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Latest news! Standon Mortimer Associates is in liquidation!

  The company Standon Mortimer Associates is in liquidation and the liquidators have been appointed. The official notification is in The Gazette and you can find the details on the following link: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3034249/ Many consumers will recognize the name of Standon … Continue reading

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To Claim or not to Claim, Chapter 7, “We were told not to contact the resort…”

Many so called claims companies who also offer an additional service for relinquishment of timeshare; seem to cover all angles of this service in their agreement. More than the actual claims part the consumer attended the meeting for in the … Continue reading

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Did you receive an email from Timeshare Legals?

Not a cold caller but still a company who approaches consumers without them asking for the information. Timeshare Legals has done an e-shot to Club la Costa members offering their services. In the email they present themselves and state:”…We are … Continue reading

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The European Claims Chamber, another “ECC” company linked to ITRA

This week the European Claims Centre and ITRA the International Timeshare Refund Action have increased their group of claims companies and brought to live a new name, which is European Claims Chamber The European Claims Chamber has been mentioned to … Continue reading

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JK Consultants LTD, the Timeshare advisers from Gibraltar

A company has been brought to our attention by the name of JK Consultants ltd. This company claims to be based in Gibraltar, on 57/63 Line Wall Road. Their contact number is a UK number though and as stated this … Continue reading

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Timeshare Help Centre, advice from trusted partners but no information?

A new website has been detected from a company called Timeshare Help Centre http://timesharehelpcentre.com The website claims to be specialized in giving expert advice on the options for exiting timeshare. Having brought the best timeshare exit companies together to one … Continue reading

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SPS Property & Consultants actively cold calling again.

It’s been quiet some time around SPS Property and Consultants, since we last posted a blog about them in September 2014 (http://wp.me/p1kmoi-1na ) But that seems all changed now as this week we are receiving numerous inquiries and complaints about … Continue reading

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