Continental Travel, the dubious Timeshare Resale Specialist from Madrid



We have been asked by several Scandinavian Timeshare owners about the company Continental Travel who claims they are located in Madrid.

Continental Travel cold calls Timeshare Owners and offers them a guaranteed resale. They are so successful that they have already buyers waiting and money has been paid into an”Escrow Account”.

Amounts of 30 to 40 thousands euros are mentioned for the Timeshare Memberships.

All the Timeshare owner needs to do is pay a security deposit to Continental Travel of 3000 euros in order to get the sale processed and completed.

Research has shown that there is no such company registered by the name of Continental Travel in Spain.

We also know that asking for a (refundable) deposit or security payment for a Timeshare resale is against the Timeshare Directive and considered illegal. It would be very strange if an honest and genuine resale company would not know about this law and ask for this money.

Contact details of Continental Travel are their address: Calle de la Basilica 19, 28020 Madrid – España

Telephone:  +34 634 072 880 and Fax: +34 917 693 079


They don’t seem to have a website.

Seen the above information about Continental Travel or lack of information, we would certainly NOT recommend having any dealings with this company.

If you have been contacted by Continental Travel from 0034 634072880 in Madrid, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Brokerage Consultants from Mijas, a dubious set up for claims and resales


A new cold caller has been brought to our attention. The name they use is Brokerage Consultants or Brokerage Consultants Notary.

This “company” does not seem to be registered at all and provides a very vague address on an industrial estate: Poligono la Vega Nave 2, Mijas costa 29649

They cold call Timeshare owners and also members of Discount Holiday Clubs such as Club Class.

The agent from Brokerage Consultants uses two different pitches. In one he/she claims that there has been a court case and a settlement can be arranged for a pay out of money that has been awarded to the victims of certain fraudulent companies. And the other pitch is simply that the timeshare or Holiday Club Membership has been sold.

Neither of above statements is backed up with any paperwork or proof. The Timeshare consumer is simply notified by email that the “settlement” has been agreed and he has to pay £1750 for notary and taxes or that the timeshare has been sold and again the Timeshare consumer has to pay £1750 notary fees.

The bottom-line seems to be always that the Timeshare owner needs to pay something to get money transferred to his account.

Contact number for Brokerage Consultants is 0034 951 250 872 and email

We certainly do NOT recommend having any dealings with this company.

If you have been contacted by Brokerage Consultants from +34 951250872 for a settlement in court or resale of your membership, then please let us know.

You can contact us at or place a comment on this blog

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Fake liquidators Aguilar SA, from Seville


A new cold caller warning for yet again a fake liquidator’s office, this time by the name of Aguilar S.A.

Aguilar contacts the consumers who are in possession of a Reclaim Ltd Certificate. The agent from Aguilar SA kindly informs that Reclaim Ltd has applied for voluntary liquidation and that Aguilar is taking up the claims of those affected by this company.

AGUILAR S.A. “Insolvencias desde 2008” pretends to be handling all claims against Reclaim Ltd, and assures the consumer that money is already set aside to pay out to these victims.

All the consumer needs to do is fill in a claims form, and send this over including copies of his certificate and bank details.

Aguilar SA is NOT charging anything for this claim…well at least that is what they make the consumer believe.

After submitting the details, the real story begins and as we have seen before with other fake liquidators, money is not transferred just like that. The money gets stuck in a bank account due to non-payment of taxes and if the consumer wants to pay these taxes he needs a NIE Tax ID number.

Options to solve this problem are either travelling to Spain personally and try to get this number sorted at the police station etc., long queues, no guarantee when it will be ready…a nightmare..

Or, simply let Aguilar take care of this against a fee

PLEASE, do not fall for this. There is no such company called Aguilar SA in Spain. There are no liquidators appointed other than the REAL liquidators which are based in Gibraltar and mentioned on the blog.

The contact details known for Aguilar SA are: Address Plaza Nueva 8-1

Telephone:(0034)955 30 01 63, Fax: (0034) 955 30 01 59 and Email:

One of the contact names mentioned is: Ignacio Delafuente

If you have been approached by Aguilar SA from 0034 955300163 then please let us know!

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Delitos Informaticos Malaga, a very dubious cold caller!


A strange Company has been brought to our attention by the name of Delitos Informaticos Malaga or DLM

This company is cold calling Timeshare owners who have been defrauded previously by other bogus companies. They claim that they are “in charge” of dealing with the volume of complaints received concerning the fraudulent activities of certain companies regarding the recovery of monies on behalf of victims of fraud.

It is not very clear who put them in charge of such task, but maybe the name Delitos Informaticos Malaga was meant to indicate that they are connected to the police?

DLM asks the consumers for information about the fraud they were a victim of. With this information they can assess their case and pass this on to a “legal advisor”. Delitos Informaticos Malaga assures the consumer that they are not a claims company of any kind and will not ask for any payments.

They inform though straight away that if the consumer wants to claim anything, they will need to appoint an authorized person to go to the court in Malaga or attend in person.

Alternatively DLM Delitos Informaticos Malaga can appoint such person through their legal division and this would have a “small” cost of €250

We have done research and there is no such company or department anywhere called Delitos Informaticos Malaga

Neither is there any company like this on the address quoted: Calle Malaga 2, Mijas Costa, 29640, Malaga, España.

Telephone Number: +34 604 141 531 Fax Number:  0871 266 4737


We certainly do not recommend having any dealings with Delitos Informaticos Malaga and please be careful who you submit your personal details to, as you never know where these might end up!

If you have been contacted by Delitos Informaticos Malaga or DLM from 0034 604141531 then please let us know.

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Cold callers from Acta Vacations offering Timeshare resale with an upfront fee


Acta Vacations is a timeshare resale agent that has started this week their cold call campaign and already generated numerous inquiries.

Acta Vacations claims on their website to be the leading online resource for buying, selling, and renting timeshare, All inclusive holiday packages, Adventure Holidays and Real Estate.

That seems to be an understatement for a company with a website which was registered on the 29th of June 2014!

On this website the contact details are the following:

Address: Calle Carretería, 28, 29008 Málaga, España

Telephone (Mobile): 0034 603 314 115 And Email.

Acta Vacations is as lucky to have actually buyers waiting to purchase weeks in certain resorts. And of course the Timeshare owner who is cold called, is just as lucky as he has a week in one of those resorts.

To complete the sale Acta Vacations requires a £750 holding fee. Which to us sounds like a straight forward upfront payment?

So once more a shame that a resale company pretends to avoid the Timeshare Directive asking for something that is strictly forbidden.

Cold callers who ask for money upfront are not really recommendable.

If you have been called by Acta Vacations from +34 603314115 in Spain, then please let us know.

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Rapid Resales, the cold calling resale agent with an upfront payment.


It looks like there are a lot of new resale companies seeing the light lately and one of them is Rapid Resales.

Rapid Resales is a cold caller and as almost all the other ones, they offer a quick sale as they have buyers waiting.

The initial call is about asking the Timeshare owner if they want to sell and if he will give permission to market the timeshare.

After 2 weeks Rapid Resales contacts the owner and surprise, they have a buyer already.

All that is needed is a payment of a “refundable” upfront fee of £495 to process the sale. This payment can be done through Pay Pal.

For as much as a company guarantees that a payment will be refundable or can be claimed back from the credit card company, Pay Pal, etc. There is no excuse for the fact they are asking for a payment that is forbidden as per the Timeshare Directive.

Research has shown that the website of Rapid Resales was registered mid June 2014.

They have an address in the UK: 16, Swanne House, Gloucester Circus, London,SE10 8RU

Telephone number 0203 289 0859 and email

There is no mention of any companies’ house registration.

We do not recommend the company Rapid Resales as apparently they are not familiar with the current legislation on Timeshare resales.

If you have been called by Rapid Resales from 02032890859 then please let us know.

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