Orange Sun Travel, is it a Claims Company or a Travel Agent?

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The first blog article we posted about Orange Sun Travel ( is dated from January this year, but sometimes the original post becomes incomplete, as the company in question starts to make changes to their initial pitch or we receive more information from consumers who actually attended the meeting.

It is a fact though that Orange Sun Travel is still (annoyingly) cold calling and their main target customer is the Club Class Member. For some strange reason they seem to have access to a very long list of Club Class members (victims). This of course is already strange on itself, as who would have access to such data apart from Club Class?

Their initial phone call is all about the Club Class membership and the fact that Orange Sun Travel is successfully claiming back the money for those who paid for the membership.

Without going into details about how a claim would be done, it is of course very weird that a company with “experience in claims” would accept all consumers without even seeing their paperwork and looking into this properly.

We heard from cases where they invited the consumer to discuss their claim when this claim was already turned down previously by the Financial Ombudsman due to a very strong reason. Or consumers who are far over the 6 years deadline.

Surprisingly for Orange Sun Travel ALL consumers are ok to claim, and all can expect a successful outcome.

There are more strange issues to point out. Because when you look at the website of Orange Sun Travel they present themselves as a travel agent.

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Why would a successful Claims Company present themselves as travel agents?

On the entire web there is no mention whatsoever about their apparent “main” business, which is the claims!

Because after all, they invite people over for the claim and do not even mention they also do travel and will be offering a product related to that at the meeting.

A product, which is explained and sold by the license holder of the travel agency, Slonce Marketing or Slonce Travel. (For details about the meeting itself see the link

The contact details on the web are 9870 Avenida de los Vientos, Local A-4,

38670 Adeje – Tenerife

Telephone: 0034 928 077 082


That is one address in Tenerife, when they state to be from Poland originally and that there are another 7 offices and 6 Travel agents actively working for them. Where are the addresses of these offices? Would you not want to display them as well?

On top of it, when a consumer accepts to go over to Tenerife they are provided with accommodation by Orange Sun Travel in the HOMIVA Hotels. This reputable hotel chain most probably has no idea who is being booked into their hotels and for what purpose.

Because we really wonder if HOMIVA would be very happy with these bookings when they know that the consumers are taken to a meeting under the purpose of a claim, but walk out with a supposed “travel agent membership” for future holidays which costs them over £8000!

And the Tourism Board and Inspectors in the Canary Islands are they aware of this whole set up? Are they aware that this is again one more company putting a really bad image on the island’s tourism flow?

So looking at Orange Sun travel we have come to the conclusion that we have a Claims Company, which is not registered as such but invites people over because they say they are. With a website that tells you they are a travel agent but the registration is in the name of Slonce Marketing who doesn’t do claims but sell Holiday Packages, and all this by inviting people on cold calls with data that has come from dubious sources…

You can imagine we do not really recommend any of the above-mentioned companies.






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Careful with the cold calls from LEGALES DE NOTARIA!

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Strange cold calls are received lately by timeshare consumers from a company claiming to be “Legales de Notaria

This company who obviously is trying to make people believe they are “legal” and a notary as well, does actually not exist and the name on itself makes no sense either in Spanish.

Sad thing is always that when a new company like this is brought to our attention, there are always those consumers who have already fallen into their trap.

So although we do not dispose of a lot of further information on Legales de Notaria, we wanted to make sure this warning was placed the soonest possible to warn all those who are likely to receive a cold call.

Contact details are:

Legales de Notaria

Calle Marques de Larios 12

29005 Malaga

The pitch they have over the phone is similar to the other ones received from the so-called “Hacienda” (Spanish tax) other fake notary offices from Malaga.

A court case has taken place, and you as a victim of a previous scam have been awarded money by the government and court.

To get this money transferred you need to pay the fees, outstanding taxes, obtain a tax number etc.



There are no such notaries in Spain that are appointed to contact people after a court case has taken place, neither are there court cases where people are awarded money!

If Legales de Notaria from Malaga has contacted you, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog.

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#Timeshare Cold Caller List September 2015

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Dear All,

New month, new “Cold Caller list” for the month of September 2015.

As always the most complete and updated list of all companies who are approaching timeshare consumers either by a cold call or through dubious websites, and other companies directly connected to these cold callers. (Highlighted in orange)

This month of September 2015 we counted 95 active companies in total of which there are 18 new company names on the list.

For a complete list in PDF format please click on the following link:

Mindtimeshare Cold Callers Sept 2015

The names of the 18 new detected companies in September are:

Atico Inmobiliare SL                  

Atlantis Travel  Resale                

Barton & Bailey

Great Getaways Tenerife           

HMRC Mediation Company

Inmobiliaria Picaso

Legales de Hacienda                   

Legales de Notaria

MTF Group International Pte ltd

Owners Association                     

Ramon Mesa Gorrin                    

RDO Singapore FAKE                 

RMT Services   Claims Company

SAML& Associates – S.A.M.L. & Associates

Sim Administration

Timeshare Exit and Release      

Timeshare Relinquishment Services

Transatlantica S.A.                     

As you can see, the activity each month of all these dubious companies is certainly not decreasing. There can be a change in pitch over the phone, there are certainly less resale companies asking for a deposit on a guaranteed sale, but now we have the so called “lawyers” and Claims companies.

Do let us know who is contacting you and what their offer is, and we can give you advise if they are to be trusted or not.

Always do your research and make sure you are not providing any personal information to a cold caller without even knowing who they are and where the information will end up.

Kind regards

Customer Care

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Great Getaways Tenerife, the latest fly buy generator on the web

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Great Getaways Tenerife is a new company with a new website

The nice pictures and great resorts on offer surely will attract those who are looking for a nice relaxed holiday in the sun.

But looking past these lovely details on this web, what information is their provided from the company Great Getaways Tenerife?

Well, none we would say…

Because this website doesn’t really offer a lot of company info.

Apart from Great Getaways Tenerife as the name, there are no company registration details, and neither could we find these at the Spanish Companies house. There is no address for their offices, apart from the mention they are in Tenerife, and the phone number supplied is a UK number (0203 514 4127)

So let’s think for one instance you end up booking with this company, and then something goes wrong…where would you go? Who can you ask? Where are they?

Research from Mindtimeshare has revealed though that there is a direct connection with other known fly-buy companies such as Dial a Break, Gold Crown Tenerife, Estrella Vacation and Gold Crown Services.

Companies all known because they were doing cold call campaigns and far too often failed in explaining properly to the consumers what they were buying into and what terms and conditions were attached to these purchases.

Great Getaways Tenerife mentions in their FAQ’s about a “personal representative” at the hotel or resort who will show you around and explain all about the benefits of their products, during your stay.

Is this once again a very “diplomatic” way to say you will have to go through an obligatory presentation? Is this once again then linked to qualification conditions, which only become clear when you have paid and try to book?

Time will tell we suppose.

But for the moment we do recommend caution if all of the sudden you receive a call from Great Getaways Tenerife with an offer that sounds too good to be true…

You can share with us any feedback on this company by emailing or place a comment on this blog

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So what about the company “Law of Timeshare” we found on the web?

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Many times Timeshare owners are surfing the web in search of companies that can help them with resale, rentals or other issues related to their timeshare.

There are of course thousands and thousands of websites around with all kinds of services.

One of those websites people “surfed” into is the one from Law of Timeshare


On their fancy website they display all kinds of pictures with legal themes, and offer information on the law, their team and FAQ’s.

But if you go deeper into this, and actually look through all this information provided, you realise there is nothing there.

The information on the team is not about any team! There are no names mentioned of lawyers with their registrations and credentials, and as a matter of fact there is no company information either.

So no company address, no company registration, NOTHING!

To contact them you can fill in a form, as they don’t provide a telephone number.

Looking through the information provided there are some links that indicate a connection with another website and coincidentally we have this company on our books already and a blog was published in March 2014

Timeshare Law ended up being a connection from ITRA the International Timeshare Refund Action, so we have no doubts that Law of Timeshare will be pointing in the same direction.

The reason for this blog is not only to warn consumers about the possible calls they might receive from Law of Timeshare. We also want to warn against those companies who at first sight look very professional and straight forward on a website, but then looking further they do not dispose any information and actually do not provide the basics you need to be able to consider a company trustworthy!

If looking for any services on the Internet regarding issues related to your timeshare, make sure you do a proper research into a company prior to contacting them or submitting your personal details through a form.

You never know where these details end up! And what kind of companies will be passed this information!

With regards to Law of Timeshare, if you had any contact with this company we would like to have your feedback.

You can write to us by email or place a comment on this blog.


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Extra Time Online, bonus-week offers from a familiar provider


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Extra Time Online is still active! And using another phone number once again. The number is 0800 950 6230
Do let us know if they contact you.

Originally posted on Mindtimeshare:

With the holiday season starting and consumers keen to book a cheap holiday, the Fly-buy week providers are very actively calling consumers for their “special offers”.

One of those bonus-week offers come from a company called Extra Time Online who cold calls timeshare consumers.

The agent also explains the benefits of becoming an “Elite Member” of this company which gives the consumer access to a set number of weeks discounted holidays a year and extra services that can be arranged through the “concierge team, aptly known as the angels”

As explained in the Terms and Conditions on the web: Extra Time Online charges for three separate membership packages, £199.99 for 1 year, £699.99 for 4 years 11 months and £999.99 for 4 years 11 months with the Elite+ Family pack.

So it is a membership?

But who is Extra Time Online? Where did they come from?

Their website

View original 143 more words

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Beware of the cold calls from the Fake RDO in Singapore!

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It has been brought to our attention that timeshare owners living in Singapore are receiving calls from a company claiming to be the RDO Offices in Singapore.

RDO has no offices in Singapore or outside Europe as a matter of fact!

A lady called Sophia, who claims she’s from the Singapore office of Resorts Development Organisation (RDO), calls the timeshare owner and explains about his supposedly over-due timeshare agreement purchased from Interval Resorts Network (IRN) or Asian travel Club.

As per this “Sophia”, the timeshare owner should need to close this agreement.

In order to get this done the (fake) RDO agent can arrange an appointment with MTF Group International Pte. Ltd. Who are the ones dealing with this subject.

At the appointment with MTF Group International, the timeshare owner is explained again about the situation involving Asian Travel Club (ATC), IRN and RDO. As per the representative, the RDO in Singapore has detected that there are many agreements in the mentioned resort groups with contracts that are long over-due and need to be closed.

MTF Group offers to close the agreement by endorsing the registration for claims from Australia Escrow Services, for a nominal fee of S$2,500 to be paid in cash to MTF Group International.

As they explain this is the only way to make sure the contract is closed properly.

Other timeshare owners are being told there is a claim against their resort group and they can join the claim, which is been done by MTF Group. Again, in order to join the timeshare owner needs top ay money in cash to MTF.

The initial calls seem to proceed from the following number: +65 841155 901 but the contact details of MTF Group are as follows:

13A Upper Circular Rd, Singapore 058411,

Telephone: +65354154 and +65354376


Seen the fact these companies are pretending to be what they are not, and then tell a story at the meeting about contracts needing to be closed or claims against resorts that nobody knows about, we certainly do NOT recommend having any dealings with them.

Cold callers are not to be trusted and if any statement is made about a resort or organisation you should always double check is this is true!

If you have been contacted by RDO Singapore or MTF Group directly, then please let us know.

You can email us at or place a comment on this blog

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