Bent u opgebeld door het notarieel kantoor van Miguel Cortes Ortega uit Madrid?

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Een nieuwe “ongevraagde” beller is sinds een week actief onder de naam Miguel Cortes Ortega. Dit moet zogenaamd een notarieel kantoor zijn in Madrid.

Een Nederlands sprekende dame onder de naam van L.Daens zegt dat er een verkoop heeft plaats gevonden van de timesharing van de eigenaar die ze bellen.

Het Notarieel kantoor van de heer Miguel Cortes Ortega is nu bezig om alle documenten in orde te krijgen voor deze verkoop.

Maar als de eigenaar zegt dat hij akkoord gaat met de verkoop, bellen ze terug van de notaris om te zeggen dat er helaas een rekening is gevonden van de BTW over de timesharing die nooit is betaald. En zonder dat deze openstaande rekening wordt voldaan kan de verkoop niet doorgaan. De rekening is ongeveer 6000€ en moet worden betaald via een bank overschrijving naar een bank in Polen! De rekening in polen staat onder de naam van Universal Concept IF.

Op dit moment hebben wij alleen nog maar klachten ontvangen over deze oplichters van Nederlands sprekende consumenten maar wij sluiten niet uit dat de notaris Miguel Cortes Ortega zijn klantenkring gaat uitbreiden naar andere nationaliteiten.

Het adres van het notarieel kantoor is: Calle de Lérida 32-34, 28020 in Madrid. 

Maar onderzoek heft uitgewezen dat er zeer zeker geen notaris kantoor is op dit adres en er is helemaal geen notaris onder deze naam in Madrid of Spanje!

Het telefoon nummer dat wordt gebruikt is een Spaans mobieltje: 0034 692809572 en de email is een Gmail:

Wees voorzichtig als u wordt gebeld door wie dan ook die zegt dat zij werken voor de notaris Miguel Cortes Ortega want dit kantoor BESTAAT NIET! Dus stuur geen persoonlijke informatie aan deze mensen en zeer zeker moet u geen betaling doen.

Mocht u al zijn gebeld vanaf de telefoon +34 692 809 572 door iemand die zegt dat zij werken voor Miguel Cortes Ortega, laat het ons dan snel weten.

U kunt ons bereiken via de email naar of zet een berichtje onder dit blog.



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Have you received a call from the notary Miguel Cortes Ortega from Madrid?

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A new cold caller started this week, pretending to be a notary from Madrid by the name of Miguel Cortes Ortega.

A Dutch-speaking lady by the name of L. Daens explains that a resale has been agreed for the timeshare of the owner and this notary office of Mr. Miguel Cortes Ortega is handling all the paperwork.

But when trying to transfer the timeshare out of the name of the owner, all of the sudden an outstanding invoice appears of VAT that was never paid by the resort.

This outstanding payment is around the €6000 and should be paid into a bank account in a Polish bank. This account is in the name of a company called Universal Concept IF.

For the moment the notary Miguel Cortes Ortega is only targeting Dutch-speaking timeshare owners but of course they might want to “expand” their business to other nationalities.

Address quoted for this office is Calle de Lérida 32-34, 28020 in Madrid.

Research has shown that there is no such office at the mentioned address and neither is there any notary in Madrid or Spain

Telephone number they are using is a Spanish mobile 0034 692809572 and the email address is a Gmail account:

Please note that this company does NOT exist, so you should not have any dealings with them and certainly not provide them with further personal details or make any payment!

If you have been contacted by any person from telephone +34 692 809 572 claiming to be working for a Spanish notary by the name of Miguel Cortes Ortega, then please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.


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Cold caller warning for Ordem Dos Notarios and Lisboa Tribunais from Portugal!

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This warning goes out for a fake notary office in Portugal calling themselves Ordem Dos Notarios. They pretend to be the notaries working on behalf of the Lisboa Tribunais (Portuguese Supreme Court)

Timeshare owners, who had dealings in the past with bogus resale companies in Spain, are being told by the Lisboa Tribunais that these companies have been tracked and closed down in Portugal.

All assets have been seized and there is money blocked in the bank accounts in order to pay back to the victims.

In order to obtain this refund of the lost money, the timeshare consumer needs to taxes. For each company the consumer dealt with there is a charge of £450. This can be arranged through the Ordem Dos Notarios.

Ordem Dos Notarios requests these payments by Western Union. They send the consumer forms by email that supposedly are the receipts from the court, with a display of all kinds of official logos. These forms are fake.

Once the payment is made through Western union into the name of an individual, they call back again to the Timeshare owner and request more money for more taxes.

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Please note that this is a FAKE company! There is no such company as Ordem Dos Notarios or Lisboa Tribunais calling victims of timeshare resale companies, and neither have these companies been closed down in Portugal or raided by the police!

The telephone numbers used by  Ordem Dos Notarios: 00351 964659388 and 00351 92655488

If you have been contacted by Lisboa Tribunais or Ordem Dos Notarios then please DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT!

Please let us know if these fake companies have approached you! You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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Timeshare Online Sales, a reseller online without a website!

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A company has been spotted by the name of Timeshare Online Sales.

This Timeshare resale company is doing an email promotion and offers guaranteed resales in 7 days time!

Yes, an incredible offer, we also thought so.

Timeshare Online Sales uses an email address for contact, which is

There does not seem to be a website though for this “online” company.

Their telephone number is 08701829928

There are no further company details on the email and neither is there an address or indication where this company is based. 

It is not clear where Timeshare Online Sales obtained the consumers email addresses.

In order to take up the offer for a resale in 7 days the timeshare owner needs to pay a £50 admin fee to Timeshare Online Sales.

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But there is a “100% money back guarantee if the timeshare isn’t sold in the 7 days.

So far we have not heard from any Timeshare owner who actually took up this offer.

If you received any email or telephone call from Timeshare Online Sales we would like to know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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Dear All,

Summer is here, the sunny days are back and as we can see this month, a lot of cold callers as well! We counted this month of June 82 active companies and among them there are 19 new companies, or new names.

For a complete list of the cold callers from June 2015 please click on the following link for the PDF: COLD CALLERS JUNE 2015

It has been surprising to see that some companies who apparently have been inactive for months are yet again “re-visiting” their client list and trying to persuade the consumers with their offers after they turned them down a long time ago. Let’s go Tenerife, Estrella Vacations and even Victoria Marketing has seen a “revival”.

Because of the summer season and everybody thinking about their upcoming holidays or trying to book on the last moment, we thought it was helpful to publish a blog about the so-called Discounted accommodation Packages that are offered on cold calls right now.

For those who haven’t seen this article yet, the link is

Please remember that you should always double check any cold caller, and certainly not make any payment over the phone until you have received full information, both on the offer and the company itself! You can of course always send us a mail!

The names of the 19 new companies detected in June 2015 are:

Abogado La Justicia Tribunales   

Condor Travel                                  

Dial a Break                                     

EU Litigation Services                   

Fernandez Navarro FAKE            

Global Networks                             

Hidalgo Insolvencias

Inmobiliaria La Luz                      

Inmobiliaria Lauria                      

Media Concept

MK Pilling                                      

Notario Solana Real                    

Owners Escape

Payne Associates                          

People Connect                            

Simpson & Perez                         

Transfer my Timeshare              

Travel Online World SL             

Union Internacional del Notariado

Thanks to all consumers who have contacted us this month with valuable information about the cold callers.

If you are going on holidays, may we wish you a great time and please if you need any help or have any doubt; we are just “one email away”.

So don’t hesitate to contact us if you need to, during your holidays as well!


Customer Care

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The strange cold calls from Abogado la Justicia Tribunales


Strange calls and very strange name we must say, as Abogado La Justicia Tribunales does not really make any sense as a name at all.

But this is the name used by the people who are actually cold calling victims of other dubious frauds related to their timeshare or supposed compensation claims.

Abogado la Justicia Tribunales calls from a Spanish mobile phone with the number 0034 634027726

Yet again this is a company claiming that money has been seized by the courts from the companies who defrauded the timeshare consumer before and awarded amounts of around 30 to 40 thousand pounds are mentioned.

The only thing the timeshare owner needs to do is send Abogado la Justicia Tribunales a payment of legal fees, which are between £1500 and £2000.

Their email address is but there is no active website at all for this domain.

Needles to say that there is no such office or lawyers in Malaga or Spain by this name and no money have been set aside by a court or government to be paid out to victims of a scam.

If you received a call from an agent claiming to be working for Abogado la Justicia Tribunales, asking you for money, please do let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment below this blog

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Truths and facts about the Discounted Accommodation Packages

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As mentioned many times before, there is no such thing as a free lunch, so when things are offered for free or heavily discounted, one has to make sure to know all the facts before accepting such “great” offer.

With the Summer Holidays on our doorsteps there seems to be an increase in cold calls coming from companies who offer heavily discounted accommodation worldwide.

We have seen this increased activity lately with the companies Dial a Break, Escape Away Holidays, Estrella Vacations, Resort Management Direct, Signature Havens, Sky breaks and Travel Online World SL who are cold calling timeshare consumers with their “too good to be true” offers.

The agents of these companies seem to be a bit “over enthusiastic” when telling the consumer about the offer.

Consumers are explained that they will be staying in 5 star luxury hotels and resorts, they will be able to book any time any date, and the destinations are worldwide with different options in each place.

But the reality seems far away from the picture painted by the agent. Most resorts are below standard, and certainly not 5 Star! Destinations are limited and the offer is not available in school holidays or summer season, and most availability is only in a handful resorts in Mainland Spain, Canary Islands, Malta or weekend breaks in the UK!

The consumer can take the offer only by paying the full package with credit card on the phone, and is not given any written explanation on what he is paying for or which terms and conditions apply, before the money is taken from his card.

One of the conditions is that the consumer will have to attend an obligatory presentation.

Too often these presentations are done by dubious companies, under a lot of pressure and where a lot of people end up signing for a purchase of something they didn’t want or need.

If the consumer wants to leave after having been there for far more than 90 minutes they are threatened with having to pay the full price for the accommodation.

Once these companies have the consumers name on their contact list they continue to call them (harass) by phone for months and even years to “sell” more of these discounted holidays, tell them their package is expiring and they need to pay a couple of hundred pounds more to renew it.

Bottom-line is that when something sounds too good to be true, is usually is. NO EXCEPTIONS!

So when you are offered heavily discounted accommodation in quality resorts worldwide and at any time of the year…do not ignore the alarm bells you hear far away!

Any company selling you anything over the phone has the OBLIGATION to submit to you the full terms and conditions prior to paying for the product.

There are no such offers that are only valid on the day or in one telephone call!


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