Is Lets-Go-Tenerife really the Company to trust?

We want to recall once more on the very active all-round cold caller by name Lets-Go-Tenerife.

If you remember, to sell their promotional weeks their operators make consumers believe that they are connected to other companies as the consumer’s timeshare resorts and / or exchange companies as RCI.

This way of presenting themselves on the phone is clearly to be considered as MISLEADING as they pretend to be what they not are!

Neither do they tell the consumers that the quality holidays they offer, include the obligatory attention at sales presentations on each holiday – to sell the consumer more products.

Just to mention that they are as flexible to be able to offer also refund claims and timeshare disposal.

More details can be found in our earlier article about Let’s Go Tenerife on this link:

Consumers pay hundreds of Euros by credit card believing that the operation is backed up by multinational companies in this sector, which Lets-Go-Tenerife pretend to be representing.

By providing them with the tools to do so, banks and credit card companies become accomplices of Lets-Go-Tenerife. 

Any consumer who has paid money to Lets-Go-Tenerife by credit card should know that there are sufficient arguments to be able to claim successfully for a refund! So, don’t wait any longer to get your money back!

What we would like to know is, why is it being allowed that Lets-Go-Tenerife still continue to cheat and dupe consumers? Why do banks and credit card provider give them the facility to operate?

If you have any doubt about Lets-Go-Tenerife or such promotional accommodation offers in general, or if you were contacted by Let’s Go Tenerife or other companies that offer similar products, please let us know.  We will be pleased to provide you with the required information, and assist you with all our efforts and knowledge. 

Please e-mail us to or leave your comment here on our blog.

More information on: and

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La police espagnole a démantelé une nouvelle bande d’escrocs à Gran Canaria

Le 10 Octobre 2014, la police a arrêté le responsable  de la fraude qui a escroqué des propriétaires de multipropriété de semaines en temps partagé.

Les délinquants se faisaient passer pour des employés des sociétés suivantes:
Immobilière Immo Andaluz,
Agence Immobilière Astorga,
Agence Conseil José Pérez,

ils  contactaient les propriétaires de semaines à temps partagé afin de leur offrir l’achat de leurs semaines.

Ils argumentaient  que le groupe textile espagnol multinationale du secteur textile ZARA voulait acheter plusieurs semaine  pour les vacances  de leurs  employés.

Pour induire en erreur les victimes, les délinquants fournissaient de faux documents  de la  multinationale espagnole ZARA, Immobilière Immo Andaluz, Agence Immobilière Astorga Astorga, Agence Conseil José Pérez et aussi de la  société de multipropriété dont les victimes étaient propriétaires.

Pour accrocher leurs proies, les délinquants  apportaient un faux document dans lequel ZARA  avait déjà avancé de l’argent pour acheter ces semaines. Bien sûr, l’argent que ZARA payait  était bien  plus élevé que celui que la victime avait payé pour la semaine à temps partiel à l’origine.

L’Association Mindtimeshare a déposé une plainte auprès de la police en Mars 2014.
Les montants escroqués par ce groupe de délinquants sont très élevés. Nous avons une victime qui  a payé plus de 115 000 €.

L’enquête de police est encore en cours. On s’attend à  de nouvelles arrestations. L’affaire est entre les mains des juges.

Nous lançons un appel à tous les propriétaires de semaines à temps partagé arnaqués par ces entreprises pour qu’ils  nous contactent de toute urgence.

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La policía española desmantela una nueva banda de estafadores en Gran Canaria.


El pasado 10 de Octubre de 2014 la policía detuvo al responsable del fraude en el que engañaban a propietarios de semanas de tiempo compartido.

Los delincuentes, haciéndose pasar por falsos empleados de las siguientes empresas:

- Inmobiliaria Inmo Andaluz, 

- Agencia Inmobiliaria Astorga, 

- Asesoria Jose Perez, 

contactaban con propietarios de semanas de tiempo compartido para ofrecerles la compra de su semana.

Manifestaban que el grupo español multinacional del textil ZARA quería comprar varias semanas de tiempo compartido para el disfrute de sus empleados.

Para inducir error en sus víctimas, los delincuentes proporcionaban documentación falsa de la multinacional española del textil ZARA, Inmo Andaluz, Inmobiliaria Astorga, Asesoría Jose Perez y también de la propia empresa de tiempo compartido de la cual la víctima era propietaria.

Como gancho, los delincuentes aportaban un falso documento en el que se mostraba un falso ingreso de dinero que ZARA ya había realizado con antelación para comprar las semanas. Por supuesto, el dinero que ZARA ofrecía por las semanas era muy superior incluso que el dinero que la víctima había pagado por la semana de tiempo compartido en su origen.

La Asociación Mindtimeshare interpuso una denuncia ante la Policía el pasado mes de Marzo de 2014.

Las cantidades estafadas por este grupo de delincuentes son muy elevadas. Tenemos una víctima que ha llegado a pagar más de 115,000 €.

La investigación policial sigue su curso. No se descartan más detenciones. El caso está en manos de los jueces.

Hacemos un llamamiento a todos los propietarios de semanas de tiempo compartido estafados por estas empresas para que nos contacten urgentemente.



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Latest News! New fraudulent scheme wound down in Gran Canaria!


newsup2On the 10th of October 2014 the police has arrested the main responsible s of a fraud committed against Timeshare owners.

These criminals were acting as the (fake) employees of the following companies:

- Inmobiliaria Inmo Andaluz, 

- Agencia Inmobiliaria Astorga, 

- Asesoria Jose Perez, 

They contacted the Timeshare owners on a cold call in order to offer them a resale of their membership week(s).

They explained that the large Spanish multinational ZARA was bulk buying timeshare weeks in order to use them for the staff holidays.

In order to make to back up their statements and confuse the Timeshare owners, these criminals presented paperwork in the name of ZARA, Inmo Andaluz, Inmobiliaria Astorga, Asesoría Jose Perez and even from the timeshare resort of the owner.

To top this all up they also presented fake documents which supposedly reflected a (fake) money transfer from Zara to them for the timeshares they were supposedly buying. Of course the money that Zara was offering for the timeshare weeks was far more than the owner ever had paid for them.

Mindtimeshare presented a form complaint and full report to the police in March 2014.

The amounts that have been taken fraudulently from Timeshare owners are very high and we have a victim who has ended up paying more than 115.000 euros.

The police investigation is still ongoing and we do not exclude the possibility of more arrests. The case is now in hands of the judges.

We hereby want to do an urgent call to all timeshare owners who have been cheated by the above mentioned companies. PLEASE CONTACT US URGENTLY!

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog


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Atlas Consultants Europe, the other side of their business…


At the end of September we posted an article on this blog about Atlas Consultants Europe and their cold call campaign to the supposed victims of a company called Gold Crown Solutions. (

But the cold calls and the offers to continue claims for Timeshare Consumers does not seem to be the only “business” this company has taken on.

As they are based in Tenerife, they also seem to have a sales deck on the islands and attract potential clients through the OPC’s the representatives on the streets with the scratch cards.

Holiday makers, and preferably Timeshare owners are approached by the OPC’s and offered prizes through a scratch card. This prize has to be picked up at the sales deck and a free taxi will take the consumer there.

We have heard it all before about these kind of presentations and Atlas Consultants Europe is not an exception to the rule.

Once at the sales deck the consumers have to sit through a presentation of a Holiday Club called Gold Crown Resort. Gold Crown Resort is actually an American based Discount Holiday Club Membership for life with a website .

The membership costs around £6000

Together with the membership Atlas Consultants Europe also offers the possibility to relinquish the consumers’ existing timeshare for a fee of around £3500

A payment on the day is required which is charged by a company called Gold Crown Services SL. Something that is questionable as the membership for Gold Crown Resort is for lifetime, so under the Timeshare Directive there should be a cooling off period with no money changed hands.

This is though “easily” overcome by Atlas Consultants Europe as they actually “throw in” several gifts such as pre-paid holiday accommodation and a Tablet. The money paid on the day is reflected as the payment for these gifts… and not as a deposit towards a Holiday Club Membership.

Although Gold Crown Resort seems to be a genuine company in the United States, we still would recommend caution when dealing with the marketers of this product in Tenerife, Atlas Consultants Europe.

If you have been through a presentation from Atlas Consultants Europe in Tenerife we would like to have your feedback.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog

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Предупреждение! Компания Avian Travel & Services – мошенники из Мадрида, предлагающие перепродажу Таймшэра!

Опубликовано mindtimeshare 17 октября 2014 года


Данное предупреждение выходит в связи с деятельностью новой компании под названием Avian Travel & Services, использующей технику «холодного» звонка для связи с владельцами таймшера.

На данный момент объектом звонков данной компании являются владельцы из России.

Avian Travel & Services во время звонка представляется как компания, оказывающая услуги по перепродаже, расположенная в Мадриде по адресу: Madrid, calle Tutor 36, planta 4 (улица Тутор, дом 36, этаж 4).

Номера телефонов данной компании являются номерами мобильной связи в Испании: 0034 611 340 887 или факс 0034 611 340 888.

Несмотря на то, что они сообщают о существовании их собственного веб-сайта, у нас есть серьезные сомнения, что этот сайт имеет какое-либо отношение к представителям, осуществляющим звонки. При этом их адрес электронной почты никак не связан с данным сайтом:

Во время телефонного разговора представители сообщают владельцу таймшера, что имеется покупатель, который готов приобрести их членство. Этот покупатель уже внес задаток, и для того, чтобы завершить сделку, владельцу членства также необходимо оплатить гарантийный залог.

Данный залог составляет около 2500 евро. Требование авансовых платежей является незаконным в соответствии с Положением о Таймшере, и любая надежная компания, занимающаяся перепродажей, знает о данном положении и не выдвигала бы подобных требований к владельцам.

Обращаем Ваше внимание, что компания под названием Avian Travel & Services не зарегистрирована ни в Мадриде, ни в Испании в целом!

Если Вам позвонили представители Avian Travel & Services из Мадрида с номера 0034611340887, пожалуйста, сообщите нам.

Вы можете связаться с нами по электронному адресу или разместить комментарий в данном блоге.


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