D&H Overseas Property Sales and their resale offer for your timeshare


We have a new cold caller by the name of D&H Overseas Property Sales.

This company approaches Timeshare consumers and offers them a resale for their timeshare. They are keen to point out that as per the Timeshare Directive there should be no upfront deposits or payments.

Strange thing is though that first of all D & H Overseas Property Sales is cold calling and knows all about the timeshare of the customer. Then they offer a resale and for their services they have already established a fixed price of around £4000

Once the consumer is willing to listen further, they send over the relevant paperwork which does not really look that straight forward as the initial offer on the phone.

In the paperwork D&H Overseas Property Sales is talking about a 12 month marketing period for which the agreement will be valid. Unless the property is transferred to a third party, then this will end the agreement. It might be the wording, but there is not really a clear explanation if the transfer will be through a sale or a cancellation.

The amount of the fees is mentioned but there is no indication about at which point or moment these fees should be paid.

D&H Overseas Property Sales seems to be a registered company but the address on the Companies House does not coincide with the address displayed on the paperwork. As a matter of fact there are 2 addresses on the paperwork, one in Tunbridge Wells and another one in London. The London address is a well-known virtual address used by other dubious companies.

We have not been able to spot any website for this company or any other contact details, which surprisingly are not on the paperwork either.

Mixed impressions about a cold calling company so we would certainly recommend to be very cautious when dealing with D&H Overseas Property Sales.

If you have been contacted by D&H then please let us know as we would like to hear your feedback. You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on the blog

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Portal da Financas, the Portuguese Taxman asking for fees through Western Union!


BEWARE, this company is active again and cold calling Timeshare Owners who have been duped in the past.

Originally posted on Mindtimeshare:


When you think you have seen it all, a new scheme appears on stage. This time it isn’t the Spanish Tax or Notary office, no this time it is Portal Da Financas the Portuguese Tax Office.

Timeshare Consumers who have been defrauded in the past by dubious resale companies, mainly based in Spain are now cold called by Portal Da Financas.

For some strange reason, the alleged bogus resale company has been taken to court in Portugal and amazingly the case has been won and money is to be paid out to the victims.

Wow! The only thing that separates the Timeshare consumer from getting his money back is a TAX payment or IVA Payment of 10% over the awarded money. And this money has to be paid by Western Union to an individual. They go even as far as to point out in the email to the…

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Streamline Business Services in Marbella has a settlement pay out for you!


Cold callers Streamline Business Services are using the familiar pitch of a supposed settlement that has taken place in a court case, and surprise surprise there is money to be paid out.

The timeshare owner who is contacted by Streamline Business Services has been duped in the past, so the details they give on the company that duped them seem to be “genuine”. But the rest of the story, that these companies have been raided by the police and a court case has taken place, don’t sound too convincing.

A court case which the Timeshare consumer had no knowledge about, but the judge awarded them money…how odd is that?

All the Timeshare consumer needs to do is pay the corresponding taxes (around £2000) and money will be transferred to his bank account.

Stories like this are not true and if ever a court case would take place, the victims surely would not be contacted by a company such as Streamline Business Services who don’t seem to have a “complete” address, just a street name Avda Les Cumbres, Elviria 29604

Their telephone number is 0034 951 255 737 and email streamlinebusinessservices@gmx.com

Payments of the taxes are supposed to be done into a bank account that doesn’t really look like the account of the Spanish tax offices.

All in all a strange story and a company we would not really recommend.

If you have been contacted by Streamline Business Services from +34 951255737 in Marbella, then please do let us know.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

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Have you heard from Urbania Mar Inmobiliaria about a Timeshare resale?


A new alert goes out for a dubious Timeshare resale company by the name of Urbania Mar Inmobiliaria.

This company seems to be targeting mainly French speaking Timeshare owners.

They cold call and tell the Timeshare owner there is a buyer for their membership, and this buyer is willing to pay a large sum of money. The buyer is not an individual but a large company “Kalise” based in Spain and they are buying the weeks in order to provide staff holidays.

Sounds all very positive and paperwork can be arranged straight away. Kalise is supposedly putting down a large deposit for an amount of weeks and the Timeshare owner needs to be quick so their week can be included in the selling badge.

In order though to get the sale processed, the Timeshare owner needs to pay a security deposit of around 2500 euros which will be refunded upon the completion of the sale. The payment to be done by bank transfer.

After the Timeshare owner transfers the money, Urbania Mar Inmobiliaria no longer picks up the phone and is not replying to any email. Needless to say that there is no such sale with Kalise.

The details we have on Urbania Mar Inmobiliaria are, telephone 0034 952 842 555 and email address urbaniamarinmobiliaria@gmail.com

The address they display on their paperwork is not real and no timeshare companies are based at Calle Progreso 66, Bajo 3B, 21870 Sanxenxo, Spain.

Cold calls and upfront fees are indications that a company should be handled with extreme care.

If you have been contacted by Urbania Mar Inmobiliaria then please let us know.

You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog

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Cold Caller alert for Resale Company Happy Days Spain!


Actively cold calling again, with the same resale offer. Be careful!

Originally posted on Mindtimeshare:


Happy Days Spain is a new cold calling Timeshare resale company that seems to be very active.

Happy Days Spain contacts Timeshare and Holiday Ownership Members and assures them they have buyers for their Membership.

This resale company claims that amounts such as £10.000 are likely to be paid for a Discount Travel Club Membership by Eastern European customers.

Surprisingly Happy Days Spain seems to have all information about the consumer’s membership and even about his dealings with certain bogus resale companies.

Not only can Happy Days Spain sell their timeshare membership guaranteed, but also the money paid to these previous (bogus) resale companies will be recovered in the same operation.

All the Timeshare owner needs to do is to pay an upfront fee of around £1800 to start the procedures… This payment should be done by bank transfer as Happy Days Spain does not work with credit or debit…

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Marrakech Estate, société de revente avec des appels à froid


Cette alerte aux consommateurs sort pour les entreprises de revente Marrakech Estate, basée à Marrakech et avec un pitch (argument commercial) très semblable lorsqu’elles contactent les clients avec des appels à froid.

Marrakech Estate contacte principalement les consommateurs de France et Belgique et leur offre de racheter leurs multipropriétés. Afin de vendre la multipropriété le propriétaire doit se rendre à Marrakech et assister à une réunion avec un prétendu acheteur.

Ils n’expliquent pas au consommateur qu’il existe déjà un prix de vente convenu et ce prix est étonnamment élevé avec le seul but de convaincre le consommateur de la bonne affaire qu’il est offert.

Le numéro de téléphone 0212 693 157 729; Fax 0212 524 423 195; adresse email: contact@marrakechestate.com et ehernandez4000@gmail.com

Site web www.marrakechestate.com

Afin de se rendre à Marrakech, un paiement de 399 € pour frais de dossiers ou de confirmation est demandé, payable par virement bancaire à une banque à Marrakech.

Veuillez noter que les entreprises qui vous appellent à froid, ils ont évidemment obtenu vos coordonnées et les détails d’adhésion par le biais d’une source illégale et s’elles vous offrent une garantie de revente demandant de se rendre à un autre pays et payer des frais initiaux … elles ne sont pas dignes de confiance!

Avez-vous été contacté par Marrakech Estate par le numéro 0212 693 157 729? S’il vous plaît, faites-nous savoir.

Email ; Customercare@mindtimeshare.com


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Cold caller alert for Marrakech Estate, dubious Timeshare Resale Company


Marrakech Estate is a company that mainly targets French speaking Timeshare consumers in France and Belgium.

They claim to have buyers for the owner’s membership and the sale can be completed quickly.

The sales price they offer seems a bit high though for the current market prices, but of course nobody is going to say no to that!

All the Timeshare owner needs to do is travel to Marrakech to complete the sale.

For this trip he also needs to pay towards the expenses of the accommodation and these will be around €399

Sounds actually quite familiar to other companies we have seen on this blog before…

Marrakech Estate uses as contact details Telephone 0212 693 157 729 Fax 0212 524 423 195 and email contact@marrakechestate.com or ehernandez4000@gmail.com

The website http://www.marrakechestate.com/ does not really give a lot of information away and certainly does not look like a Timeshare resale company or similar.

We would recommend being very careful when speaking to Marrakech Estate.

If they have contacted you already, then please do let us know. You can email us at customercare@mindtimeshare.com or place a comment on this blog


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