Do you need to pay tax to the Lisboa Tribunais?


If it isn’t the Spanish court or tax offices, it is the Portuguese one they use for cold calling lately. Lisboa Tribunais, the Portuguese Supreme Court cold calling Timeshare consumers who were defrauded by dubious companies.

Can you believe that?

Well this is what is happening. An English person claiming to be working at the Portuguese Courts cold calls Timeshare consumers. This person knows all about previous dealings with dubious companies from the Timeshare owner, and the good news is that these companies have been closed down.

But as they moved to Portugal, the police intervention took place there and also the seized assets such as bank accounts are in Portugal.

In order to claim back the money that was lost in the fraud, the Timeshare consumer will have to pay a tax charge and notary fees to Lisboa Tribunais. An amount of £900 is requested and needs to be paid by Western Union (!) in the name of an individual.

Please note that this is NOT TRUE! Do NOT PAY them a penny!

There is no such thing as people calling from the Lisboa Tribunais, companies moved to Portugal and raided there, or money waiting in Portuguese bank accounts!

Contact details for this Lisboa Tribunais are the following:

Aníbal Cavaco Silva, Presidente do Supremo Tribunal de Justiça, Praça do Comércio, 1149-012 Lisboa, Portugal.


If you have been contacted by anybody telling you that they are calling on behalf of Notaries, court Houses or Supreme Courts, in Spain or Portugal, then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Giles Mitchell & Co the Anglo Spanish Mediation Specialists.


Strange names for strange companies, this time Giles Mitchell & Co who claims to be a “Anglo/Spanish Mediation Specialist.

This cold caller presents themselves as a mediation company appointed by the courts to liaise with the victims of companies that have been raided by the police and of who the assets are seized.

Money has been recovered from these fraudulent companies and the Consumer, the victim of those companies can now claim back the money lost with the help of Giles Mitchell.

In order to get the claims going they do need the upfront payment of the legal costs. But who cares in paying £750 when another £4500 will be recovered?

Giles Mitchell & Co mention on their paperwork two different addresses for their offices, one in the UK based at  8, Buble Street, Southampton and one in Spain located at Unit 108 Parque Comercial – La Canada – Calle Carretera Marbella.

Their contact number is 0238 097 1192 and email

With the payment request they also ask for a copy of the Timeshare owners Passport or Driver’s License.

Cold callers are never to be trusted and less if they have information about you that should not really be in their possession, such as information about frauds of which you are a victim.

If they then ask for a payment and on top of it a copy of your passport / driver’s License we would certainly strongly advice against any dealings with this company.

If you have been contacted by Giles Mitchell & Co from 02380971192 in Southampton or Marbella, then please do let us know as soon as possible.

You can place a comment on this blog or write to us at

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Travel Cloud Consultants the Timeshare Resale Company with cold call and upfront fee.


A new cold caller alert goes out for a Timeshare Resale company by the name of Travel Cloud Consultants or TCC.

This company is cold calling Timeshare owners, knowing everything about their membership and offering a quick and guarantee resale of this Timeshare Membership.

In order to complete this quick resale for a very substantial price, the Timeshare owners needs to pay a Security Deposit upfront to Travel Cloud Consultants.

Travel Cloud ConsultantsTCC have a website which was registered in January 2015.

On the website they claim to be a “successful Timeshare resale company who buy or sell hundreds of timeshares each and every week…”

Contact details as displayed on the web are: Anglesea Business Centre, 15 Anglesea Row, Dublin, Ireland

Telephone: 0845 154 1745 and email:

There is no company registration number displayed on the web, no other company details and neither any Privacy Policy or Terms and Conditions.

The fact that they cold call and ask for an Upfront Payment which is clearly forbidden by the European Legislation does not make this company look very trustworthy.

If you have been approached by Travel Cloud Consultants from 08451541745 in Dublin, then please let us know.

Email us at or simply place a comment on this blog

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Cold caller alert for European Settlement Associates from Madrid


A new cold calling Mediation Company has been spotted by the name of European Settlement Associates.

This company claims to be based in Madrid at Calle de Codo 15, Planta 15, Officina 4, Madrid, 28071 and is using as contact number 0330 124 0310

On the first cold call the agent of European Settlement Associates or ESA explain that they are representing the Supreme Court, the Tribunal Supremo in Spain.

They have been given a list of companies that have been taken closed down by the police. From this supposed list they have been given the details of the victims of these companies and are now contacting them to bring the good news.

As it seems the bank accounts of these dubious companies the Timeshare owner was dealing with before have been blocked and the money is now set aside to be paid back to the victims. And as seems to be the latest pitch with these kinds of cold callers, the victims will not only recover the money they actually paid but also the amounts of money they were promised.

Sounds too good to be true? You tell me!

Strange enough, European Settlement Associates is not using email and everything is to be done by phone or by post. But they do have a website which was registered the 25th of January 2015.

On the website of this Spanish based mediation company, the information is only available in English and there is no company information, registration numbers etc. We have been unable to find this company at the register of the Spanish Companies House.

As there is of course always a catch with these companies, the agent from European Settlement Associates advises the Timeshare owner he will need to pay for translation and Lawyers’ fees in order to claim back his part of the money.

Please note that there are no court settlements or Supreme Court orders for money to be paid back to victims of fraudulent companies. Neither would this be notified to you on a cold call by a company of which no registration can be found.

If at all you would be able to claim back your losses, it is not to be expected that you would get the amount promised though on a simple phone call from a dubious company.

We would certainly not recommend any dealings with European Settlement Associates calling from 03301240310 in Madrid.

If they have contacted you then please send us a message by email to or place a comment on this blog

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How can a No Win No Fee claim result in paying £6000 upfront to Delmar International Ltd?

Yes you have understood the question correctly. Indeed it sounds really strange that people sign up for a so called No Win No Fee Action Group but pay over £6000 upfront. But this is something that is really happening. Something that seems to be a “normal” procedure in the meetings set up by ITRA – International Timeshare Refund Action.


Through different connected companies such as Victoria Marketing, Sherlock Marketing, Information Advice Bureau, Timeshare Release, to name a couple of them, Timeshare owners are invited to a meeting. These meetings are held in the UK, Spain and Portugal. Most of the Timeshare owners attending these meetings are doing so because they have been told and re-assured that all they will be informed about is a No Win No Fee Class Action against their “Resort”, The Timeshare Industry or the Exchange Organisations.

We received the testimonial of a Timeshare owner who had the bad luck to be invited to such meeting as well and attended the one in Manchester. He was cold called and the lady on the phone explained to them that ITRA is compiling a case against the industry for misrepresentation and are willing to include the Timeshare owner in a ‘No Win No Fee’ case (they need around 30,000 applicants and will go to court in approx. 18-24 months).

At this meeting from ITRA most of the time was certainly not taken up by the Action Group Information. After filling in a simple questionnaire the timeshare owners were informed that they had grounds to claim against their resort. Strange enough, everybody seems to be qualified to claim…

Then the Timeshare owner was asked about his membership and if he realised that he would be stuck with this for the rest of his life and worse even, after he dies the family, children, grandchildren will be liable for the fees and debts. (Perpetuity clause).

Like many others the Timeshare owners was caught by surprise here and without any possibility to check these facts out with his resort.  For a price of around £6000 the so called “legal team of Spanish Lawyers” from ITRA would take care of the disposal of the timeshare. A deposit of around £500 was requested on the day and the balance payment to be done in the following account:

Account Name:- Sochalls LLP Delmar International Limited

Sort Code:- 309384

Account:- 23992060

Email address:- Beth Pryce

And this is how people end up going to a No Win No Fee meeting and sometimes lose all their savings because they think or have been convinced that this is the only way out.

Sad part of this story though is that most owners are not aware that a lot of resorts nowadays have changed their rules or at least are offering a way out to those owners who are in need to cancel the membership. So stating that everybody is stuck with their timeshare for ever and beyond is really not true.


We have done some research on this company Delmar International Limited and although we could not find them at the UK Companies House, there is a company registered in Gibraltar by this name and registration number 41551. The company appears as “Active” but under Company Status it shows “Struck off by the Registrar”. Seen the history of ITRA and Club Class Group of Companies with Gibraltar registered companies, we suspect that this is possibly the one they are using for these payments.

So please be very careful when you receive a cold call and are invited for a No Win No Fee claim because this can turn out to be a very expensive meeting!

Always check out the company first, and if attending such meeting, listen to the offer but don’t make a decision on the day and certainly do NOT pay any fees towards such services there and then.

Any statement made about your Timeshare Membership or Resort should always be verified with the resort. Don’t just take anybody’s word for granted and certainly not if this means paying thousands of pounds!

If you have been approached already on a cold call for a similar meeting invite, then please do let us know. You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Have you been called by J Lopez Mediation Services in Benalmadena?


Oh yes, we have a new mediation company on a cold callers mission, and this time their name is J.Lopez Mediation Services.

The agent from J Lopez Mediation Services seems to know perfectly well that the consumer on the other end of the line has been defrauded in the past.

He is calling though because his company J Lopez Mediation has been given a list of over 2000 companies that defrauded timeshare consumers and are now considered “officially” to be fraudulent. The good news with this is that the consumer can now claim back all moneys paid. And J Lopez Mediators are going to help the consumer with this claim.

The most amazing part of the story is that although consumers tell the agent from J Lopez Mediation that they actually already did claim for a refund and got the money back, the agent insists that there is still another claim. Yes, you will not believe this but J Lopez Mediation can also claim back the money that was promised to the consumer by the bogus company.

How? Well, as far as the agent concerns, the consumer lost out on that money as the company turned out to be bogus, so the consumer can claim the thousands of pounds they were promised for a resale of their timeshare or claims. Does this sound good?

Once the consumer shows his interest for the offer of J Lopez Mediation Services he is kindly send a follow up email. In this email the company address is mentioned as Apartado de Correos 95, Benalmadena 29631, Malaga, Spain. This is a postbox, so this Mediation Company is not providing an office address to their customers!

Their phone number 0845 868 6295 and a generic email address

In the follow up email there is a mention of a Barrister Fee to be paid in order to get the “mediation” in process. So from a straight forward claim of money that the consumer can guaranteed claim, even if he didn’t pay….the process is now a “Mediation” that incurs Barrister fees to get started.

We have tried to find a company at the Spanish Companies House by the name of J Lopez Mediation Services but have been unable to locate them.

With the above information we certainly feel that consumers should be cautious when dealing with J Lopez Mediation Services.

If you received a cold call from J Lopez Mediation Services, using phone number 08458686295 and based in Benalmadena on the Costa del Sol, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on the blog


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Have you been speaking to M J Parrales & Associates about your Timeshare claim?


An apparent new “lawyers” company has been spotted by the name of MJ Parrales & Associates. A company run by a lawyer called Max Parrales.

Max Parrales apart from an impressive CV has a website which was only registered 2 weeks ago.

We were though unable to find a lawyer’s office at the address mentioned; Calle de Atocha 928012, Madrid

And neither were we able to find a registration for this company M.J. Parrales & Associates, P.A. at the Spanish Companies House.

Contact details for Max Parrales are a Spanish Mobile (34) 603 208 427 and a Fax number for a Seville/ Huelva landline (34) 954 050 078 which seems a bit strange taking into account he is based in Madrid.

It might be the fact that the website is so recent, that there is no mention at all about a company registration or lawyers registration number. Neither do the links to Privacy Statement or Terms and Conditions lead anywhere.

Seen the above, we certainly recommend any consumer who is in contact with Max Parrales from M.J. Parrales & Associates to be cautious.

If you have received a phone call from 603208427 and spoke to Max Parrales, then please do let us know. We always like to have more feedback.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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