The Leisure Alliance Claims Department, the latest set up from Club Class


leisure alliance

Club Class Group of Companies, who since the liquidation of the 7 companies of this group in October 2012 prefers to call themselves Leisure Alliance, has come up with a “new idea”.

Believe it or not, but they have brought to live a “Claims Department”. The Leisure Alliance Claims Department offers to claim a refund under the Consumer Act to those Club Class Members who apparently were mis-sold their Club Class memberships by former distributors.

Club Class members are approached by this Leisure Alliance Claims department and explained the following.

“..As you should be aware in July 2012; the management of the Club Class Holiday and Lifestyle Club became the sole responsibility of Leisure Alliance Plc.  The reason for this communication is that we are currently reviewing the mis-selling of Club Class memberships by former distributors. Having reviewed your file and looked at your contract, it would appear that you are eligible to claim…”

It is extremely surprising to see that in no way they accepted the fact people were mis-sold when they were asking for the outstanding fees, and Club Class Members were told that Leisure Alliance had nothing to do with these marketers or how they sold and the members simply had to pay the fees or would be chased by debt collectors and bailiffs.


We can only think that the collection of the fees has not been as successful as they thought as most of the members could proof these were not due…some clever person from Club Class has now come up with the idea of making money out of those mis-sold. This approximately will be a 99% of their member’s base!

Leisure Alliance Claims department of course will charge for this “service”. And they suggest different options for the members to pay:

Option 1: An Assessment Fee, payable upon your decision to proceed with your claim, of £500 which is non-deductible. Your share of the final settlement will equate to 70%.

Option 2: An Assessment Fee, payable upon your decision to proceed with your claim, of £250 which is non-deductible. Your share of the final settlement will equate to 60%.

Option 3: An Assessment Fee, payable upon your decision to proceed with your claim, of £250 which is deductible from the Success Fee upon completion. Your share of the final settlement will equate to 50%.

In the paperwork they attach, it is made clear though that if the claim is not successful there won’t be a refund of the upfront payment.

Worse though is the fact that they also ask the member to sign a document where they give authorization to the bank, to refund the money into the LEISURE ALLIANCE ACCOUNT AT SOCHALLS and not the account of the member himself.

So if the refund claim is successful, the ones receiving the money from the bank will be Leisure Alliance and then the member will have to see if they send him his part…

The contact details for the Claims department are: Telephone UK: 0208 166 9852 or Telephone Spain: 0034 952 922555, email: &

Please note that if you are still on time to do a claim under the Consumer Act because you bought less than 6 years ago and you paid by credit card, you can do this claim without any cost yourself and we can help you with clear guidelines on how to do this.

There is no need to pay more money to Club Class or Leisure Alliance for a refund claim of the money you paid to them in the first place and was mis-sold by them in the first place!

If you want more information about the above, please let us know by email to or by placing a comment on this blog.

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Voyager Travel & Go Compass: The Holiday Clubs under the spotlight – Canarian Journalen

Slik-gaar-nordmenn-i-ferieklubbfella-paa-Gran-Canaria_largePicture taken from the original article in the Canarian Journalen

A very interesting article has been published in the Canarian Journalen about the Holiday Clubs Voyager Travel & Go Compass.

The article written in Norwegian for the Canarian Journalen can be seen on the following link:

We appreciate that not everybody has the facility to translate the article, and the content is though very interesting indeed, so we have made a resume of what is described.

The information from the article comes from a former employee of the holiday club Voyager Travel in Gran Canaria, now called Go Compass, and this employee reveals how they deceived Norwegian nationals into unfavourable agreements.

Even after a police raid in July 2013, with mass arrests and an on-going trial, the club continues as before. New Norwegian consumers are still buying the holiday club memberships.  (And also consumers of other nationalities).

This is what the ex- employee reveals about the modus operandi: This former employee of Voyager Travel revealed to how bad the conditions really are. The ex-employee requested anonymity for fear of reprisals, and is therefore referred to here as the “source”.

Comments regarding some of current the employees: Several have criminal backgrounds and work using false names. Daily consumption of cocaine is accepted by the management. Some of the employees cannot return to Norway because they are wanted for robbery, and burglary of data and other crimes.

This Sales Force is encouraged to know as little as possible about the holiday club membership, so they could look at their customers in their eyes.

Issues with regard to the holiday clubs: The source indicates that many resorts (10 to 15) are really not available to the members, despite the promises. Those members, who try to book accommodation at such resorts, are always given excuses, and provided with other accommodations.  It is even noted that fewer destinations available with Compass than with Voyager Travel -

The contract says that all destinations are subject to availability and may change from time to time.

During the presentations the agents are doing a Hard Sale:  The sales rep can say “what they want”: The source claims that sales staff are free to entice with almost whatever they want to say during sales meetings.

The Go-Compass contract provided to supports the previous statement of the Source as it says that oral agreements are neither valid nor binding.

In other words, the written contract is enforceable while what the sales people say during the sales presentations does not have any legal value.

There is also inadequate information – Some key points are also well hidden, or do not exist at all in the contract.

It says, for example, that members must participate in 90 minute sales meetings every time that they take out one voucher worth one week holiday, as part of the membership. However, those who do not show up to the sales meetings, must pay the full price of the stay, which can be as much as 6,000 Norwegian Krones (730 Euros) for one week.

Airfare tickets and Cruise Holidays – The Source indicates that for the holiday club members to enjoy their holidays they have to buy the airfare tickets, which end up for being very expensive from a specific airline. Flights are very expensive. Airfares for four people costing 100,000 Norwegian Krone (1,200 Euros).

Refuse to accept Cancellations – The EU Directive for holiday clubs and timeshare says that consumers have a Cooling-off period of 14 days after the contract is signed, but it is very difficult to cancel a contract with this holiday club.

The Source says that the employees were instructed to say that it was not possible to cancel the contract, and that they should deny everything as long as possible, until the customers engaged the police or other authorities. Many were unhappy with their purchase and tried to cancel.

The Contract – Company names that appear in the Go Compass contract Lifestyle Holiday Ltd, Orbit Management SL. Lifestyle Holiday Ltd also appeared in the previous marketed holiday club, Voyager Travel.

Further information on what the Go Compass membership offers can be found in the original article in Norwegian (Non Norwegian speakers can use Google Translator). Click the following link (Norwegian text) –  – to read about Norwegians, Kent Lind from Sortland, who was lured into a deal with Go – Compass in January, and Hilde L. from Oslo, who has been a member since 2009. Both are deeply unhappy! tried to talk to Eugen Friedrich Kaiser, CEO of the holiday clubs, about the content of this article, prior to its publication, but Kaiser only responded after it was published.

In an email to Eugen Kaiser replied that the articles about Club Puerto Atlantico and himself are fantasy stories which contain unfounded lies that helps to create fear and mistrust in the large membership base of his holiday clubs. assisted TV2 with information about a TV feature on holiday clubs in Arguineguin, Gran Canaria, and of the reselling of timeshare contracts, that will be broadcasted next Thursday the 17th of April at 20:30PM on the TV2 Norway (Public TV Channel) –  .

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Euro Brook Ltd, mediation Company asking for payments by UKASH Vouchers


Yes another company that is cold calling, this one by the name of Euro-Brook Ltd, is asking for payments by UKASH Vouchers in order for consumers to recuperate their money.

Euro Brook Ltd is a UK Registered company, but as with all the other companies we have on the blog that use a similar “modus operandi”, the real Euro Brook Ltd is most probably not aware of these people mis-using their name.

The agent from Euro-Brook Ltd is calling from 0843 289 6803

He seems to know everything about the previous dealings of the consumer with a dubious company, and assures them that money can be recovered without any problem as the court has settled in a case against the company.

In order to get the awarded money to the consumer, Euro-Brook needs to verify the identity of the consumer and proposes to do this by purchasing UKASH Vouchers. The consumer is asked for a voucher in the amount of £100 and another one £200.

After purchasing the vouchers, the identity is confirmed with an agent from UKASH (fake). The consumer is asked for the code on the voucher and this then will confirm their identity.

Once the vouchers have been confirmed, the consumer is going to receive the awarded money by cheque which will be delivered in a couple of days by a courier.

Unfortunately the courier never arrives. And the consumer finds out that the UKASH vouchers have been cashed in the meantime.

There are cases though where the agent from Euro Brook Ltd calls back before the cheque is due, and tells the consumer that the money was going to be transferred from a bank in Spain but is held up in a bank in Morocco. Again more payments are requested by UKASH Vouchers, £200 for the tax office.

Please note that there are no court cases with money awarded for the victims, and certainly this would not be processed by a cold calling company asking for UKASH Vouchers.

If you are contacted by Euro-Brook Ltd from 08432896803 or any other company with a similar story then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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7 Tips on how you can avoid a timeshare related scams


An article we posted in 2011, but the tips and advice are still very actual!

Originally posted on Mindtimeshare:


TIP 1: Don’t agree to anything over the phone or email until you have the company checked out.

*In most cases a simple Google search will take you to forums or websites with a lot of information. Do a search on company name, telephone number, postcode or website.*

TIP 2: Ask for all information in writing before you make any kind of payment.

*Ask for a copy of the agreement, cancellation policy, cooling off period etc.*

*If you have to pay upfront, ask them as well which company is doing the charge to your credit card and get this in writing to proof the connection between them.

TIP 3: Contact us to find information:

*Let us do the research or give you the information from our database*

TIP 4: Beware of companies that ask for a fee up front. They are not allowed by the…

View original 178 more words

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Cold caller Harris & Partners Ltd offer to claim using UKASH vouchers

scam alaert 4

Have you been contacted by Harris & Partners Ltd? Then please be aware of the following.

Harris & Partner Ltd. is using cold call to approach Timeshare and Holiday Ownership consumers who have previously been dealing with dubious companies and lost money to them.

Company details for Harris & Partners are: 10 Halyard Reach, South Woodland Ferres Chelmsford, CH35GN

Telephone number: 0843 886 9707

The agent from Harris & Partners Ltd seems to know everything about this. Good news is though that they will be able to recover the consumer has lost.

Of course the consumer is interested in knowing how they can recover the money, and the agent explains the procedures. In order to create a “fiscal link” the consumer has to buy 2 UKASH Vouchers. 1 voucher in the value of £100 for the postcode. And another £200 voucher to verify the surname.

They also provide a “licence number” to the consumer which he has to register with UKASH on a phone number provided by Harris & Partners Ltd.

The number is 0203 289 3679 and a lady called Katherine Lloyd attends the phone and explains that the consumer should give the agent at Harris and Partners the 19 digit code from the bottom of the voucher as proof of the creation of a fiscal link. This money will be refunded from UKASH on completion of the transaction.

Unfortunately, once the consumer provides the code to the agent of Harris & Partners Ltd, there is no courier with a cheque and when asking UKASH it turns out that the vouchers have been cashed in the meantime…

Please note that the number given for UKASH is NOT the telephone number of this company and clearly the lady attending the call is included in the set up.

It is also very likely that the people behind this set up are mis using the name of a genuine registered company.

As we have seen a lot of similar companies with a very similar pitch, we would certainly recommend being extremely cautious when Harris & Partners Ltd contacts you or any other company that asks for UKASH Voucher payments.

If you have been contacted from 08438869707 or any other number and asked to purchase UKASH vouchers to process a claim, then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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Gold Crown Tenerife, a cold calling Fly Buy Company


A new cold caller has been brought to our attention by the name of Gold Crown Tenerife.

This company offers 3 weeks of accommodation worldwide for £470 or two weeks for £396. This accommodation is supposedly in 4 and 5 star resorts and the bookings can be made in a period of 4 years.

Gold Crown Tenerife seems to target mainly Timeshare owners or consumers who have stayed before in a Timeshare resort. In their phone calls they do mention RCI and Interval International.

The consumer who wants to take up this offer needs to pay the full amount upfront by credit card.

Gold Crown Tenerife has a website which was registered in February 2014, so we reckon not many people have been able to holiday as yet through them.

On the website there is no mention of any Company Registration, not in Spain or UK, and neither do they provide an office / company address.

All the contact details given are a UK telephone number; 0203 455 5287 and two email addresses and

There is no mention of any Term and Conditions of the bookings on the web.

The fact that Gold Crown Tenerife is cold calling doesn’t really provide any details on the company and asks for a payment upfront, indicates that you should be very careful when dealing with this company.

If you have been approached by Gold Crown Tenerife from 02034555287 for a promotional holiday, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment / question on this blog and we will be happy to reply to you.

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Have you been cold called by Prudent Claims?


Prudent Claims is cold calling Timeshare Consumers and offering to do a claim on their behalf.

This company with website which was registered in January 2014 does not seem to disclose a lot of details about themselves.

There is no address on the website or paperwork they submit to the customers and neither do they mention any Company Registration or registration as a claims company with the MoJ.

All they provide is a phone number: 0203 514 1747 and a fax: 0872 113 6914 or different email addresses such as, or

In order to see if the consumer can do a claim they ask him to forward copies of his paperwork related to the purchase of the Holiday Club Membership and any other info the consumer might think is relevant.

It is questionable though how safe is it to submit all your personal details and details of a purchase of a company that contacts you out of the blue and does not even provide you with the basic company information!

We certainly think that consumers should be very careful when dealing with Prudent Claims.

If you received a phone call from 02035141747 Prudent Claims then please let us know.

You can place a comment on the blog or email us directly at

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