacted by Liberty Chase, we would like to hear from you!

The contact telephone number for Liberty Chase is 01256 830071.

You can contact us either by e-mail customercare@mindtimeshare.com or by leaving a comment here on our blog.


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Hamilton & Leighton Solicitors, selling your timeshare out of the blue…

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Cold callers Hamilton & Leighton Solicitors approach timeshare owners with the direct good news of a buyer been found for their timeshare.

This supposed lawyers company, based in the posh and high up Puerto Banus in Marbella, will process the sale and arrange all the paperwork.

A telephone call received out of the blue from Hamilton & Leighton is of course strange, but when they come with the news that your membership has been sold for close to 20k what more can you wish for?

The follow up email of Hamilton & Leighton reveals the company has been around since 1983. That sounds like a long time for a company that was never mentioned to us before.

They also display the “SL” in their name, which would indicate they are registered at the Spanish Companies House but we have been unable to find such registration.

In the follow up mail they also explain the buyer has already paid a deposit for the purchase into an escrow account. Obviously they now want to secure the sale and in order to do so, they need the paperwork of the owner. Logical..

But what isn’t that logical or better said: LEGAL, is the fact that until they receive the paperwork, they require a “security deposit” payment of around £600 by bank transfer.

That is where is goes completely wrong for Hamilton and Leighton as obviously they claim to be “lawyers” but with no knowledge of the current legislation where exactly the request for deposits in timeshare resale’s is forbidden?

Contact details for Hamilton & Leighton Solicitors are email hamiltonleightonsl@representative.com and telephone: 0560 384 8352

We certainly would recommend a lot of caution when receiving a call from Hamilton & Leighton Solicitors SL!

Cold callers and upfront fees requests are never a good sign and certainly have never resulted in a resale of a timeshare!

Have you been contacted already by Hamilton & Leighton Solicitors from 05603848352 in Marbella? Please do let us know!



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AB Solventia cold calling as supposed liquidator for Cashback Europe

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In the past weeks we have received notice about a company by name AB Solventia contacting with consumers by cold call, this time consumers who were previously involved with Cashback Europe.

When AB Solventia speaks to the consumer they explain that they are officially appointed to distribute the funds from the liquidation of Cashback Europe.

The agent from AB Solventia, Helen Marshall, does not lose any time to provide consumers with a Claim Form, and in their accompanying letter they state that they would be holding the funds of Cashback Europe.

They then ask consumers to fill in the form with their details and they even give an ultimate date for this; otherwise the consumer’s claim would not be admitted, they state.

Sounds really nice when you are called and someone promises you out of the blue to receive money! But of course, you should never forget that the caller in reality should not dispose of your personal details unless you have handed them out yourself (Data Protection Law).

Strange is that we have not found any web page for this company which we think should be available for a company nowadays that offers some type of legal service, as they pretend.

To our knowledge there are no funds from Cashback Europe that are waiting to be distributed and therefore we would recommend to be very careful when you are contacted with this promise.

DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENTS UPFRONT, if this is asked from you!

The contact telephone number for AB Solventia is 0034951650416; fax number 0034951650417 and their contact e-mail is absolventia@email.com

If AB Solventia has already contacted you we would like to hear from you!

You can contact us either by e-mail customercare@mindtimeshare.com or by leaving a comment here on our blog.

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#Timeshare Cold Caller list for October 2015

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Dear All,

The cold caller list for October 2015 shows us 68 actively cold calling companies, of which 6 are new company names.

We have broken down the list this month between those who cold call, on the first pages and the last page has the names of companies who do not cold call directly to the consumers, but they are either connected to others who do, or are companies with dubious websites, or numerous complaints generated with their Holiday Product.

For the complete list of 68 cold callers active in October 2015, please click on the following link:

Mindtimeshare Cold callers October 2015

This month 6 new names were added to the list:

AB Solventia

Euro Finance

Morales y Garcia Notarios SL

Platinum Breaks

Univiajes SA

Viajes Viramundo SA

Please let us know if you receive any dubious call, or any dubious offer from a company you might have contacted in the first place.

Before sending any money to anybody, you always have to double check with whom you are dealing and what guarantees you are receiving.

Upfront fees / deposit payments for a resale of timeshare are forbidden by law!

The European Legislation forbids deposit payments inside the 14-day cooling off for the purchase of a holiday product!

There is no excuse for any company or any product for not complying with the law!

Thanks again for all your cooperation.

Customer Care

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DMA’s investigation on Monster Travel recommends termination of membership.

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An investigation by the DMC (Direct Marketing Commission) into Hollywood Marketing, which runs sellmytimeshare.tv and Monster.Travel.com, has resulted in a recommendation that Hollywood Marketing’s membership of the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) is terminated.

The Direct Marketing Commission (DMC) is the body, which oversees the Direct Marketing Association (DMA)’s Code. The Code and DMC are here to give effective protection to recipients, users and practitioners of direct marketing.

As they explain on their web, they aim to ensure companies observe the highest standards of integrity and trade fairly with their customers and with each other, and they do this by investigating complaints, scrutinising direct marketing issues and practices, and providing guidance to consumers.

The Commission’s (DMC) decision has been published on the 25th of October 2015 on their website.

This decision is based on contacts the DMC had with consumers directly and Trading Standards.

Quote from this decision:The Commissioners concluded the sales techniques were high-pressured with advice meetings that ran for hours with consumers described feeling ‘bombarded’ or ‘overloaded’ with information and with contract documents that ran to over two hundred pages. People attended these meetings with no prior notice of Monster credit purchases as the primary focus of the sessions, no appreciation they would be offered deals that involved them investing thousands of pounds, with no basis for assessing the value of these deals and with no understanding whether the deal would or would not get them out of an unwanted timeshare. Regardless of any subsequent cooling off period, few consumers had a chance to understand and absorb the nature of the agreement prior to signing.”

For the complete text of this DMC decision and all the reasons on which they base this please have a look at the following link:



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Monster Travel / Sellmytimeshare.tv are threatening Mindtimeshare with Court demands!

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Solicitors who are acting on behalf of Monster Travel, Sellmytimeshare, Glenmore Consultants & Hollywood Marketing have approached Mindtimeshare.

They demand from Mindtimeshare that all blog articles where one or several of the above mentioned companies are discussed, are deleted from the Internet immediately.

The reasons being that all these blog articles are based on lies and fake customer testimonials!

As far as the Monster travel Group of companies is concerned, there are no unhappy customers, there are no complaints and everybody has been sold their products on a clear basis with no doubts and no regrets.

Yes, you are reading this correctly.

Monster travel and associated companies are calling us LIARS and subsequently all the consumers who wrote to us or commented on the blog, LIARS!


You tell us!

All blogs from Mindtimeshare are based on testimonials from real consumers and also articles in the press. All blogs are backed up with documented evidence from these consumers, which shows they really went through this ordeal and are looking for help!

So far we have received more than 450 inquiries about this company group. Close to 200 of these inquiries came from consumers who paid all or a part towards an agreement with Monster travel with an average spending of £10.000.

But is seems that after spending all this money, those who are not happy because things didn’t work out as agreed in the meeting or in the paperwork, are not really invited to expose their problem.

The demand against Mindtimeshare is NOT only about deleting articles and making us shut up, the demand against Mindtimeshare is about letting consumers know that as far as Monster Travel concerns the consumers have no rights!

You came to the meeting, believed all that was said, you paid…and now you are not happy? Bad luck!

This is not only an attack against us but also against all those alleged hundreds of victims who in their desperation and frustration sought our advice!

If you are one of the many unhappy customers from Sellmytimeshare.tv, Monster travel, Glenmore consultants or Hollywood marketing and you know you are not telling lies then please allow us to use your testimonial.

United we stand and together we can proof what is really happening at these meetings!


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